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    Yeah, but the problem is that Meltzer isn't even as original as Brown (and everyone knows just how original Brown is). Meltzer's career started after Brown. Perhaps for such horrors of the 21st century, it was always needed that there would be a Meltzer and Brown co-existing in the same universe at the same time point. The ripples from that once in an eternity mistake have surely led to a near-apocalyptic scenario in our time-line. The only solution would be to channel either Meltzer or Brown to an alternate reality, before the harm increases more exponentially. I'll grant you that EL James has done a lot of irreparable harm, that the results are just beginning to be correlated and connected. It's far too soon to know just how far reaching the harmful effects of James' damage has funneled out in to the multiverse.
  3. Other comics we read recently

    I think you're mistaken: the two latter events are both clearly Dan Brown's fault. (Or perhaps just the first is Dan Brown and the second is EL James' work...)
  4. Other comics we read recently

    I wasn't pointing the finger at Meltzer when I say "a lot of the blame for Civil War", I was also indicating that Marvel Comics needs to take a lot of the blame, not just Millar. Meltzer should just get the blame for as much of what goes wrong as is possible. I personally blame Meltzer for the "war on terror" and Donald Trump's election too. Is that fair? Perhaps not, but can you prove that Meltzer's mere existence on this mortal plane hasn't been responsible for these events?
  5. Other comics we read recently

    I'd certainly place more of the blame for it on Miller than I would on Brad Meltzer: generally the person who wrote most of something is more culpable for the stuff that's wrong with it than somebody else who didn't write any of it.
  6. Other comics we read recently

    Well, he's in the same boat as Brian Bendis. Fans really seem to love those guys, even though I don't understand it. They've both done some good work in their careers (Bendis towards the first-half of his), but they're not names I want to read. Comic books are a business, and the bottom line is that sales figures do matter, and if Bendis or Millar's names add extra sales to a book, then I understand that a comic company would want to use them on their books. It doesn't mean I have anything good to say about their work though. Comic book fans are a fickle lot. They loved Civil War when it was first coming out and bought it up. Then, years later, they complain about the negative impact it has had on Marvel Comics and the concept of superheroes. Yet, as Dog says, he'd place a lot of the blame for Civil War on Mark Millar, but the fans still seem to have a lot of love for Millar. So, go figure.
  7. Other comics we read recently

    Millar put the work in and has reaped the rewards, not going to begrudge him his success - the first Kiss Ass movie was fun, at least. His over reliance on rape back in the day would be the only thing I'd grumble on. Oh and letting Grant Morrison ghost write an issue of The Authority for him.
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  9. Comics Shipping the Week of April 16th 2018

    Yep. Marvel is finding any Black Panther material they can and releasing it in Trades right now. There is quite a bit of good Black Panther comics for Marvel to bring back (well, mostly Priest and McGregor books). I saw that Marvel was finally collecting the McGregor BP serial from Marvel Comics Presents, which ended up stretching out over 50 issues. Most of the issues, the McGregor story was the only story worth reading in the comic too. Priest's Black Panther was one of the best books Marvel was publishing at that time. It will be a much better read than the horrible Secret Empire. I'm not sure if Marvel is reprinting the entire series, but if so, I'd drop the book at the end, when editorial mandate caused Priest to switch the series to another main character (Kaspar Cole), as I really didn't like those issues. The book wasn't fun anymore.
  10. Comics Shipping the Week of April 16th 2018

    I suppose that's one benefit of the movies, that they incentivize Marvel and DC to collect the stuff they probably otherwise wouldn't.
  11. Comics Shipping the Week of April 16th 2018

    The Priest Black Panther is great fun, so it's nice to see Marvel acknowledging that it exists.
  12. Comics Shipping the Week of April 16th 2018

    Nothing new for me. Half-way through Secret Empire, art's pretty great but the story's choppy and not particularly interesting. Black Widow bits are alright. Picked up the first trade of Priest's Black Panther run, probably give that a go next.
  13. Other comics we read recently

    Comparing anyone to Brad Meltzer seems like a low-blow to me, but I went there.
  14. Other comics we read recently

    Ouch.Someone get Mark Millar to the ICU cause he just got SCORCHED
  15. Other comics we read recently

    Mark Millar wants to be a New York Times best-selling author. He once wanted to be Grant Morrison, but realized that took talent and energy, then he realized it was easier and paid better to be a no talent writer who ruins everything he touches, and latched on to the idea of recreating himself as Brad Meltzer. It all adds up.
  16. Other comics we read recently

