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  2. Image Comics

    That is EXACTLY what I don't like about Matt Fraction's writing, that hipster mentality that comics are only cool if they're quietly mocking the past material. His Uncanny X-Men was the worst for that, with his descriptive captions for each character every issue. "Cyclops: Only Wears Designer Raybans", shit like that, when the X-Men moved to San Francisco.
  3. DC Comics

    Doomsday Clock read to me like a really well-written Watchmen fanfic, like it's only there to show how the writer can reference the original material without adding anything new. It's Johns writing a Moore pastiche, which is kinda like seeing a monkey drive a car. Entertaining, but ultimately pointless.
  4. Hellblazer #16

    Yeah, I was a fan of Seeley's arc, but Kadrey's first issue left me totally cold. I'm not a fan of Fabbri's artwork at all, it's so pedestrian and uninteresting, which I guess fits with the stories he's been slotted to draw both for Oliver and now this. I'm glad Seeley's back in a few issues.
  5. Hellblazer #16

    I have to agree, this one wasn't very good at all. Stuff happens here, but it's mostly the same old Hellblazer cliches and I can't find myself caring about any of it. John is just moving through the motions in this issue - auto-pilot is a very good term to describe how this issue feels. Is Davide Fabbri the only artist left in the industry willing to work on Hellblazer? I found his art utterly unfitting for a Hellblazer book when he first popped up during the very worst of Oliver's run and it hasn't improved with Kadrey - and judging by solicits, it seems he's on this book for the long haul. It's kind of hard to sell Hellblazer as a horror book when it more closely resembles an afterschool cartoon special - I'm half expecting these Scooby-Doo demons to start lecturing John on the dangers of smoking and drinking. I'm probably out for the rest of Kadrey's stay.
  6. Image Comics

    Void Trip #1-Oh yeah, now that is more like it. This comic lived up to my expectations. It had a bit more of Star Wars Mos Eisley to it than I was expecting, but that's ok, because Luke and Han would to have been hitting the spice pretty hard in that scene. So, that's ok with me. At the cliffhanger, it looed like "the man" was showing up to killing their buzz, man. Yes, I do like everything about this comic book and want to read more.
  7. Last week
  8. Hellblazer #16

    Nope. Not going to do this anymore. Hellblazer just does not interest me anymore. Can't DC spare a few bucks to get some decent artists? I know there are plenty out there, so why do they insist on putting artists who draw like they're doing an animated series on this book? Hellblazer has obviously gone all multi-cultural, with each story-arc featuring a new culture's mythology as their "demon" of the month. Some people will probably get offended to see a Hindu/Buddhist deity lumped in with "demons" though. The issue read as if it were being written on auto-pilot. As if someone entered a general description of John and some of his lines in to a computer, and this is the story that the computer wrote. So, this officially marks my ending with John Constantine. It was fun once upon a time, now it's a chore. This was the last chance I was giving the book, with Kadrey taking a stab at Generic Johnny. The best part of the issue was the "DC Essential Graphic Novels of 2017" ad, where the superheroes all look really gloomy and sober while they're reading DC comics. I guess I can understand the sentiment. Not a bad cover though.
  9. DC Comics

    Yeah, that's no reason to hate Johns. The fact that he's DC's answer to Brian Bendis is a better reason to not like Johns. Comics books are all about continuity and in-universe references, so if Moore is really pissed off that a story he provided to the DCU canon is being referenced, then he's obviously forgotten everything he ever knew about the world of comic books. I'd be more impressed by these writers who actually have bothered to read and enjoy their past superhero comics, rather than all these new writers who seem like they're embarrassed to be writing a superhero comic book, when they obviously should be writing acclaimed meta-novels referencing War and Peace*. *Not that the majority of them have the talent to truly do either, mind. You know, that's the thing about writers like Moore and Morrison, they are obviously head and shoulders above most comic book writers, but they never hid their unadorned love for the history of comics. DC must be desperate, having two big events going on at once. I have slightly more interest in Dark Nights: Metal than in this one, which is to say that I'll read some of the ancillary books spanning out of Metal, while I have zero interest in "DC milks Watchmen for more money".
  10. DC Comics

    I think Moore hates Johns just as much as he does Morrison: he has a butthurt chip on his shoulder over Johns referencing the story that's remembered more for the awesome O'Neill artwork than the script in passing somewhere in his run on Green Lantern. God forbid a writer should draw on a work that draws on Moore the way Moore wrote the work Johns pissed him off by mentioning draws on Gardner Fox, eh?
  11. DC Comics

    Doomsday Clock #1 (of 12) The first part of Geoff Johns' "epic" Watchmen meet DC superheroes sequel fanfic. Well, according to Geoff, Rorschach's diary at the end of Watchmen did get published and now the world is in chaos - it's now 1992 and the world is after Ozymandias' head as it teeters to the brink of nuclear war and also it seems that according to Geoff Trump became president 14 years ahead of schedule given two golf references on the same page! There's even a brand-new mysterious Rorschach running around! The only DC superhero that pops up in this issue is Superman at the end, as most of it is dedicated to setting up Geoff's vision of what happened after Watchmen. It's obvious in the writing that Geoff Johns wants to make this feel like a true Watchmen sequel, the issue even has supplementary in-world materials like the original Watchmen added in the back, but it's also obvious in the writing that Geoff Johns on his best day still isn't Alan Moore. What's here isn't a blatant disaster, but for something that DC has been hyping up for a couple of months now, it just comes and goes. Maybe they should've farmed this out to Grant Morrison, just for double the Moore coronary? I did have some morbid curiosity to see just how the rest of the series unfolds, but not enough to be compelled to want to buy the next issue over looking up a summary online. If you're going to buy any DC twelve-issue maxi-series at your shop... eh, I recommend picking up Mister Miracle instead.
  12. Hellblazer Q&A

