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Jeremy Tableau and the Coin of Cunningham

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Recap: Jeremy Tableau is known as the Blacksheep of the Tableau family. He inhabits a world of magic and mischief. He is the son of Addam Tableau, former and now deceased hero of the Underunderworld, who's passing has made Jeremy guilty due to accidentally causing his death.


Seeking help in defeating a personal enemy, Jeremy meets Selene, the daughter of Morpheus, the God of Sleep and literally the girl of his dreams and they have been enjoying each other's company in the Dream World ever since.


Recently, Baron Cimetier, the son of Vodou Loa Papa Samedi, the Lord of the Dead has informed Jeremy that Addam, Jeremy's deceased father, wishes to see him...






#8: Jeremy Tableau and Coin of Cunningham


Page One


Panel One: We open up in this story to a mid-shot of a white elderly woman with long flowing hair. She is very old and frail as if she’s on the verge of breaking up into pieces and dying. She is sitting down on a chair inside of a darkly lit room, light source being a few burning candles and the moonlight that’s peering outside of the bedroom window.


Caption: Mistress Cleo Velma was a treasure seeker and a former enemy of my father, Addam Tableau. They battled many times but it seems that her treasure seeking would be her downfall.


Cleo: Addam? Addam Tableau?


Panel Two: Profile two-shot of Jeremy Tableau sitting in front of Cleo, leaning towards her. He is a black, handsome young man of early twenties dressed in a blue button down shirt that’s tucked into black slacks.


Jeremy: No, my name is Jeremy. Addam’s son. I’m here about the missing coin of the Cunningham Treasure.


Cleo: Oh, Addam. Even after all these years of fighting, you find it in your heart to visit an ol’ and dilapidated hag like me. Bless you.


Caption: Greeeeaaat. She’s senile. This is sure to be fun. That’s sarcasm, by the way.


Panel Three: Close-up on Cleo who’s face is looking down, tearing falling down from her frail and grey eyes.


Caption: I mention the Cunningham treasure piece a few more times, slowly, before it finally clicks in her memory wavering head.


Cleo: The Coin of Cunningham. It’s evil… torture… it’s not a gift of immortality… it’s a curse. A wretched, vile, corruption…corrupted…why, God? Addam… please help me? Help me, please?


Panel Four: A close-up on Jeremy, sympathy in his eyes.


Caption: I feel sorry for the poor gal. See, the Coin of Cunningham gave her immortality, but the spirit of Cunningham is a cruel trickster. While she is immortal, she receives all the pains and agony of old age, dying from every disease known to man… only to be resurrected to live again.


Panel Five: A tighter profile two-shot as Jeremy has his hands upon Cleo’s face, his fingers covering her eyes. He also has his eyes closed.


Jeremy: Selene, we’re ready.




Page Two


Panel One: A large pirate ship is sailing through the ocean, the sun large and bright. On the ship is only Jeremy and Cleo.


Caption: Cleo was once a pirate. Yep, she’s that old. She had the whole ship, crew, parrot, the works. All she was missing was the eye patch and the wooden leg.


Panel Two: Two-shot of Cleo and Jeremy standing side-by-side at the head of the ship. Jeremy is wearing an opened up t-shirt while Cleo is much younger, appearing as a woman in her 50s. She is fairly attractive and has long brown hair that is tied up in a braid. She is wearing a typical female pirate attire.


Caption: Since Celeste, the daughter of Morpheus, the Lord of Sleep and Dreams, and I have been… enjoying each other’s company, I’ve been able to ask of her assistance in this mission.


Caption 2: Hopefully in bringing Cleo to her comfort zone, I can give her peace. And it feels like it’s been a month. <Sigh> Why am I doing this again?


Panel Three: A panel of strange sea creatures/human hybrids all aboard the ship, attacking Cleo and Jeremy. There’s a handful of them as Jeremy and Cleo are holding their own against them, Jeremy with a sword in his hand, slicing away while Cleo is shooting one leaping over her with a pistol in her hand while blasting another enemy with a beam from her other hand.


Caption: Of course we did share some awesome action. What’s a pirate story without some adventure, huh?


Panel Four: Now a panel of a giant Kraken at the side of the ship, cannons blazing as it’s being hit while Jeremy has thrown a spear towards it, Cleo shooting at it.


Caption: Hell, we fought a freakin’ Kraken!


Panel Five: It’s now night time and both Cleo and Jeremy are sitting in front of a fire while they’re drunk from large bottles of rum in their hands as they’re holding each other and singing drunkenly with large smiles on their faces.


Caption: Yeeaaah… let me not get into that one.




Page Three


Panel One: Jeremy and Cleo have now reached the island. The ship is anchored with the two are on a row book, making their way to shore. Jeremy is rowing while Cleo is sitting in front of him, her back turned to him as she’s staring ahead.


Cleo: … He was a great man, your father. We were just rivals, initially. Until I grew bitter. I had put him through a lot of hell.