    That may well be true, but it doesn't alter the fact that blaming the way Marvel fucked itself up on Brad Meltzer rather than Mark Millar is ridiculous bullshit.
  17. Other comics we read recently

    It is Marvel's fault, but DC went through a similar phase just after Identity Crisis. DC had the good sense to realize that it needed to course correct, with the post-Infinite Crisis DCU. There are a lot of comic books that were published in the early-2000s, which seemed to be an interesting new direction for superhero comics to follow at that time, but looking back on those comics, their stories are pretty embarrassing. It's the pseudo-mature version of what superheroes should be, and I guess it appealed well to my age demographic, being in my mid-20s in the early-2000s. The books do not hold up well, and they're nothing like the mature versions of what superheroes could be written during the 1980s, which I feel still hold up very well, no matter if my age is pre-teen (as in the 1980s), mid-20s, or today over age 40. It's also the fans fault for continuing to support books like Identity Crisis and Civil War. Although, as I said, it's all in hindsight. It's years later that you heard fans complaining about how bad Civil War messed up the Marvel Universe, and the negative effect it has had on Marvel Comics, where the characters are no longer ones that most people even care to read about. However, at the time, the books got rave reviews and their sales were very healthy. It's easy to see why the message came across that "Civil War is what fans are looking for", considering that people were rushing out to buy Civil War at the time. I realized at the time that both books were junk, and dropped them both. It's also on Meltzer that Identity Crisis wasn't all that well written. It's mostly a bunch of shock moments strung together on a bare-bones plot, which is meant to deconstruct the last vestiges left over for superhero characters after the Moore/Miller literary take on the genre from the 1980s. DC acting like this MTV version of Watchmen was equivalent to Moore or Miller's work was their fault too, although you can't blame DC Comics for marketing one of their top books.
  18. Other comics we read recently

    That's on Marvel rather than DC or Meltzer, though.
  19. Other comics we read recently

    It gets its reputation more because of what it represents and in hindsight, compared to most fans initial reactions to the series. I remember it getting some rave reviews, back at the time of its release. It was being billed by DC as a comic book on the same level as Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns, and a comic book that would change the way that comic books were perceived and written going forward. Sadly, it did end up having that sort of influence for a number of years on the comic world. It was the beginning of the era of "superheroes aren't really superheroes, and they're not really good guys, but they're truly all morally ambiguous or amoral" period of mainstream comics. It paved the way for books like Marvel's Civil War. I think left on its own, as an oddity of a comic, telling its own separate story, and billed as simply "Bred Meltzer writing a comic book", it wouldn't have gained such a horrible reputation. As it is, it sort of stands out as a comic that has rankled the industry, due to the long-lasting ramifications of that one series. The fact that some bigwigs truly thought this was going to be the literary equivalent of Watchmen or DKR is laughable. In a lot of ways, the initial popularity of Identity Crisis is exactly what has led to the sorry state that Marvel Comics is still in to this day (although some very bad business decisions also come in to play).
  20. Other comics we read recently

    Finally got around to reading Meltzer and Morales' Identity Crisis, and I'm not sure that it's quite as reprehensible and foul a comic as its reputation implies. The Alan Moore scene is gratuitous, and the final revelation is mind-numbingly daft (though I might be able to take it more seriously if Ambush Bug: Year None hadn't spoilered it) but it still works quite well as a story. (Ish)
  21. Comics Shipping the Week of April 16th 2018

    Mister Miracle # 8 and Infidel # 2 for me.
  22. Comics Shipping the Week of April 16th 2018

    I like the idea of different spin-off books on the periphery of the main title (Dr. Frankenstein) or building up the back-continuity of his universe (Dr. Star), in between major stories. Hopefully, Lemire will stick with this and flesh out his own superhero multiverse, ala Astro City.
  23. Comics Shipping the Week of April 16th 2018

    He seems to be following the Hellboy model of separate connected minis. That Dr Frankenstein book should have just been the next issue of Black Hammer.
  24. DC Comics

    If #20 is the issue I'm thinking of, you might have been thinking: "this pub scene is a rip off of the one in EuroTrip"...
  25. Comics Shipping the Week of April 16th 2018

    Ok then. I’ll bite. Black Hammer is my favorite rag out there right now so call it whatever you wish
  26. Comics Shipping the Week of April 16th 2018

    Yeah, it is. Lemire said that relaunches and new #1s are the big thing in comics at the moment, so he figured he would touch on that with a second volumn.
  27. Comics Shipping the Week of April 16th 2018

    It's different stories. This is the next one.
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