    Wonderful, thank you guys :)
  13. Comics Shipping the Week of Nov 20th

    Yeah, my first thought was that I'd read a LOT of 13th floor strips!
  14. Comics Shipping the Week of Nov 20th

    I think people assume that Scream lasted a lot longer than it did as Monster and The Thirteenth Floor both went on to very long runs in The Eagle, John. Given how fondly remembered it is, it's surprising it didn't last longer, really.
  15. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    Picked up the first Wild Storm trade and thought it was pretty damn good, even though it's a reboot of the WSU it's still quite surprising to see Ellis throw out so many references to the old comics! I mean the first trade ends with a Fire From Heaven shout-out ffs!
  16. What Mike Carey did next

    We've all got bills to pay.
  17. Cheap Digital Hellblazer!

    As part of their Road To Black Friday sale, Comixoly are offering most of the Hellblazer back catalog at 50% off!
  18. Comics Shipping the Week of Nov 20th

    Did Scream really only last a few months ? Oh but that's like 24 issues so would explain why I can vividly recall some of the covers, weekly comics were pretty great as a kid! As an adult, monthly comics are expensive but thankfully regular digital sales mean they frequently become affordable for someone with bills to pay - yay! That said, nothing new for me this week but I will be partaking of the massive DC/Vertigo sale going on over on Comixology right now.
  19. Image Comics

    Moon and Ba are the least of it: he seems to have had Howard Chaykin draw something for him as well.
  20. Image Comics

    Well, yeah, with Moon and Ba on artwork, it's no wonder. He's been lucky to have some great artists working with him (Allred on FF, as Dave said). That Daytripper series from Moon and Ba at Vertigo was almost too much for mere words to describe. Now, that was a comic book! You may think that Casanova is a comic book, because it looks like a comic book too, but trust me, Daytripper was, without a doubt, a comic book! heh
  21. Image Comics

    I am a bit if a dullard so a lot of that is lost on me. Mostly my reaction to Cassanova is: Ooo pretty!
  22. Comics Shipping the Week of Nov 20th

    Thanks. So that's two stories from Scream (though iirc, The Dracula file led into Deathwish and Dracula was killed off by a disfigured stuntman and ex racing driver), two that might be from Misty and the rest from elsewhere (I'm sure Black Max was from Valiant or Lion or somwhere, though that was a bit before my time).
  23. Comics Shipping the Week of Nov 20th

    I think only JasonT has explored the backwaters of the internet enough to be able to explain what a "Scream Misty" is all about. We're probably better of not knowing. ; ) It's apparently a Halloween anthology comic: "Two of Britain's best-loved supernatural comics have been resurrected this Halloween and merged into one terrifying tome featuring all-new stories! Max the crazy computer makes a welcome return in The Thirteenth Floor by Guy Adams, John Stokes and Frazer Irving; the fangs are out in The Dracula File by Grainne McEntee and Tristan Jones; weirdos, warriors and weasels plucked from the pages of various 70s and 80s British comics congregate in Death-Man: The Gathering by Henry Flint; Kek-W and Simon Coleby collaborate on Black Max, the German World War One fighter pilot that's descended from a race of bat-people; the high-rise horrors of Birdwood are back in Return of the Sentinels by Hannah Berry and Ben Willsher; and fairies can be frightening in Fate of the Fairy Hunter by Alec Worley and DaNi. Cover price $7.99."
  24. Image Comics

    Yeah, it's that post-modern hipster smugness that's such a part of so much of Fraction's writing that really puts me off most of his work. I read his Hawkeye too. I didn't love it as much as most people seemed to though. I thought it was worth reading, but not anything that couldn't be missed. I wasn't upset to see Fraction leave Marvel Comics. His work on the long-running Marvel titles he worked on was just atrocious. He turned in horrible, uninspired work on Iron Man, Thor, Uncanny X-Men, and Fantastic Four (some of the worst dreck on each of those titles) before leaving Marvel, not to mention an unreadable cross-over event.
  25. Image Comics

    Casanova's about the only thing by Fraction I have read and I was so unimpressed by that I've tried to avoid his other work. The fact that all of the back matter in one of the issues I read was a lengthy "conversation" between him and Michael Chabon apparently included purely to namedrop an award winning novelist and stress that with friends like this, Fraction is really slumming it writing comics didn't help much...
  26. Comics Shipping the Week of Nov 20th

    What's a Scream Misty special? Scream was an '80s horror comic that only lasted about six months before it got folded into the Eagle, whereas Misty was a long(er) running girls' comic of much earlier vintage. Did one of the stories in Scream first turn up in Misty or something?
  27. Comics Shipping the Week of Nov 20th

    Sherlock Frankenstein And The Legion Of Evil #2 (Of 4) Punisher Platoon #3 (Of 6)
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