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  1. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    As the others have said, welcome to Hellblazer! As you make your way through the 300 original issues or after you finish them, I'd recommend reading some of the standalone mini-series and graphic novels that were put out along the course of Hellblazer's lifespan. Some of these - The Horrorist, All His Engines, Pandemonium, City of Demons, are just as great or worth checking out as what was put out in the main series. For my money, probably would make for a better follow-up read than the New 52 and Rebirth Constantine books!
  2. R.I.P. Len Wein (1948 - 2017)

    Len Wein, co-creator of comic book icons such as Wolverine and Swamp Thing, has just passed away. http://io9.gizmodo.com/len-wein-co-creator-of-wolverine-and-editor-of-watchme-1803098383
  3. Other comics we read recently

    Looking it up, Warren Ellis' Doom 2099 issues were collected back in 2013 in a trade but it seems to have gone out of print pretty quickly - a new copy off the Amazon third-party marketplace will set you back some $70-some bucks + shipping, and the used copies aren't much cheaper.
  4. iron fist on netflix

    I did enjoy Booster Gold in the 52 weekly series DC did, though I'd wager the bulk of his usage in that story was about how much he sucked.
  5. The Hellblazer #11 & 12

    I suppose one thing that could be said about all the preceding Hellblazer runs, the good the bad and the ugly, is that none of them had an ending that felt quite as half-assed and abrupt as this one. Not even Milligan and Azzarello gave me quite the feeling of "What the hell is this?" that I got from this one! It feels like Simon Oliver was taken off the book earlier than he anticipated and as such he had no idea how to wrap up his intended djinn storyline with the issues he had left so he went "fuck it I'll just have Merc do it off-page" Tim Seeley, the next writer, confirmed on his Twitter that he's just on for a three-issue fill-in but I doubt that he or whoever follows him will be very much interested in picking up the dangling plot threads of John's Djinn bender.
  6. The Best of Teen Angst Hellblazer

    Was Diggle forgotten in regards to the poll? Since Mina and Milligan are there... I suppose in lieu of him Spencer would get my vote. I liked City of Demons, even factoring in Zippercoat.
  7. Justice League Dark

    Well, no articles on it yet that I can find but it seems that Justice League Dark has been officially confirmed as one of the upcoming DC movies at Comic-Con. Liman left the film a while ago due to scheduling conflicts with one of his other projects, so I wonder who'll direct it now. I guess this means we'll see the comic come back soon.
  8. I love Grant Morrison, but...

    Morrison just announced at SDCC a new collaboration with Chris Burnham in the form of "Arkham Asylum 2" for DC. Wasn't expecting to see a sequel to Arkham Asylum announced, though given that he's confirmed it to be set in the world of Batman #666 from his Batman run, I suppose this will be more of a successor to his Batman run than the original AA with McKean.
  9. Marvel's One World Order

    https://www.newsaram...d-counting.html Marvel's announced Legacy line-up (yet another regularly scheduled relaunch) so far appears to be mostly the same books they're publishing right now, with a few new ones. No mention of the creative teams.
  10. I was wondering what reason Papa Midnite even had to be in Paris to begin with. I guess the plot just needed someone to pop in and kill a werewolf, so here comes Papa. This book very much feels like it arrived at the same place the Doyle/Tynion run went. A promising start that ultimately couldn't be sustained, and like that book, the words and pictures are just passing by in a blur of dullness.
  11. New Writer Starting With Issue 13

    To be fair, that artwork is only for the covers, though I agree that it's too cartoony for what I'd like to see on Hellblazer. Maybe the interiors might be more Hellblazerish though I'm not too sure if the artist will be up to the task, a quick Google of Jesus Merino's art brings up fairly standard superhero artwork.
  12. Replacing Simon Oliver is Tim Seeley. https://twitter.com/HackinTimSeeley/status/866420495033524225 His first issue's cover: I guess the Djinn were as bad for John as they were for us.
  13. Guardians of the Galaxy

    Guardians 2 was a pretty fun romp. Doesn't have that exact feeling of freshness that the first one did, but there's enough good action, visuals, and dialogue to make the two hours breeze by. I found [ Spoiler : Ego the Living Planet ] to be a better villain that Ronan from the first one, though maybe that was just my love of [ Spoiler : Kurt Russell ] skewing things. I was pretty surprised to see the [ Spoiler : Watchers popping up in the Stan Lee cameo ]. I thought they'd be tied up with the Fantastic Four rights at Fox instead. I wonder with the tease for [ Spoiler : Adam Warlock in the credits, will he be showing up in Avengers Infinity War first or will he be saved for Guardians III? ].
  14. DC Comics

    Kirby fans might want to look out for this one: Tom King (writer of The Vision, The Omega Men, and currently Batman) to pen a 12-issue Mister Miracle mini
  15. Marvel's One World Order

    Another common complaint from Internet lefties, one that's been thrown around since the start, is that it's disrespectful to make Cap a Nazi given his Jewish creators. Though I assume that most of these people are also in the "we haven't read it but we're mad about it anyway" camp. In other news, Christopher Priest is doing an Inhumans mini-series, retelling their origins. I suppose that if there's any writer that might finally be able to make the case for Marvel's Inhumans push (though given the movie's been downgraded to a TV show I wonder how much longer it'll last), it's him.