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    To be fair, that sort of thing is why we have a superego standing over our id with a blunt implement in its hand and a stern look in its eyes... (I think rather than a buried desire of Constantine's that was supposed to be his ousted shittiest bits exploiting Gemma's fantasies in pursuit of forced sex, though. At least, I hope it was.)
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    Another thing that bugged me about the Gemma rape is given that John created his Demon self out of his own unwanted bits, does that mean that deep down in John's darkest subconscious that there was already some part of him that sexually desired his niece? I suppose it is possible that it was the Nergal-extracted demon blood part of Demon Constantine acting, but still - what a vomit inducing possibility, Milligan!
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    Milligan's treatment of the women in the cast were my biggest problem with his run. I didn't have any issue with Epiphany, she had her interesting moments and I liked her as a counterpoint to John, but Milligan seemed unsure of her as a character. To shore up that she actually was super super I mean really super important guys, he trotted out Kit Ryan, Angie, and Gemma and did nothing but break them down to lift Epiphany up. John wasn't interested in Kit, who was this boring normal woman, because now he was marrying a smoking hot 22-year old alchemist. Angie was reduced to a walking fat joke who John wouldn't fuck no matter how hard she wanted or asked, and Gemma, holy christ was that character assassinated. Plot-wise, and even characterization of Constantine-wise, I liked a lot of Milligan's run. I thought "India" was an interesting exploration of another culture, even if heaped with stereotypes, and some of his one-offs like "The Cottage" and "Suicide Bridge" were excellent. I didn't mind Finn and I even thought the goofy trenchcoat arc had some charm to it. That final arc, and especially the final issue, though, was nigh-unreadable. Instead of doing something to celebrate the conclusion of a 300-issue run of a character, Milligan used it to focus completely on his own creations (Epiphany, Finn, Julian, Terry). When those characters get more screen time in a final issue of Hellblazer than Chas, something has gone very wrong. That last issue may very well be my least-favorite issue of the series, even more so than Mina's terrorist issue.
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    Those are some really good points, Robinson does tend to mine the past of his characters, and that was one of the more damning aspects to Diggle's run. I'd counter, though, with the notion that Diggle's continuity dredging wasn't what made his run so forgettable, it was that he regurgitated past minutia while simultaneously sacrificing character moments for plot mechanics. I don't think Robinson would do that, because in his better works like Scarlet Witch and especially Starman, he grounded the series in heavy character pieces while also laying down all of the plots for his endgame. Robinson would bring the character's heart and humanity back, instead of just sending him on neverending quests. Or he'd write something like Justice League: Cry for Justice and make me look like a fucking idiot for suggesting him in the first place. It's a toss up.
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    He could just do the Constantines Past issues.