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  2. DC Comics

    I do like Aquaman well enough, but I'm not sure about DeConnick on the character. She is a good writer, but Abnett failed to keep my interest in Aquman when I tried it at the start of the "Rebirth" stuff, so I doubt DeConnick will do a better job than Abnett. Aquaman doesn't seem like a character who would play particularly well to DeConnick's strengths. No one is ever going to come close to doing what Peter David did with the character. That's the problem I have with most of DC's books over Marvel's books. I've come to really care about the characters at Marvel. So, if a quality writer is writing a Marvel character, I'm going to buy the book. I want to see what that character is going to do, and as long as the writer is competent, it'll keep me reading. DC's characters, I care more about the writers than the character. The characters I usually find sort of dull. So, it takes a writer doing something really interesting with the characters to make me want to buy the book. Abnett is a good writer, but just a well-written Aquaman comic isn't enough to get me to buy the book, because while I have some fondness for Aquaman from stuff I've read in the past, the character isn't appealing enough that simply a quality writer is going to entice me to want to keep reading. I know Grant Morrison is going to do something highly creative with Green Lantern, so that book appeals to me. That's probably due to the fact that I started reading Marvel Comics when I was a kid, whereas I didn't read any DC books until I was older. Hearing about Vertigo, and then later hearing about the Crisis reboot of the characters, and all the top creative teams that had revamped those characters in the '80s, made me want to find out more about the DC Universe. However, the Marvel characters were the ones I grew up with, so I look at them differently. Plus, as fun as the DC Silver Age books were (I love my Showcase Presents collection), the characters were all so one-dimensional and flat. Stan Lee and Kirby and Ditko wrote more fully-fleshed out characters who weren't as "black and white" as the DC Silver Age characters. It's easier to go back and read a 1960s Spider Man comic and find out about Peter Parker's life, whereas a Silver Age Superman comic, it's all about the "larger than reality" plots, while Superman, himself, as a character was quite dull. I don't have that same feeling of continuity and history when I look at the DC pantheon versus how I feel about the Marvel Universe.
  3. DC Comics

    Sharp was able to keep to the bi-weekly schedule for the Wonder Woman Rebirth book he did with Greg Rucka, though he didn't do every issue Rucka wrote for that title. The latest in DC's upcoming creative shake-ups also brings Kelly Sue DeConnick to Aquaman's writer seat, replacing Dan Abnett. https://www.newsarama.com/40920-kelly-sue-deconnick-taking-over-aquman-ongoing.html I've only read half of her Captain Marvel stuff, eh she's okay but not a writer that would make me want to rush out to start reading Aquaman.
  4. Vertigo - where's the ledge? Has anyone seen the ledge?

    Maybe once she's got some comics work on her resume with this, she can take a shot at that one?
  5. Vertigo - where's the ledge? Has anyone seen the ledge?

    Yeah, that was horrible. Hopkinson has done a lot of interesting things with the concept though, like in Brown Girl in the Ring. Huh. I wonder what a Nalo Hopkinson Brother Voodoo series would have been like, now that you bring up Marvel.
  6. DC Comics

    Sounds great, but doesn't Sharp notoriously draw even slower than Jim Lee? Mind you, given how long this has been talked about and with the first issue appearing in November, they've probably made sure they have the first story arc sent off to the colourists before announcing anything...
  7. Vertigo - where's the ledge? Has anyone seen the ledge?

    I'm put off the Hopkinson by the voodoo thing, to be honest. It might work for Marvel and whoever owns Shadowman these days, but the last voodoo-y comic DC did was Dominique Laveau: Voodoo Child, and not even the tip of the hat to Hendrix and Denys Cowan's art could save that one.
  8. Comics Shipping the Week of July 16th 2018

    That's why I used the term "synchronicity", which has nothing to do with Jung.
  9. DC Comics

  10. DC Comics

    Yay! That should be one of the best comics of the 2000s right there. Morrison and Liam Sharp. I cannot wait.
  11. Comics Shipping the Week of July 16th 2018

    Carl Jung would be another you are familiar with. Well, if the comics were never to arrive, I would probably take a hint. The comic store will probably have those comics available by next Wednesday, where they will be pulled for me. I'd more likely take it that I was meant to buy one of those comics I bought as an alternate this week. Although, I can't say that any of those three jumped out at me as comics I should be buying (Proxima Centauri wasn't bad, the other two left me cold). Maybe there's a bigger reason inherent in it all, though, in that one of those books was about to be canceled, but by my buying it, it has allowed the comic book to continue. Author of said comic will go on to create the most amazing comic book series of all time. All thanks to my purchase! Although, those books are all mini-series, so I don't think cancelation was a concern. Perhaps the real lesson to be learned was that I was supposed to have bought a certain new comic which I did not buy. I missed my chance, and the universe goes on. I can't see the universe wanting me to stop reading comics by Jason Aaron or Al Ewing. I've been much more fond of Marvel since their "Brand New Start" relaunch. I've actually been enjoying reading the Marvel Comics I am currently buying.
  12. DC Comics

