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  2. Comics Shipping the Week of September 18th 2017

    Black Hammer Bug It's only Mike Allred & Jeff Lemire keeping me buying new comics at the moment.
  3. Upgrade

    The new stuff is bloody good. May even solve the mythical "search" problem. And this so-called "new posts" affair.
  4. TPB Covers

    No. That one's ugly. This is probably going to be ruined by placement, even if he's given them space.
  5. TPB Covers

    Now that's more like it. To be fair the one in my original post received some praise on Facebook so maybe it's just an old man thing!
  6. TPB Covers

    Now that's lovely
  7. Upgrade

    We (which is to say, the forum hosts!) are currently upgrading the site, we're a few versions behind so there's a rebuild process running in the background that may cause some weirdness/performance issues. Currently 40% complete.
  8. Comics Shipping the Week of September 18th 2017

    Happy to see Wild Storm is still trucking along and that the first spin-off has been solicited, will keep an eye out for a (virtual) collection of the first 6 issues.
  9. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    When I'm done with Carey I'll go back and read the arcs you mentioned. I'm curious to see Azz at his best. I just started the second arc. It's an interesting way of writing it, and I'm happy Carey tried something different. Though I'd be lying if I said I wasn't upset that the more personal arcs were absent. It's a good middle-ground, almost feels a like a well-done reboot in some ways. Not the best, but just a cool experimental take on the series. As for the subject of the arcs, I felt similar. The Shadow Dog had a bit much going on; like an extended crossover event. Hehe, I try (or I guess I wont). No, I haven't. Thanks! --- Oddly enough I realized I never commented on Ellis's run and that shouldn't speak of it's quality. It just slipped my mind for some reason. I'm not really sure where to place it. "Haunted," "The Crib," and "One Last Love Song" were exceptional. In fact his writing overall was just...great. He understood Constantine. He understood good drama. It's a shame he had such a short time on the series. He's definitely better than Carey. On par with Jenkins I'd say.
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  11. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    Top insights, Jason, you'll have to aim lower to live up to your namesake though. Have you noticed the links section? http://hellblazer.ipbhost.com/index.php?/forum/14-the-book-of-hellblazer/
  12. Test & forum update noise

    I like the new look, but what's this noise about notifications?
  13. Test & forum update noise

    Can you see this as a "new topic"? While the tidying happened, it seems we finally got the latest software. So all post moving is on hold until the database is reloaded. Carry on.
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  16. TPB Covers

    To start on a positive, it's absolutely fantastic that DC are slowly releasing a complete collection of OG Hellblazer in trades. On the negative side though, what is up with some of the covers ? The series has been blessed with some of the best cover artists ever to grace the industry and this is the kind of thing they're putting on the trades - Any one of the Bradstreet covers for the original issues collected therein is streets ahead of this....thing...that wouldn't look out of place down the cheap end of a Manga shop. (Not inspired by the fact they didn't use the cover that namechecks myself and Ade, honest)
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  18. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    Hello, everyone. Currently, I’m on Carey’s run and I’ve been itching to discuss this series (seeing as no one around has any idea what I’m talking about). As it stands, Hellblazer is now my favorite comic series (sorry Cerebus) and I’m incredibly glad to have found it. There’s really just something about this series that’s hard to describe. It’s just so...normal; very real and very eye-opening. In terms of the individual writers (excluding Moore) so far my list, from best to worst, is as follows: Ennis – While not every plot in Ennis’s run was the most riveting, he was the one that really made me see Constantine as a person rather than a character (my favorite issue of the series is [currently] #67 - “End of the Line” - wherein Kit leaves John causing him to go out on his own. To see him be defeated not by a supernatural force, but just by being John Constantine made it all the more meaningful). As a whole this is something that shined during Ennis’s run. I feel like while the series was all about John’s life, this selection of issues was about John Constantine the individual if that makes any sense. Taking away all the supernatural, magic, and hell from this run with make no difference. It seems like other writers dealt more with the situations, that’s not to say they weren’t character-driven of course or that John doesn’t feel like a person, but more so that this one always kept a level of humanity (there’s a whole issue devoted to Kit after all) that seems to be lacking elsewhere. Something to note, however, is that a lot of the non-supernatural situations Ennis gave John are similar to that which I've been in (the John-Kit dynamic especially) which is definitely one of the reasons this resonated with me. Jenkins – A solid run overall, not necessarily anything spectacular, but that was more because nothing in it was awful as well. “How to Play with Fire” had a very well executed anything (even if the story itself was a bit messy), that sums up John’s life perfectly. As a whole, Constantine was characterized incredibly well, but none of the other main cast really provided much. They weren’t bad by any means, but they weren’t spectacular either. Still, a tear does come to the eye thinking about Astra’s soul being released. Delano – This is definitely the most consistent length of issues in terms of quality. There really aren’t any dips. Despite this, however, I didn’t find myself saying I loved Hellblazer until after Delano’s tenure. His plot was very dense and very well done. The slow build up with vague references to Newcastle was great, but when it comes down to it...none of it really mattered for me. I didn’t really feel an impact at all from this run and it just felt like a collection of supernatural/gothic horror stories with a cool protagonist. Arcs like the “Family Man” were great, but mainly for the narrative and not for lasting impressions. Unfortunately, the issues with guest writers are the ones I like the most here. “Hold Me” and “How I Learned to Love the Bomb” were superb and brought a nice bit of contemplation to them. That’s not to say Delano didn’t service anything to think about, but most of it seemed very political/social in nature, rather than personal with political/social connections. Azzarello – I don’t particularly like condemning writers, but this set of issues was a pain to get through. I’m sure Brian can write, but certainly not for Hellblazer. That’s really all there is to say about it. The first few words of the first issue alone had me already think that something was “off”. Ultimately, I’m sad to say, I couldn’t finish this run properly and ended up giving in and skipping over to when Mike Carey started. So far I’m enjoying Carey’s run (just finished Red Sepulchre); the longer arc is an appealing idea. I had previously read Unwritten which I, admittedly, stopped reading, but I’m pleasantly surprised to find that his Hellblazer ideas and writing for Constantine is rather solid. Hopefully that doesn’t change. Above all else, I'm glad to have a place to discuss this series.
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