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  1. Librarians, Liberals and Lesbians* (Books)

    No worries, Tigger. I was probably being pretty humourless and bullish about that anyway. And it's always nice when you enjoy rereading something, isn't it?
  2. Trinity

    The trinity thing is down to Wagner, then? That's interesting, as I thought he was out of favour at DC these days.
  3. Marvel's One World Order

    It's quite hard not to look at all of the Civil War bullshit and think: "Walt Simonson did this better in two issues of the Fantastic Four a quarter of a century ago, and he had Reed Richards act like Reed Richards (rather than Quisling) in that as well!" if I'm honest.
  4. Librarians, Liberals and Lesbians* (Books)

    I think her second short story collection is published posh (that is, in denial that most of the stories therein first appeared in SF magazines) as well, isn't it? Phenomenal short story writer though, you're right. I've got a copy of the Jane Austen Reading Club (or whatever) sitting in a pile of books waiting, but I'd be very surprised if she could do a mimetic TLS-friendly novel half as good as the one she did when she was still willing to admit that she'd copped some of her best moves down the SF dive rather than doing more formalised steps down the classier ballroom...
  5. Librarians, Liberals and Lesbians* (Books)

    Or maybe he had to include a few token pulpy SF guys because he ran out of proper litcrit approved writers who publish posh to include? I don't know if you've read Sarah Canary (which you should, it's a wonderful book), but its inclusion would definitely bear out your argument about Lethem not doing his theme right. The book's very concerned with defined social roles, and how people were never allowed to forget those during the late nineteenth century. At least one character is haunted by a past that he would dearly love to forget, but can't.
  6. Librarians, Liberals and Lesbians* (Books)

    Not a bad list (those I've read whose name isn't Amis, at least), but he does seem to be bending over backwards to exclude anything that smells to strongly of genre SF, doesn't he? I suppose he's never got over the fact that Gun With Occasional Music and Amnesia Moon were published as SF and he had a lot of early stories in Interzone, Omni and F&SF. (Claiming that Sarah Canary is amnesiac, btw, is nonsense: I don't think she's a viewpoint in the novel once, as it's all about other people's responses to her. She quite possibly isn't human, but there's no indication that she's forgotten what she is.)
  7. Librarians, Liberals and Lesbians* (Books)

    What are the novels he's extracting from? I'd imagine there'd be a chapter from Soldier In The Mist in there, and maybe The Fifth Head of Cerebrus as well: Wolfe was always fond of amnesia as a plot device. Zelazny's Amber and any other fantasy or SF novel where the protagonist can't start wreaking havoc until they've remembered that they're some sort of immensely powerful demigod sort seem relevant as well.
  8. Brian Aldiss is gone....?

    Great. It's nice to know that one's available as it's a very fine story indeed.
  9. Brian Aldiss is gone....?

    They made a big thing of publishing Brunner's last story (about what happened when Tommy Caxton reformed his Solid Six for an anniversary gig) in Interzone a month or so after he died. It's a bloody good one as well, so I hope it's been collected somewhere...
  10. Upgrade

    I'll have to remember that in future: it's a lot easier and quicker than the thing with the chicken, candles and an invocation to the dark Gods.
  11. Brian Aldiss is gone....?

    I dunno about that: Brunner died about ten years after Dick, and at least three of his books have been getting reissued in the SF Classics lines since the '80s. The Shockwave Rider and Squares Of The City in particular get bigged up a lot.
  12. Comics Shipping the Week of September 18th 2017

    Well, there's obviously, something odd about Cray (Marlowe says as much early on) so maybe he was part of a different Team 7 that didn't involve Grifter, or otherwise took part in Gen factor tests?
  13. Brian Aldiss is gone....?

    Aldiss has been discovered (and dropped) by the literatii repeatedly over the years. I think the sheer volume of work he's produced doesn't help him any there.
  14. Brian Aldiss is gone....?

    It'd be very difficult to pick out one book as Aldiss' best, I've always thought. Probably a good sign, that...