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  2. Is the black-haired woman is supposed to be Abby? I guess that most of the money in the budget went into the Swamp Thing suit, and there likely wasn't enough left over for white hair dye. (or perhaps they'll reveal in-story that she dyes her hair to not stand out, or maybe in one episode she gets so scared it turns white)
  3. Quick everyone! Go back and buy Ghost Tree #1 It's like when I first read Jeff Lemire and you know where that ended up. Also: Simon Gane artwork
  4. There are several interesting projects coming up from Marvel starting in July. Mark Waid is going to be writing a History of the Marvel Universe mini-series. Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross will be publishing an epilogue story to the original Marvels mini-series. Peter David has some sort of Ka-Zar mini-series in the works. Also, the X-Statix Special, from Milligan and Allred, will finally see publication.
  5. Last week
  6. Just the Wildstorm and Goddess Mode.
  7. Yes, and I don't even think any of the issues were delayed. I think he looked around the modern comic world, and sees so many writers have taken up his ideology, and now realizes what was once radical and revolutionary has become conservative. So, he's decided to change his ideology. It's time to shake up the comic book world once again. "A writer turning in a monthly comic script on time, every month, for two full years? Unheard of in 2019. This man is a revolutionary."
  8. Nothing new for me, three cheers for Wazza though - almost wrapped a full two years on The Wildstorm!
  9. True Believers: Star Wars the Original Marvel Years #107-The final issue of the original Marvel Star Wars comic book was already incredibly over-priced by the time I started collecting the Marvel Star Wars comics. So, this is my chance to get a copy, even if it is a reprint. Huh. That's it? That's not even worth going to the store. Maybe I'll pick up Marvel Comics Presents #4, which contains a Moon Knight story by Benjamin Percy.
  10. Wild Storm #22 Criminal #4 Sharkey The Bounty Hunter #3 Avengers #18
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  13. Yeah, The New World and Abe Sapien were the period where I felt Mignola was just killing time. Now, I think that he really wanted to end his story with the 25th anniversary of his universe, and he really was killing time during that long, dull middle period. There were some highlights in the Abe Sapien series, but a lot of it was pretty similar to what was going on in BPRD during The New World. I'd say you are safe to skip most of The New World, but I think you should go back and fill in at least some of the missing Abe Sapien ongoing series. I would definitely recommend reading Frankenstein Underground. It was worth your time, and was just a mini-series, so doesn't require the commitment of The New World or Abe Sapien's ongoing series.
  14. I think Hellboy In Hell was something Mignola really wanted to do - unleash his imagination - but it wasn't really plot driven. As much as i liked the ending of HoH - it was the ending of that series and like it had a bit of a dreamlike quality and no reprecussions in the "real world". In the BPRD ending i felt the real world shake - at least the real world of that story - but i also felt the impact as a reader. I'm happy both exist! I read all of BPRD until The New World, which i read sporadically - it seemed like a lot of soldier action that i wasn't so much into - with some highlights like The Long Death. I hopped back on with The Devil You Know. Didn't read any of the Abe Sapien stuff or the Frankenstein - which turned out to be of some importance in setting up the underground world. Good time to fill in the gaps :)
  15. Good point. I mean, you can read Hellboy in Hell for the end of Hellboy's story, as there is a definitive end point for that character at the end. However, I would recommend that people who have only read the Hellboy comics, and skipped the BPRD spin-offs (why did you do it?), would be interested to see how the whole thing ends. I mean, there is some hand-waving on Mignola's part about the status of Hellboy (so as not to invalidate Hellboy in Hell), but this was Hellboy completing his role in prophecy, as touched on in a number of earlier Hellboy comics.
  16. Saw the movie - it's fantastic. It's not for everyone because it has an aesthetic of macabre - think Starship Troopers intensity, with some Robocop, Predator violence level thrown in - and directed with help from Hieronymus Bosch. It flows great - i thought it would be choppy, because it incorporates a few stories unrelated to The Wild Hunt - like the Mexico stuff, but it' done with logic. Do not listen to the bad reviews, don't base your opinion on the awful trailers - a lot of the stuff makes sense in the context. There is only one really bad joke there - and someone put it in the trailer - but there is tons of stuff that is just amazing. Best movie of the year for me - go see it in the theater - it's like a metal concert intensity - only for the fans but the fans love it. I loved it
  17. Wow, so this is the end of the story..amazing that Mignola and the rest got here - and stunned with the ending. I gasped a few times, because some big stuff happens a few times. Mike Mignola drew half of the issue - and packed his pages with his probably best work ever - economic storytelling, where every panel is like a music note, and it flows with beautiful poetry of storytelling. Also, not much vagueness - pretty much everything that happens happens - its not a dream sequence, its not a prophecy.. it's the end of the world and scyscraper sized monsters are like 8th most noticable thing that happens here go read that comic - even if you're not completly up with B.P.R.D - most of the plot points refer back to old school Hellboy stories that mignola wrote and drew.
  18. Yes, most of the heroes died. Three main characters died in the past two issues, to be sure. However, one of those main characters could have survived in to the new world, and probably shouldn't have been killed in the last issue. His death seemed pointless, unlike the other two main characters. Oh well, I am still completely pleased with this issue as an ending to twenty-five years.
  19. Dave

    Hellboy/B.P.R.D. thread

    I'm going to have to go back and read last month's book, but I think most of our heroes are dead. Maybe a few made it into the caverns. It was real nice to have Mignola finish the art himself too. Real impressed by this book after they seemed to lose their nerve a few years ago
  20. BPRD: The Devil You Know #15-The End. Amazing! Mike Mignola kept his promise. All the prophecies came together. It really was the end of the world, and the new race of man. All the waiting was worth it. There was a long stretch of nothing happening and fear that Mignola had lost his thread, but this completes one of the greatest universes ever created in comic books. I am pleased. Sure, Mignola still has plans for some more flashback stories featuring Hellboy, so there is still more comics to come. Everything has been wrapped up now, and the rest is just icing on the finished cake.
  21. Well, it appears that League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was delayed at the last minute. As of Monday, it was scheduled to ship, but it is now listed as being available TBA.
  22. Garth Ennis or at least someone using his name just released a new trailer on Reddit of all places:
  23. I will provide testimony for any related advertising materials.
  24. Nothing for me thank you, good day.
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