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The Best of Teen Angst Hellblazer

25 July 2017 - 01:16 PM

Just doing a bit of housekeeping by way of avoiding work, and realised we have never properly voted on the Second Division of Hellblazer writers etc.

Mostly because there were not enough back in 2012.


Now there are.

So here it is. Just the TPBs, No guest writers.

DC Comics

23 March 2017 - 10:01 AM

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Hellblazer pulp

22 February 2017 - 08:52 AM

As we know, the powers that bestride the DC empire often check in here so they can avoid good decisions about Hellblazer.

So it occurred to me - with Christian & Dogpoet discussion on the sales figures thread - that it's time once more to bring up the quarterly graphic novel/ tpb/ pulp model.

No longer will writers have to cram or extend stories to fit the pretend monthly market when they should be writing long form tales.

Writers can be rotated more easily.
Tales of the Hellblazer (past times, supporting cast, etc).
Artists can be signed up for a volume rather than disjointed art within stories.

I reckon 80 pages a quarter is about right. But would settle for 100.

For Sale. One Careful Owner.

30 September 2016 - 02:14 PM

Before i sell off some comics next year is there anything you're looking for from the Vertigoesque shelf?

There will also be tpbs
Think I'll make all my Hellblazer tpbs available. I'll be keeping the original issues but might find some swaps.

Oh and to start the ball rolling, two hardcover vols of all star superman.
20 including postage in uk.

US can be posted when i get to florida next month.