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  1. New Writer Starting With Issue 13

    Still, original Hellblazer was around since before the Simpsons. For a run of 300 issues. This is kinda embarassing for DC to be honest, and I never read any of the relaunches.....and even if I'd want to, the fact they relaunched it three times would make that a very confusing prospect.
  2. New Writer Starting With Issue 13

    How many bloody iterations has this gone through since the original book was canned ? Seriously.
  3. I've decided to resurrect my book blog, in the hopes of finding some more attention than it did previously. http://theweirdandwonderfulblog.blogspot.cz/ The blog consists of two sections. One are the book reviews, the other being my associated project to catalogue weird and fantastic fiction out of copyright but not yet easily available online. The following is the latest review: http://theweirdandwonderfulblog.blogspot.cz/2017/08/cloud-pictures-1872-by-francis-henry.html List of Supernatural and Fantastic Literature out of copyright but not yet available http://theweirdandwonderfulblog.blogspot.cz/2014/07/list-of-supernatural-and-fantasic.html
  4. Preacher the movie? Televangelism!

    ......Seriously now ? Have they even bothered to do Angelville for one ? My guess is no. And really, they're gonna bring this up now, and not later in the story when Custer is supposed to drift there as a broken man, both physically and mentally, and kind of be tempted to stay by finding his mother there, alive and mostly well, among other, very nice things ?
  5. Preacher the movie? Televangelism!

    Such as ? : O
  6. Preacher the movie? Televangelism!

    So I'm curious, how much have they changed ? Also if they do change anything, can they maybe nerf the Saint a tad ? Cause he was so absurdly overpowered in the original series where the only way to propperly describe it is bad writing.
  7. I'm not reading this new series, and heavily disagree on the Milligan (but you know that already), however I will say that I felt annoyed how Ennis killed Midnite off so damn quickly back in the day.
  8. DC Comics

    Dammit. I was really liking that one. Fuck you DC >_>
  9. Constantine anime adaption

    I will never stop defending Milligan's run now ya hear ! : P And probably.
  10. Bernie Wrightson (1948-2017)

    I only read his Swamp Thing run but he had a very unique art style. A fair journey.
  11. The Hellblazer #5

    So I haven't checked out this new relaunch yet due to reasons of geography but if they are gonna do the same shit like they did in the original series, specifically Swamp Thing showing up, may I ask what the point is to have a new one ? : P
  12. Steve Dillon R.I.P.

    Wow. I....I was not expecting that. Condolences.
  13. The Hellblazer #2

    I haven't gotten around to read most of the Moore Swamp Thing but...didn't he do the Swamp Thing looks for Abigail Arcane story ?
  14. Alan Moore Hates Us All

    Didn't Jean Van Hamme spend several years retiring but still making stuff anyway ?
  15. The Hellblazer #1

    I dunno, I can't exactly imagine a John Constantine not having that as his source of baggage but then again I marathoned the whole series and that kinda keeps coming up.