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  1. Logan

    You guys pretty much summed it up. It was a friggin' masterpiece. I can't wait for the black-and-white edition to be released.
  2. Justice League Dark - The Animated Movie?

    Good points . Still, the only excuse for fireballs is if John were to be drinking Fireball.
  3. CONSTANTINE IS BACK... As an animated series ??

    Meh. Just because it's animated doesn't mean it'll be Scooby Doo type stuff.
  4. See for yourselves. http://comicbook.com/2017/01/08/constantine-picked-up-by-the-cw/
  5. Justice League Dark - The Animated Movie?

    I just can't stand it. John went from a guy who barely used magic, wasn't often a master at it, and only used it when it was 100 percent necessary or as some extra help for a con, to a guy that chants spells and looks like he's about to Kamehameha all the time. I love the show, but it was one of my problems with it as well.
  6. Justice League Dark - The Animated Movie?

    I thought John wasn't going to smoke in this ? Just more fire-and-bullshit-coming-out-of-his-hands that's been the latest trend since New 52 ??
  7. John in a kid's show...Nope, not a joke

    And I'm 100 percent sure you're mistaken : I mean, there's bits of naughty language sprinkled in the movie, too, but I guess the MPAA weren't paying attention ? Tbh, though , I liked the movie for what it is. I consider it an Elseworld's story more than anything else now. Plus, Peter Stormare steals the show as Lucifer. That was probably one of the best film versions of The Devil I've seen. Shia LaBeouf as Chas is still a trash idea, though.
  8. John in a kid's show...Nope, not a joke

    It's just .... after a Constantine movie that WAS R rated, but almost the complete antithesis of who John is, and a show on NBC that allowed some freedom as episodes went on but at first kind of neutered the character, and appearances on CW plus a possible return of said show ( even though that's highly unlikely ) on CW that could neuter the character even MORE, and now this.... It's like , why ? Why is a straight up, unadulterated, 100 percent adaptation of Hellblazer John with NO restrictions such a big fucking thing to ask for at this point ?!?! Friggin' Deadpool was allowed that, and he was put into a kid's cartoon before John even was. And we had to wait decades for the same to happen with Wolverine, only for it to be the last Hugh Jackman Wolverine movie anyway... It's John's turn by now. Of course, Deadpool and Wolvie are much more popular characters , so maybe they're not the best examples... Lol
  9. Anyone hear about this ? Apparently Johnny boy appears in Justice League Action ( along with a Mark Hamill voiced Swamp Thing, which I don't find fitting at all as much as I love Hamill but whatever ) , voiced by.... some dude I have no clue of their identity , honestly, lol. I'm having an absolute bitch of a time finding the actual video clip, but here's a picture I managed to find :
  10. Justice League Dark - The Animated Movie?

    Soooo the trailer is out.
  11. Preacher the movie? Televangelism!

    A bit of a slow ep, but I don't mind it too much. If I could handle a whole season of boring eps of Better Call Saul, I can handle one or two from this . How do we all feel about Cassidy's accent ? My 100 percent Irish, born-straight-from-County-Meath dad thinks it's horrible. I, during his first scene anyways, found it laughably bad as well, but afterwards I kind of... warmed up to it, I guess.
  12. Hoping Rebirth John won't be a fairy

    I mean, it was mentioned every once in a while in the original Hellblazer series that John is bi , but it wasn't often rubbed directly into your fucking face like this recent series apparently did ( haven't gotten around to reading it yet )
  13. Lucifer being played for laughs for TV

    I'm not even going to bother with this. The trailers look sooooooo friggin' cheesy. It's indeed a shame that Constantine, Hannibal , etc. get cancelled while shit like this continues to be put out and eaten up by the masses.
  14. Preacher the movie? Televangelism!

    I'm enjoying it, but i'm not really sure why they kinda decided to make the sheriff a thousand times less of a total piece of shit ( other than maybe they're scared to have a character say " martian niggers " ) , and Tulip a thousand times more of a bitch ( although i'm actually enjoying Tulip as well. Ruth Negga has a charm of her own . ) It's taking quite a few liberties from the source material, but hey, so do most adaptations nowadays. These adaptations have to have SOME form of originality , otherwise they'd be a bit predictable, wouldn't they ?
  15. WB gave us the most cringeworthy Lex Luthor i've ever witnessed. If they drop the ball with Joker and Harley , i'm fucking out. I have faith in Jared and Margot, though.