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  1. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    I'd actually place Ennis closer to Clive Barker, in that they always show the monster/gore/horror instead of letting it be more implied. I'm one of those "it's scarier if you don't see it" types of horror fans myself, but Christian is absolutely right that the splatterpunk type of horror is definitely what was hitting big in the early 1990s. Delano was more unsettling, Ennis was throwing buckets of blood at you and slicing up people's faces with box cutters. Neither is wrong, both can be considered horror, it's all in where your preference falls. And I like "Diary of Danny Drake", I've always felt it was one of the better self-contained stories that Ennis did (though again, how much of that is down to Lloyd's artwork is certainly a consideration).
  2. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    I dunno, Ennis could bring the horror when he wanted to, like "The Diary of Danny Drake". That one is still pretty chilling, especially with David Lloyd's artwork on that final page.
  3. The Compleat Show Your Face thread!

    Thanks guys! Yeah, he turned two back in May, and has definitively proved that the "Terrible Twos" does indeed exist. We had stair gates put up for awhile now, the tension kind that just use pressure to keep between the walls, and he figured out that he could just tear them right the fuck down and jaunt back and forth on the stairway. So I installed metal gates that are screwed into the wall, with hinges and a lock...and the little guy just crawled under them.
  4. Comics Shipping the Week of Sept 25th

    Only two for me this week, Hellblazer and Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps.
  5. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    I suppose Ennis felt he really needed to emphasize the HELL in Hellblazer, what with the Christian mythologies taking precedence. There was the Lord of the Dance, as an example of a non-Christian myth being appropriated for the series during his run, but even it was tied back around to Christianity stamping out all other faiths. Delano, on the other hand, got way too heady for my taste during his run, to the point where stuff like "Sundays are Different" is near-incomprehensible to me. I think that's why Jenkins is my favorite writer on the series; while Delano was all brain and Ennis was all heart, Jenkins was a perfect distillation of both approaches.
  6. Marvel's One World Order

    Yeah, the more isolated stuff is the best for recent Marvel (and I say "recent" meaning the last 10 years or so, I guess). Ellis' Moon Knight, Jason Aaron's Ghost Rider, Ennis' Punisher MAX (and Aaron's too, yeah), all quite good. I really dug the short-lived Mockingbird series by Chelsea Cain, too.
  7. Marvel's One World Order

    I can see all that, but Secret Empire itself gave a totally different rationale for Frank joining up with Nazi Super-Terrorists. He told the Black Widow that Cap was going to use the Cosmic Cube to bring his wife and kids back to life, and that was why he joined up to hunt down superheroes for the regime. Frank Castle, who once burned his back-from-the-dead-family alive b/c he didn't want them involved in his war or used against him, was given that as his motivation in Secret Empire. That was such a massive mis-read of Castle's character, I slapped my forward in disbelief when I read it. And, while everything you said about the Punisher is absolutely true, Christian, he's also a character who sees everything in moral absolutes. Hydra was a terrorist organization responsible for thousands of innocent deaths (if not a lot more) not just throughout modern history but also just in the run up to seizing power over the country. He didn't join up with Normal Osborne during "Dark Reign", and that was an even less morally-dubious scenario. I just can't cotton to him joining up with any larger power to direct him, he's too independent for all of that. In the first arc of the MAX run, he wouldn't work with the CIA to hunt down Bin Laden b/c they got their funding from heroin distribution. Then Spencer has him join fucking HYDRA. Gah, sorry for the rant. I'm turning into Warren Ellis.
  8. Marvel's One World Order

    Christian, your point about the Punisher is probably the most damning part of Secret Empire as far as I'm concerned. All of the other heroes that sided with Hydra had a hand-waving explanation (Thor conflicted about Mjolnir and worthiness, Scarlet Witch possessed by Chthon, Vision infected by a virus, etc...), but the Punisher straight up became an SS stormtrooper of his own free will. That's not the Frank Castle I know as a character, and he's walked away from that crossover even more damaged than Captain America.
  9. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    That's very true, but in most cases (thinking mainly about Transmet) the ranting was at least in some service to a story. "Shoot" was shoehorned into a series that it didn't belong, even with the hamfisted justification for Constantine being involved at all. "My mate's son was taken to America, got shot in a school, RAAARRGGHH!". Not Ellis or Hellblazer's finest moment. Had it been released as planned, it would have been a mite bit controversial but ultimately a small piece of a much larger run. Banning it from being published built it up into this mythic thing that it doesn't deserve to be.
  10. Hellblazer Fanfiction

    I did finally finish this fanfiction story, with large chunks of it rewritten, last year. It's all up on fanfiction.net now, along with the first couple of chapters of a sequel story. John Constantine, Hellblazer: Children of the Grave by Chris Munn John Constantine, Hellblazer: Coffin Nails by Chris Munn
  11. Video Games

    I don't get to game much anymore, even though I have a nice X-Box One system that my wife bought me last year for our anniversary. I did pick up Injustice 2 and have been playing it when I have free time, it's why I like fighters so much, I don't have to invest an hour I can just jump on to play a few matches whenever I have a free moment. I was surprised by which characters I've gravitated to on that game, not as much into Swamp Thing or Doctor Fate as I thought I'd be. Black Canary is my most-played, followed close behind by Starfire. Not too thrilled by the next DL pack, though, they can chuck Raiden in the rubbish bin for all I care (though there is at least a sweet Black Lightning skin you can get for him). Here's hoping for DL pack 3 to have some deeper DCU cuts.
  12. What's going on with you?

    Fine lookin' youngster you got there, Lou! And yeah, they were real close, my son was born May 12th 2015!
  13. What's going on with you?

    Very much so. Lou, if I remember correctly, wasn't your kid born around the same time as mine, back in 2015?
  14. The Compleat Show Your Face thread!

    Here's a recent pic of my son, Johnny, and I. Excuse my red Devil Eyes, I had corrective muscle surgery in both eyes a month ago, and I was still recovery when that shot was taken.
  15. Trinity

    Anyone been reading the Trinity series? John has been a big part of the last two issues (the second one came out this week) as part of the magical counterpoint to DC's Supes/Bats/WW "trinity", along with Deadman and Zatanna. The writer is Rob Williams, who I'm unfamiliar with outside of a really dreadful run on Ghost Rider a few years back, and the art is by Generic DC House Artist # 49. Thoughts? It's certainly a solid DC superhero comic, and I like the emphasis on trinity pairings (Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman; Bizarro/Red Hood/Artemis; Constantine/Deadman/Zatanna). John's characterization isn't great, though loads better than his last go-round with Justice League Dark.