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    Juan Ferreyra, who did covers for the New 52 Constantine series, has been periodically posting John drawings he does in his free time to his twitter. Some of them:
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    I can't believe there's never been a "What If...?" story that featured Frank Castle becoming Ghost Rider. It almost writes itself: Castle loses his family, becomes possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance after making a deal with the Devil. That's almost exactly what he did at the end of "Born" actually, it was just another (possible) entity, if not just Frank's own crazed mental state.
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    I always thought a "What if..." Frank Castle became Deathlok book would have been cool.
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    The good news is that DC's Huntress is going to be the guest-star in the next story-arc. That's what the Hellblazer fan-base has been awaiting. I'm glad I've put all this behind me. It's hilarious that John Constantine (one of the greatest characters ever created in comics) is so far below the quality level of a Snagglepuss comic book. Imagine if a time traveler were to go back to 1988 and tell someone this, he would never be believed. Ah, how the mighty have fallen.
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    We should call this new thing ANTIMETHEA. For that is what it will be.
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    I've been reading the new arc on Punisher, written by Mathew Rosenberg. Despite having a pretty ludicrous premise (Frank Castle becomes War Machine), it's actually been a LOT better than I expected. The artwork's pretty nice, provided you can get past Castle suddenly looking just like Jon Bernthal, but the story has been surprisingly solid. Better than Becky Cloonan's poor-man's retread of Garth Ennis, definitely.
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    Oh yes to Royal City. My comics are elsewhere so u have no easy reminder. But Bug! is on my list.
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    Was that ONLY twelve months ???
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