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    can this thread be made only accesible to the members again please? i realize it's not a big hurdle, but i feel like the pictures of kids and us folks should be a little protected.
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    C'mon, Ixnay. You're only fakin' that achin' for Chaykin. It's the thought of Nick Necro that's got you shakin' the bacon.
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    Here's Johnny scaling my bookshelf like it's goddamned Mount Everest.
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    He could just do the Constantines Past issues.
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    I've said before that Carey's finale is probably my favorite ending to any Hellblazer run, in spite of the occasionally bumpy road leading up to it. "R.S.V.P." has a sense of finality to it, and I feel that in retrospect, if there was a place to satisfactorily end Hellblazer during its original run - this would be it. Looking forward to seeing what you make of the final three original Hellblazer runs.
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    Here's a recent pic of my son, Johnny, and I. Excuse my red Devil Eyes, I had corrective muscle surgery in both eyes a month ago, and I was still recovery when that shot was taken.
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    sooo i just wanted to update. i have been depression free for over a year now. it was a lot of work and stuff, but it worked out wonders :) i have seen my therapist not for the last 2,5 months and still going strong. just wanted to let you know :) also thanks for the reading and answering when i had to vent and complain, it sure did help. i really like this forum :) (whereelse can you make jokes about playing poker with gods, analyze an obscure comic that has been dead for almost four years, talk about personal stuff and get new insights on a variety of completely unrelated things :D)
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    related my favorite rob leifield related article ever
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    To be fair, that sort of thing is why we have a superego standing over our id with a blunt implement in its hand and a stern look in its eyes... (I think rather than a buried desire of Constantine's that was supposed to be his ousted shittiest bits exploiting Gemma's fantasies in pursuit of forced sex, though. At least, I hope it was.)
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    John McCrea's recent #inktober tribute to Steve Dillon in the form of John
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    Those are some really good points, Robinson does tend to mine the past of his characters, and that was one of the more damning aspects to Diggle's run. I'd counter, though, with the notion that Diggle's continuity dredging wasn't what made his run so forgettable, it was that he regurgitated past minutia while simultaneously sacrificing character moments for plot mechanics. I don't think Robinson would do that, because in his better works like Scarlet Witch and especially Starman, he grounded the series in heavy character pieces while also laying down all of the plots for his endgame. Robinson would bring the character's heart and humanity back, instead of just sending him on neverending quests. Or he'd write something like Justice League: Cry for Justice and make me look like a fucking idiot for suggesting him in the first place. It's a toss up.
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    Yes, which shows that it can be hard to predict how well a writer will do writing a John Constantine story. Jason Aaron is a great writer, yet he wrote one of the worst Hellblazer stories.
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    So a few things since we launched on Monday! We not only passed the 50% mark already, but we also found ourselves in the Projects We Love category! It's been getting a pretty good reception thus far, but definitely want to get closer to the initial goal as soon as we can, that way we get closer to possibly adding those extra pages of back up story with the crossovers with other indie comic characters. So if you can, definitely put a pledge in and share and tag people to see the project. It'd be much appreciated! Oh yeah, don't forget, money doesn't get taken out of your account if you pledge/donate/pre-order until the end of the campaign on October 25th and you can edit the amount any time after you've pledged until that date. So you can place it now just to calculate the numbers. Thanks, guys! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1942007293/isnana-the-were-spider-volume-2
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    The Kickstarter is finally live! Be sure to pledge and spread the word through social media of all types, friends and family, etc. Any type of support would be greatly appreciated! And for anyone who missed out on the first volume, given that the book is sold out, you'll also be able to pledge for a copy of the first along with the new one! www.kickstarter.com/projects/1942007293/isnana-the-were-spider-volume-2
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    Thanks guys! Yeah, he turned two back in May, and has definitively proved that the "Terrible Twos" does indeed exist. We had stair gates put up for awhile now, the tension kind that just use pressure to keep between the walls, and he figured out that he could just tear them right the fuck down and jaunt back and forth on the stairway. So I installed metal gates that are screwed into the wall, with hinges and a lock...and the little guy just crawled under them.
