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  1. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    are you seriously underestimating woozas ego? i mean nothing against that guy, if he performs at top level i think he is one of the two/three best writers there is, he is funny, he does well with the community and he has some brilliant insides. but if that man hasn't gotten some giant artistic ego, than i am santa clause.
  2. Upgrade

    so thats how you summon christian... interesting
  3. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    totally. i really think he was right to go. as far as i understood it: he basically told a story about how badly society treats it's youth and how horribly it could go wrong. and then the shit happens close enough as he had described it in a fringe horror-book (and propably no other published wouldve greenlighted this anyway). he must've felt like a fucking prophet and then dc takes that away from him for reasons of decency. the guy must've been fucking pissed.
  4. Upgrade

    nice! looks really cool and definetly more modern.
  5. Test & forum update noise

    by the way: you can see these posts as a not logged in user.
  6. Test & forum update noise

    thats good thinking. i agree with that.
  7. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    freezes over was excellent, the rest wasn't my thing. i think thats a really good analysis, of why it felt different and why some people might not warm up with it. the shadow dog felt too big a monstrosity for hellblazer, how it was built up and all, which gave it an uncharacteristic taste. that being said i don't dislike careys run, it just wasn't one of the high-points of the series.
  8. Test & forum update noise

    yes :D good job ade!
  9. TPB Covers

    that is actually really cool.
  10. TPB Covers

  11. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    and neil gaiman's books of magic.
  12. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    Oh no. I hope that doesn't mean I'm getting into anything too bad. To echo the rest: welcome aboard. As for post-Carey being "anything too bad", I think I have a differing opinion than most around here, that the series never dipped into "awful" territory until the very end. Immediately post-Carey, the run by Denise Mina, is the lowest point of the series IMO. Even with a lot of his ill-conceived ideas concerning women and trauma (and a rather brutal and infuriating character assassination), I quite liked Milligan's run. It just wasn't how I wanted the series to end. STILL! Diggle is perfectly decent and you have the rather excellent issue # 250 to look forward to! i agree with you so far, as to say that it's really mostly only sub-par compared to the rest of the series. there is a lot of worse shit out there than anything in hellblazer. a big problem is propably that the writers mostly were the cream of the crop and some of them especially azz and milligan, performed a lot worse than they did elsewhere, whereas others (including guestwriters) produced straight up art in some issues.
  13. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    - what are you guys talking about? the quintessential stories are obviously either ashes and dust, the devils talking trenchcoat, or that atrocity with the bulldog - (where are my sarcasm tags?) hi welcome to the board! i think delanos run gets a lot better, if you see it as child of the time. john is all about counter-culture there. the comic was at least as much a political statement, as it was a cool supernatural story. delano uses the supernatural as metaphor and john and plot as a device - the message is the star. ennis has generally a very existencialist approach, the journey of the character in a story is the whole point ennis is making - the character is the star. you will just fit right in, lol
  14. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    which is what makes total sense, if you have the ending on it's own. it shows that karnak really does want something and he is really just supressing the hurt over that, which also explains why he went full nuclear on e.g. the painter. however the inconsistency with is really unnerving me. i feel like ellis should have taken a little more time elaborating on the kids motives, even if it just had been a page or two more. i think the premise of the story was excellent, but the ending felt rushed (i propably should feel lucky that his woozaness has granted us an ending at all, right?).
  15. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    so i bought the karnak run done by ellis. i was a bit confused by it, possibly because i haven't read a lot of inhumans. so he is definetly an antihero and a zealot of his weird philosophy. there is definetly a lot of ellis in there. but what really got to me, was that the strange kiddo karnak is supposed to rescue tells him, that he was frustrated because his parents never wanted him to achieve anything, to be anything. at the end of the arc, karnak is handed a photo by the kids father, which tells him that they had a talk the day the photo was taken, where they tried to convice the kid, that they wanted him to be anyhting he wanted. and then you see karnak sitting there in his tower, with the photo and he is crying (about what i can only assume is peoples stupidity?). either thats an inconsisency, or i just really don't get it. that must mean something right?