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    Read RTD the other night and if anything you're being far too kind to it! Really read he had an idea for The Demon knocking around and just plunked Ghost Rider into it. The obligatory toilet-humour character...why Garth, why ?!?
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    Witchfinder Gideon Falls And....I have a problem, because after all my bitching about Marvel, I still want to pick up Extermination #1....I think I need an intervention.
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    I got the Sam Kieth one . The P.Craig Russell one came closest in person. The others really looked like they'd be nicer at a Larger size. And I can wait.
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    Did you really want to see more plots about the Djinn after Oliver just wasted twelve issues moving the story by an incremental inch? I, personally, was pretty relieved that we were finally moving on from what Oliver was doing on the title. Seeing what followed upon Oliver's story-arc ending, I wasn't any happier about where the book ended up, but I was still somewhat relieved that it wasn't going to continue being about the Djinn. Really, the book had no excuse for existing other than that DC wanted a Hellblazer comic book.
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    In case anyone is interested, here are some up-coming comic series which look interesting: Paul Jenkins will be returning to write comics with another series from AfterShock called Beyonders (not the Marvel character, no). It's described as a conspiracy thriller involving crop circles. I believe this one will be out this month (August). There's been quite a bit of talk about Mark Russell on this Forum (OK, mainly from me) and how good of a comic writer he is shaping up. Besides his upcoming Vertigo project, Russell is the new writer on the Lone Ranger comic, starting in October. I would usually have zero interest in a Lone Ranger comic, but it sounds like Russell will be bringing some interesting political plots to the 1880s. Also, our old friend J,M. DeMatteis returns with a new series from IDW in September called Impossible Inc., which sounds like a fun, cosmic romp.
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    Apparently the movie and conspicuous 1940s racist writing has put a stop to DC's plan to collect Captain Marvel: The Monster Society of Evil epic to tie in with the film release. DC has canceled advanced orders stating "controversial material" as the reason. It's expected that DC didn't want to have to deal with media breaking the story of DC marketing their upcoming movie by releasing a comic collection marred by overtly racist material. Either that, or a genius-intellect alien worm receiving the death penalty is too extreme for modern audience's tastes. Maybe it's that one. Poor Mister Mind....If only Hannah Arendt had been so kind to his unjust judgment.
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    Spot on. Trail of Tears was pretty good. As bad as RTD is, Clayton Crain's art is great on it.
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    Ghost Rider's my favorite character, I do a podcast on the guy, and RTD is probably one of my least favorite GR stories. Clayton Crain's artwork is beautiful but can't make up for the shit awful writing. Ennis said in interviews at the time that he didn't know much about Ghost Rider and didn't care anything about Johnny Blaze as a character, he was obviously just doing it for the paycheck and it showed bad. He and Crain got it right with "Trail of Tears", but RTD is aggressively bad.
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    Agreed. That whole Contagion/Cataclysm/No Man's Land period of Batman was a period where I have no interest in the books. I couldn't stand it at the time, and stopped following any Bat-books for a while. The Brubaker/Rucka comics came along to save the Batman titles, definitely. Brubaker's run on Batman was one of the high points of the character, in my estimation.
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    That Seeds could be amayyyyzing. I'm in. Also Miracle Man Darkseid cover Quantum Age Shade The Changing Woman
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    Thanks Dom I haven't finished yet : D
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    Started reading The Dreaming again. At Issue 27 right now.
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    Yeah, it probably will be, I have little doubt! The crazy thing is that this was the first comic book of any note which Lemire wrote. This predates all of the other good stuff which Lemire would go on to write, so he was starting out at that high-level of quality. Royal City might end up topping Essex County in the end, but Essex County is always going to be very high on Lemire's list of best work, and probably still tops that list, even with so many other excellent projects to his name now.
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    I did like Jeff Lemire's New 52 Animal Man run (though I have not reread it so may not hold up) and his Green Arrow (though maybe for GA I was just blinded by Andrea Sorrentino's pretty art) but yeah avoid anything Lemire did with DC that involved a team book along with that Future's End mess that he was one of the four co-writers of.
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    I wasn't as much of a fan of Sweet Tooth. I liked the ending. I haven't read Underwater Welder or Roughneck yet. Yes, avoid his DCU work, and the majority of his Marvel work. He doesn't do a very good job with company properties. I'd start with Royal City and Essex County, then move on to Black Hammer, and then to Trillium. He also illustrated this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secret_Path I haven't read it yet, but my girlfriend (who lives in Essex County, by the way) talks about it very positively.
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    Sweet Tooth. Underwater Welder ROUGHNECK Anything that has no connection to DC superheroes. Not that I am discounting them all just his creator owned stuff is beautiful.
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    It's immensely good. What a writer, and what an artist.
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    Yes, this is the final issue. I'm considering actually buying it, just to see how they end this version of John's story, as the character doesn't seem to be featured in any way in up-coming DC Universe stories (Black Label isn't DCU canon). Nope, John is not a member of the new JLD either. DC is finished with John Constantine. He has been a thorn in their side for too long.
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    The Silver Age Doom Patrol collection might be fun, but none of the flioppies there catch my eye.
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    I was able to score the complete Essex County. Cracked the first chapter, very interested in this. I really dig LeMire's work.
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    Yay! That should be one of the best comics of the 2000s right there. Morrison and Liam Sharp. I cannot wait.
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    I'm willing to give Nalo Hopkinson's book a chance, as well as the Spurrier, based on Hopkinson's work in prose genre fiction. Of course, it's become quite apparent that writing a compelling science fiction/fantasy novel will not equate to an author having any idea what they're doing writing comics. The Spurrier should be worth a read though.
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    More public burnings?
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    They are, yes. They pimp out Neil Gaiman products on a neverending basis.