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    Jeeeez, the boy got huge!! Hey, guys. Just wanted to let you guys know that I'll be launching the Kickstarter for the next volume of my book series, Is'nana the Were-Spider, this coming Monday for anyone who is interested. If you haven't gotten Vol 1 yet, which is currently sold out, you'll be able to get that also!
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    That's very true, but in most cases (thinking mainly about Transmet) the ranting was at least in some service to a story. "Shoot" was shoehorned into a series that it didn't belong, even with the hamfisted justification for Constantine being involved at all. "My mate's son was taken to America, got shot in a school, RAAARRGGHH!". Not Ellis or Hellblazer's finest moment. Had it been released as planned, it would have been a mite bit controversial but ultimately a small piece of a much larger run. Banning it from being published built it up into this mythic thing that it doesn't deserve to be.
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    i mean shitting out of the mouth of his characters is like 45% of whats appealing on ellis' as a writer
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    Uh... fine thanks. Just started two weeks' holiday. And you?
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    It's too bad you missed him at MCCC. I basically poured my heart out to him telling him what Seekers meant to me. He was quite appreciative. Nice fellow.
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    I'm not sure it's fair to dismiss that objection as mere snobbery on your part. Ellis is doing a series called The Wildstorm, rebooting the old Wildstorm characters from the '90s one of whose main selling points (if I'm not misremembering and doing early Image titles a disservice) was that they had a coherent and workable internal continuity that didn't go back to the second world war and was nothing like the Marvel and DC universes that did, and wasn't full of characters who blatantly ripped that stuff off (apart from Rob Leifeld's "I told the careers advisor at school that I wanted to be Jack Kirby when I grew up and he told me not to be so fucking stupid when he finally stopped laughing" arse dribble, but the Extreme stuff very blatantly wasn't the Wildstorm stuff: some of the Wildstorm stuff was rather good, and even the real dreck like Hazzard wasn't half as shite as Leifeld's output).
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    Not directly written by Warren, but he does have a story credit on it, and the issue does imitate the style of its parent book in both writing and art very closely: The Wild Storm: Michael Cray #1 (out of 12) The premise of this series is Michael Cray hunting down warped versions of classic DCU heroes that exist in the new Wild Storm U, while adjusting to the changes brought about to his life. This first issue introduces Cray vs. Green Arrow, who has been reimagined as a gentrifying San Franciscan millionaire (not too far off from current Silicon Valley types!) who flows weapons and narcotics into poor neighborhoods to drive up their crime rates (in order to launch political campaigns to crack down on said crime) and as a byproduct of PTSD from the island hunts kidnapped men "Most Dangerous Game" style . The Flash is next up in the third ish according to the solicits, and Batman was alluded to in this issue and I wouldn't be surprised if this series climaxes with Cray taking him on. I enjoyed this start, though I've always been a sucker for "evil alternate dimension-type" stories, and I will stick for the next issue to see how this first story resolves. I suppose though, that this series could always wind up "Warren angrily types for 12 issues about DC superheroes via proxy"
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    With not one, but TWO episodes this time. It sounds like he'll play a bigger role than he did in the Arrow ep. Can't wait to watch just those two and never bother with the show again.
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    No, no, they have Morrison edit the Mooreverse and let Geoff Johns actually write it: that'll really piss him off.
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    So, I'm going out on a limb and saying that Legacy is a poorly planned idea. It's really just the exact same Marvel comics as a month ago, only with a new story-arc starting in the book (not always a reader friendly starting point either, simply a new story-arc), plus a new banner at the top of the covers to let you know the comic is part of "Legacy". All the same creative teams are still in place. Most of the books released don't even have "legacy" numbering. Instead of bringing back the titles of Uncanny X-Men, X-Men, or Inhumans (say) so that they can use "legacy" numbering on those titles, they just continue on with the same numbering as last month. Yeah, I can't see this being the spark that brings readers back to Marvel.
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    No, that was the third Batman movie (the one with Danny Devito as the Penguin): the first movie involved dehydrated UN members, Adam West having problems disposing of a bomb safely, Julie Newmar as Catwoman and shark repellent batspray.
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    Ancient Tomb of Santa Claus Discovered Beneath Turkish Church
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    Jason, that post....that image... Well played.
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    Yeah, can't really argue with kid logic, lol.