    Batman #51 had some very great art by Lee Weeks (colors by Elizabeth Breitweiser, who colors all those Brubaker/Phillips books). Very reminiscent of Gotham Central. The story itself is an interesting concept. Bruce Wayne is forced to examine his actions as an angry post-wedding Batman when he is placed on jury duty Mr. Freeze accuses Batman of Bat-Brutality. The rest of the jury wants to quickly give Freeze the guilty verdict because who wants to do jury duty but that nasty Mr. Wayne feels the need to question his hobby of roughing up other men. Though one questions how exactly Bruce was selected as a juror since Batman, Inc. should still be in canon and you don't get more biased than publicly funding a global Batman super-team. Eh, when has law in Gotham ever resembled the real thing or displayed a shred of competency? In more important news: http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/07/19/the-green-lantern-relaunch-by-grant-morrison-and-liam-sharp-focuses-on-hal-jordans-life-as-a-space-cop Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp on Green Lantern is confirmed after months of rumor!
  13. Vertigo - where's the ledge? Has anyone seen the ledge?

    I'm willing to give Nalo Hopkinson's book a chance, as well as the Spurrier, based on Hopkinson's work in prose genre fiction. Of course, it's become quite apparent that writing a compelling science fiction/fantasy novel will not equate to an author having any idea what they're doing writing comics. The Spurrier should be worth a read though.
  14. Comics Shipping the Week of July 16th 2018

    Might those particular comics going astray have been a hint, Christian? I'd've thought synchronicity like that could be taken as a suggestion that you should stop encouraging Marvel by somebody with your taste for magic. Genesis "taking the" P Orridge, Anton Lavey, the Crowley guy, Grant Morrison, Kenneth Grant and pretty much every Taoist I've ever read all tend to take that line towards coincidences that might be significant, and I'm sure there's a load more who take that line who I'm not familiar with.
  15. Vertigo - where's the ledge? Has anyone seen the ledge?

    I'll give the Spurrier a go, as he's a good writer, and this looks a bit different to the original anthology Dreaming or the haute goth whingefest it turned into under Caitlin Kiernan, but nothing much else appeals.
  16. Vertigo - where's the ledge? Has anyone seen the ledge?

  17. Vertigo - where's the ledge? Has anyone seen the ledge?

  18. Vertigo - where's the ledge? Has anyone seen the ledge?

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  20. Comics Shipping the Week of July 16th 2018

    UPS lost one of the comic book store's boxes, so they only got in so many of their new comics. Seems that it was mainly their Marvel Comics (Avengers, Immortal Hulk, and Thor are the ones I am going to buy) and Gideon Falls which failed to make it to the store. They did get in Witchfinder, X-Files Case Files: Hoot Goes There?, and Royal City which were the comics I was most interested in for this week, so that was good. Since they were missing a few of the comics I intended to buy, in order to have some comics to read, I decided to pick up a few odds and ends new (or newer) comics which I wasn't planning to buy (non-Marvel or DC, well, not that I really ever intend to buy DC Comics usually...). Let's see.....I picked up: Euthanauts #1, the new IDW "Black Crown" book. Proxima Centauri by Farel Dalrymple-It should look neat, if nothing else. Lost City Explorers #1, from AfterShock.
  21. Comics Shipping the Week of July 16th 2018

    Comixology are running a 60% voucher off DC sale which can also be applied to currently discounted trades. Picked up the second Wild Storm trade for 3 euro, and dropped 6 euro a piece on two DMZ Deluxe editions and two big Northlanders collections (Icelandic and European sagas). Also All Star Batman & Robin for 4 euro, cause I'm a bad human,.
  22. The Hellblazer #16 and beyond

    This looks insanely sexy i mean, he actually made deadman look cool.
  23. The Hellblazer #16 and beyond

    looks authentic. reminds me of the older comics
  24. Last week
  25. Comics Shipping the Week of July 16th 2018

    A couple or three of those. Plus Bad Girls OGN. Will have to wait until payday.
  26. Comics Shipping the Week of July 16th 2018

    Nothing new for me, still reading through No Man's Land, probably onto some Cal McDonald after that.
  27. Comics Shipping the Week of July 16th 2018

    Gideon Falls #5 Magic Order #2 (Of 6)
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