Jeremy: So… have you two ever…?


Cleo: Oh no. No, no. I know your father has a reputation, especially concerning his female enemies. But we weren’t like that.


Jeremy: Oh.


Cleo: He loved you and your brother. And he adored your mother. Life is much too complex for people of our ilk. You of all people should know that. Enough with the self-guilt. He’ll forgive you. Trust me.


Panel Two: Jeremy and Cleo are getting out of the boat as they’ve reached the island. Jeremy is holding Cleo’s hand as she’s stepping off herself and looking down at her feet exiting. Jeremy is looking up ahead, towards the island.


Jeremy: So the plan…


Cleo: Get to the cave, open up the chest of the treasure, drop the coin, and return home.


Jeremy: Okay, so where do these guys come in?


Panel Three: We’re now looking behind Jeremy and Cleo as before them now stands a pack of walking skeletons, most of them with swords in their hands ready to attack.


Cleo: You didn’t think it’d be that easy, did you?


Jeremy: Actually, not at all.


Cleo: Ready? Take my gun.


Panel Four: A panel now of Jeremy and Cleo going all out as they’re fighting the horde of skeletons. Jeremy is blasting shots all over the place, as skeletons have lost their limbs and are being taken down. Cleo, while running towards the opening of the cave is shooting beams from her hands.


Cleo: Jeremy! Head for the cave! I’ll create a shield to hold them back!

Panel Five: They are now deep in the cave. Around them surrounds a huge display of riches. Cleo has found the treasure chest and is kneeled in front of it. It is opened, revealing a bunch of golden coins of various sizes. Jeremy is standing a few feet behind her, pistol still in hand.


Caption: Moments later and holy ka-joley moley!


Jeremy: What’s wrong? Where’s the coin? Put it in already so we can bounce.


Cleo: I… I can’t.


Jeremy: Why not?


Cleo: It’s… in me.


Jeremy: …Come again?


Panel Six: Cleo, tears in her eyes, is now pulling Jeremy’s collar towards her, shouting at him. Jeremy is looking at her rather shock from this sudden shift of emotion.


Cleo: It’s it me, dammit! In order for my abilities to work, I have to consume the source! I can’t finish it. It’s a lost cause!




Page Four


Panel One: A close-up on Cleo, her teary eyes wide in shock.




Panel Two: A shot now of the treasure chest being splattered with a large gush of blood.


Panel Three: Cleo is looking up at Jeremy, weakened and about to die. She has a slight smile on her face.


Cleo: Bless you… thank you… Addam…


Panel Four: We’re back to elder Cleo’s room in a profile shot. Jeremy is sitting now across a pile of ash and dust that has now replaced Cleo, jewels and treasure scattered along with them. At the top of the pile is a golden coin the size of a half-dollar coin. Jeremy is about to pick it up.


Caption: “So here it is…”

Panel Five: It is night time at the cemetery, and Jeremy is handing the coin of Cunningham over to Baron Cimetier, the Vodou Ghede Loa of Cemeteries, a spirit of the Dead. He is very skinny, so much so that it’s disturbing, nearly resembling a skeleton with fully white eyes. He has wild nappy hair and is only wearing dirty, rundown pants that are being held up around his bony waist by a dead snake. In one of his hands is a staff made of out a human’s spine. With his opposite hand, he is taking the coin away.


Jeremy: …The Coin of Cunningham.


Cimetier: Thank you, Jeremy. The soul of Mistress Cleo Velma will be in peace.


Jeremy: And the coin…?


Cimetier: Taken to your father. He’ll be proud to know you played a part in achieving the Cunningham Coin for him. It’s essential in his current battle, protecting the barrier between the corrupted souls of the undead and your world.



Page Five


Panel One: Two-shot of Jeremy and Cimetier. Jeremy is still looking down, Cimeteir is looking at his friend.


Jeremy: Actually… do me a favor and not tell him about me.


Cimetier: I assumed you were to come with me to see him.


Jeremy: I… can’t. I’m not ready to see him. Not yet.


Cimetier: I will relay the message.


Panel Two: Same shot of Jeremy looking at Cimetier, intensely and about to rush to him while Cimetier has disappeared into a cloud of smoke.


Jeremy: No, Cimetier! Dammit!


Caption: You know what? Screw it. Whatever. Least I got Selene to get things off my mind. Loa bless Celeste.


Panel Three: Jeremy is now in the dream world in a big white void. He’s walking towards Selene, a beautiful young white woman with long hair to the bottom of her back and a white, nearly transparent gown who’s standing at the edge of the panel, smiling as she’s looking ahead.


Jeremy: Hello, baby. Did you miss me?


Selene: Oh, baby! I’m so glad you’re here!


Panel Four: A mid shot on Selene who’s now turned around to look at Jeremy, her belly swollen as if she were nine months pregnant.


Selene: We’re having a baby!


Panel Five: Tight close-up on Jeremy, his face filled with complete shock.

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