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    Hahaha hilarious !! Max told me he likes Batman cause he "is tall and he wears his shoes". fair enough
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    some day he will propably refer to bogart as jonny blaze then?
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    Oh, no question that a big part of Robinson's approach to heavy continuity is that it lets him do character stuff about the characters, based on stuff that's been printed in a comic or two. Absolutely a big part of Starman's appeal was the fun Robinson was obviously having with mining the continuity and backstories of all the prior Starmen and connecting Ted Knight and his son's rogues galleries, but that was always secondary to Jack's character arc, and Jack isn't just Robinson's original character, he's also probably the single best mainstream superhero character introduced during the '90s. If it looked like I was having a go at Robinson over his taste for continuity mining, that wasn't intended. And at least Robinson might well do something surprising with Constantine, even if it turned out to be surprisingly bad rather than surprisingly good.
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    Jason, you summed up my thoughts on the Diggle run almost to the letter. It wasn't so much the call backs and constant springboarding off of old continuity, it was that the humanity seemed to be leeched from the series. There was that podcast that was released for Hellblazer's 25th anniversary that had a round table interview with Delano, Lloyd, Milligan, and Diggle, and listening to that really informed where Diggle was coming from as a writer on the book. He was a Hellblazer fanboy, particularly of Delano, and he kept saying "Jamie, did you know I did this in my run? I brought back the Golden Boy? I had him drinking gin n' tonics again?" Delano kind of brushed it all off, but you could tell that Diggle was very proud to have brought back all of that past stuff. Unfortunately, I think all of those plot mechanics really sucked the life out of Constantine as a character. Like you said, Jason, that bit at the end with John and Chas was a real breath of fresh air for the series, and I hated that Diggle couldn't have done more of THAT during his run. Who knows, though, maybe Diggle had more in him than I'm giving him credit for, his run was chopped halway through and according to him had some really heavy editorial pushback.
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    Matt Wagner, yes please. Howard Chaykin, no, not so much. Speaking of John Smith, I was reading back through the Sean Phillips art book a few weeks ago, and it had a lot of talk about Smith and Hellblazer. Apparently, the Smith/Phillips team almost had the gig post-Delano, but the decision ultimately went to Ennis instead. Issue # 51 was taken from the series outline/proposal that Smith had submitted to Berger. I'd have really loved to see that run happen, personally.
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    I thought you said that he robbed from Carey's run, not Paul Jenkins run? Yet, then you said the "the best run since Delano", so you were obviously talking about Paul Jenkins! I agree with you about Diggle. A watered down version of Carey, where he decides to spend most of his time digging up continuity which was already resolved. It felt very much like HB was being written in the vein of a mainstream superhero title. Diggle's first story-arc was pretty good though.
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    i get that. their high-pitched singing is super annoying.
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    I will have to sell some stuff . . . like kidneys or lots n lots of blood, but . . . I WILL DO IT !. It is really a no brainer, I will be redeeming my red dead. New console, tv, and the game . . . might be quicker (initially cheaper, eventual horrible costs) to join grinder, look for 'n old sheila that plays games?.
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    Just a quick public thanks to known vagabond Mister Adrian Brown Esquire for his continued upkeep of the forum, I'm a proper lazy bastard and the place would be falling down around your ears without him!
