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    No, no, they have Morrison edit the Mooreverse and let Geoff Johns actually write it: that'll really piss him off.
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    John McCrea's recent #inktober tribute to Steve Dillon in the form of John
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    No, that was the third Batman movie (the one with Danny Devito as the Penguin): the first movie involved dehydrated UN members, Adam West having problems disposing of a bomb safely, Julie Newmar as Catwoman and shark repellent batspray.
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    Those are some really good points, Robinson does tend to mine the past of his characters, and that was one of the more damning aspects to Diggle's run. I'd counter, though, with the notion that Diggle's continuity dredging wasn't what made his run so forgettable, it was that he regurgitated past minutia while simultaneously sacrificing character moments for plot mechanics. I don't think Robinson would do that, because in his better works like Scarlet Witch and especially Starman, he grounded the series in heavy character pieces while also laying down all of the plots for his endgame. Robinson would bring the character's heart and humanity back, instead of just sending him on neverending quests. Or he'd write something like Justice League: Cry for Justice and make me look like a fucking idiot for suggesting him in the first place. It's a toss up.
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    He could just do the Constantines Past issues.