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  1. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    That's very true, but in most cases (thinking mainly about Transmet) the ranting was at least in some service to a story. "Shoot" was shoehorned into a series that it didn't belong, even with the hamfisted justification for Constantine being involved at all. "My mate's son was taken to America, got shot in a school, RAAARRGGHH!". Not Ellis or Hellblazer's finest moment. Had it been released as planned, it would have been a mite bit controversial but ultimately a small piece of a much larger run. Banning it from being published built it up into this mythic thing that it doesn't deserve to be.
  2. Hellblazer Fanfiction

    I did finally finish this fanfiction story, with large chunks of it rewritten, last year. It's all up on fanfiction.net now, along with the first couple of chapters of a sequel story. John Constantine, Hellblazer: Children of the Grave by Chris Munn John Constantine, Hellblazer: Coffin Nails by Chris Munn
  3. Video Games

    I don't get to game much anymore, even though I have a nice X-Box One system that my wife bought me last year for our anniversary. I did pick up Injustice 2 and have been playing it when I have free time, it's why I like fighters so much, I don't have to invest an hour I can just jump on to play a few matches whenever I have a free moment. I was surprised by which characters I've gravitated to on that game, not as much into Swamp Thing or Doctor Fate as I thought I'd be. Black Canary is my most-played, followed close behind by Starfire. Not too thrilled by the next DL pack, though, they can chuck Raiden in the rubbish bin for all I care (though there is at least a sweet Black Lightning skin you can get for him). Here's hoping for DL pack 3 to have some deeper DCU cuts.
  4. What's going on with you?

    Fine lookin' youngster you got there, Lou! And yeah, they were real close, my son was born May 12th 2015!
  5. What's going on with you?

    Very much so. Lou, if I remember correctly, wasn't your kid born around the same time as mine, back in 2015?
  6. The Compleat Show Your Face thread!

    Here's a recent pic of my son, Johnny, and I. Excuse my red Devil Eyes, I had corrective muscle surgery in both eyes a month ago, and I was still recovery when that shot was taken.
  7. Trinity

    Anyone been reading the Trinity series? John has been a big part of the last two issues (the second one came out this week) as part of the magical counterpoint to DC's Supes/Bats/WW "trinity", along with Deadman and Zatanna. The writer is Rob Williams, who I'm unfamiliar with outside of a really dreadful run on Ghost Rider a few years back, and the art is by Generic DC House Artist # 49. Thoughts? It's certainly a solid DC superhero comic, and I like the emphasis on trinity pairings (Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman; Bizarro/Red Hood/Artemis; Constantine/Deadman/Zatanna). John's characterization isn't great, though loads better than his last go-round with Justice League Dark.
  8. Marvel's One World Order

    I can't imagine Marvel ever referencing the events of "Secret Empire" again, because it radically changed the landscape of the entire world so drastically that putting things back to normal would be a massive restructuring lasting for years. Las Vegas was destroyed, the Black Widow died trying to assassinate the leader of the country, and Ultron is apparently creating an army in the Arctic. Not to mention that, by all appearances in the story, most of the regular citizens of the United States were just peachy with Hydra running things. The whole story left such a bad taste in my mouth that it's totally disinterested me in Marvel Legacy. I plan on picking up Spirits of Vengeance and Iceman, maybe Moon Knight if reviews are good, but otherwise it's just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic for me.
  9. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    Yeah, I'd say "Shoot" was Ellis editorializing, because its really nothing more than an angry soapbox rant with John as the writer's stand-in. I don't think it was particularly engaging as a story, like someone said earlier in the thread it's not really a Hellblazer story in the traditional sense. Lovely art by Phil Jimenez, though.
  10. What's going on with you?

    That's great to hear, I'm glad you're doing so well with your depression! I work in the mental health field, so knowing that people are actively engaged with recovery and getting a positive benefit from therapy is a wonderful thing. As for myself, I recently took on a new position at my organization, a non-profit that works with adults diagnosed with serious mental illnesses. I'd previously been a Health Advocate and Case Worker, now I'm the Program Manager for a 24-hour staffed group home. I've never been a supervisor before, it's a bit intimidating being a boss, lol. On the homefront, I'm still happily married, with two eight year olds (one foster, one step) and a 2-year old son that takes after me in every way, good and bad. I also want to echo what seventhcircle said about the forum. I don't post on here regularly, I tend to do it in bursts where I'm really active for awhile and then gone when life gets too hectic to keep up with my online presence. But I keep coming back, not only to talk about a comic/character that I've grown up with like family but b/c all of you gentlemen and ladies have always been so welcoming and god damn interesting to talk to. Cheers!
  11. Comics Shipping the Week of September 18th 2017

    Team 7 was always one of my favorite concepts of the original WSU, so not having that piece of the pie is disappointing. Doesn't make The Wild Storm any less of a fantastic read, though.
  12. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    That seriously just made my day, thank you!
  13. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    Had the Ellis of 1999/2000 already started the trend of abandoning projects halfway through? Planetary was still going on a relatively regular basis at that time, he saw Transmetropolitan through to the end, and had only recently finished his long Stormwatch/Authority run. In a few years, yeah, then came the Ellis with the attention span of a gnat, but late 1990s Ellis I think would have stuck with Hellblazer through his planned 40-issue run. That said, though, I totally agree with you about "Shoot".
  14. Comics Shipping the Week of September 18th 2017

    Ah, I didn't know that Ellis had already addressed that. It's a shame, because while Planetary did read as self-contained it absolutely was a part of the larger Wildstorm universe of the time. Oh well, Wild Storm is still kicking ass, and there's a plethora of characters left that he can touch on.
  15. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    I wonder, had DC agreed to pull the issue from the publication schedule with the promise that it would be printed at a later date, once the freshness of Columbine had faded, would Ellis have stayed on the book? I mean, even he surely must have recognized the incredibly poor timing of the comic's release, through no fault of his own or the publishers of course. If Paul Levitz hadn't stamped a D-Notice on it, publicly stating "Shoot" would never be published as long as he was running DC, maybe they wouldn't have lost such a high-profile creator at the start of a long-term series run.