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    Marvel Legacy #1 (by Jason Aaron)-This was a huge disappointment. Certainly not worth the $6 cost. The stuff with the Avengers of 1 million B.C. was pretty fun, but I don't see where their story would be continued in further Marvel Comics. It seems more like those ideas from this book are going to be lost outside of this book. Unless this was Marvel planning for their next big event, line-wine cross-over! Yippee! We've got to get that started right now, because Secret Empire just ending and Marvel Legacy just starting won't be enough, they must push the next mega-blockbuster now! Otherwise, the book is more promos for upcoming story-arcs in some of Marvel's major books....i.e. a story pushed by editorial committee. Marvel advertised that there were two big returns being unveiled in this book, "one that people have been clamoring for, and one that people will dread to see". I'm not sure exactly which returns Marvel was speaking about. I'm not even going to hide this, because everyone has expected it since the death happened, and it's a huge disappointment, and I know no one cares....but, the original Wolverine is back. Is that the return "everyone was dreading"? Because, I was sort of hoping he would stay dead. Marvel has X-23 (Wolverine's female clone) as Wolverine, Old Man Logan, and Ultimate Wolverine (Logan's alternate universe son) all running around in the Marvel books already. Do we really need another Wolverine??? Oh, actually Marvel's next cross-over was already announced, by the way....although, it's a X-line cross-over, not an entire Marvel Universe event, but it's the return of the adult Jean Grey. That's going to bring back all the fans that Marvel has lost due to their poor decisions! "Jean Grey is coming back for the sixteenth time?! And, there's already a teenage version of Jean Grey too! My god, I must buy Marvel Comics again!"....said no one. The surprise ending of the story is probably going to piss off a lot of fans, rather than "make them clamor for more". I won't reveal that surprise return, but if that's what Marvel was referring to, you will probably feel disappointment more than anything else that this is the best Marvel can do for a "big reveal". I don't see Marvel Legacy fixing Marvel's ingrained problems, in the least. I don't see fans rushing back for any of this, because the inherent flaws in Marvel's publishing mentality are still readily apparent. Plus, Marvel has lost almost all of their big-name creators now, much like what happened to DC in the middle of the "New 52". So, it probably won't be long before Marvel releases a new statement blaming "blacks and gays for Marvel's low sales!".... Maybe a white supremacist Thor taking over the Marvel Universe and killing....oh, I don't know....Hawkeye let's say....will be the ticket to Marvel's resurgence! I can't wait for Secret Empire War next year!
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    I'm definitely with you on those last three stories of Carey's, and I think you're right about the social element as Delano contrasts to Ennis as well.
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    Huh. Wait til you have a threenager. They're AWFUL.
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    maaaaaaaaax! nice one balthi, congrats
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    I apparently have three secret admirers. So, I'm pretty excited about that, I guess.
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    That's great to hear, I'm glad you're doing so well with your depression! I work in the mental health field, so knowing that people are actively engaged with recovery and getting a positive benefit from therapy is a wonderful thing. As for myself, I recently took on a new position at my organization, a non-profit that works with adults diagnosed with serious mental illnesses. I'd previously been a Health Advocate and Case Worker, now I'm the Program Manager for a 24-hour staffed group home. I've never been a supervisor before, it's a bit intimidating being a boss, lol. On the homefront, I'm still happily married, with two eight year olds (one foster, one step) and a 2-year old son that takes after me in every way, good and bad. I also want to echo what seventhcircle said about the forum. I don't post on here regularly, I tend to do it in bursts where I'm really active for awhile and then gone when life gets too hectic to keep up with my online presence. But I keep coming back, not only to talk about a comic/character that I've grown up with like family but b/c all of you gentlemen and ladies have always been so welcoming and god damn interesting to talk to. Cheers!
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Bubble 2017 Anthology #6, $3.99 Violent Love #8, $3.99 Wayward #23 (Cover A Steven Cummings & Tamra Bonvillain), $3.99 Wayward #23 (Cover B Carlos Villa), $3.99 INSIGHT EDITIONS Dark Crystal The Ultimate Visual History HC, $45.00 JOE BOOKS Disney Princess #13, $3.99 KODANSHA COMICS Animal Land Volume 12 GN, $10.99 Descending Stories Volume 3 GN, $12.99 Kiss Me At The Stroke Of Midnight Volume 1 GN, $12.99 Seven Deadly Sins Volume 22 GN, $10.99 Welcome To The Ballroom Volume 7 GN, $12.99 KORERO BOOKS Mondo Erotika The Art Of Robert Baldazzini HC, $39.95 LION FORGE Catalyst Prime Superb #3, $3.99 Lighter Than My Shadow GN, $19.99 Little Red Wolf HC, $19.99 LOCUS MAGAZINE Locus #680, $7.50 MARVEL COMICS All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy #10, $3.99 Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #11, $3.99 America #7, $3.99 Avengers #11 (Cover A Alex Ross), $3.99 Avengers #11 (Cover B Tyler Kirkham Venomized Loki Variant), AR Captain America #25 (Jesus Saiz 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $4.99 Captain 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B. 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