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  1. Complaints to the management

    Spot on. Im so sorry John and Ade I've been Ill and drunk for a while (and I mean illl, ill). I don't know how to make amends, give me an idea, I'll happily lie down whilst you both kick me in the head
  2. If you were anyone else Ade Mandelson would have shifted or deleted you by now. Further more, you're a wee oirish hobbit, get rid of the icon / avatar white boy.
  3. Art Exhibition Nov 6 - Dec 2

    Some of my work is currently hanging on a wall in Southampton Check out more images at my webshite Click on the little KCF button at the top right of the front page
  4. Art for upcoming Brighton band

    Trace is not correct, although it is Henry Fonda. It is Jack Beauregarde from "My Name is Nobody". As in "Jack Beauregarde - Nobody was faster." Trace obviously meant "Once Upon A Time In The West" but make him look like a [over-used word] if you think best. Seelig, masterful.
  5. Hellbalzer - the webcam

    He's like your pissed uncles weird mate.
  6. I made a shirt.

    I'd buy one. There was some guy on the job originally but he was Irish.
  7. Toward a STH Writer's Workshop

    Adapted from an old university prose piece, slightly over 200. Oh Morecombe The waves lash hard over the barren autumnal shore leaving slick wet sand and driftwood in its repetitive wake. A rotund middle aged woman, wrapped against the biting wind picks up a stick, yelping in anticipation an animated cocker spaniel leaps into the surf as she throws. Fetching the object back they happily repeat the exchange. Oblivious to the only other visitor at the beach sit a man and woman, backs arched on a bench, green paint peeling off its structure. The woman idly tugs at a lock of hair on the nape of his neck. The woman smiles "Is that another grey hair old man?" "Age is a persistent mistress", he turns towards her lifting the collar of a thick brown overcoat, shivering. "Not as persistent as me, surely?", she deftly plants a kiss on his cheek. "Not here for Gods sake!", he whispers, looking around for witnesses. He sees only the fat woman and her dog in the distance. The young woman shrugs, "Who would know or care, this heavy grey sky will surely distract them into thoughts of oblivion. Besides…", she strokes her hand up along the mans leg, under the folds of his coat, resting on his crotch, "… you've never complained previously". "People in this town know us", his frown relaxes into a smile, "You're right of course". He stands, wrapping a scarf around his neck "Come on, Stella's waiting for me to take her shopping". The woman rises "I hate that woman". "Don't" "Will you ever leave her?" "Someday perhaps, now lets get moving. I'm freezing into early death here" They walk towards a parked car, she takes his hand, squeezing gently, "Yes father". The sky darkens at the onset of rain. On the beach a dog searches for its master.
  8. Richard and Judy's Hellblazer reading club

    'The First Time', by Brian Azzarello and Dave Taylor, featured in Vertigo Secret Files. The first meeting between a young John and Nergal, "I'll be damned, the little bastard nicked me fags". Funny. Not an issue as such but rarely talked about.
  9. Jon's Art Thread

    Just use ink and water as a wash or hatch / cross hatch ("a bunch of lines, one next to the other").
  10. WHO's that girl?

    ... with ACME on the side
  11. WHO's that girl?

    A Tardis would have been funnier.
  12. WHO's that girl?

    Good episode I thought. Liked the Cyber Torchwood woman, thought the whole void stuff thing was dodgy. Thought it would have been cool if a certain Master had sneaked out of the Genesis Ark too (they've got to bring him back at some point). Billie can act, that face srunched up crying at the end almost had me going. Catherine Tate deserves some credit for stopping the Doctor weeping like a fucking girl.
  13. WHO's that girl?

  14. WHO's that girl?

    No, I see what you're saying. I'm a fan of the Doctor since my childhood of the 70's/80's and really glad that it has found it's way back to television. Unfortunately it now has a lot of cultural / televisual competition. I use my nephew for reference because he is unaware of this.
  15. WHO's that girl?

    The word is in, my nephew enjoyed it and it's aimed at him not you old bird.