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    I can't believe there's never been a "What If...?" story that featured Frank Castle becoming Ghost Rider. It almost writes itself: Castle loses his family, becomes possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance after making a deal with the Devil. That's almost exactly what he did at the end of "Born" actually, it was just another (possible) entity, if not just Frank's own crazed mental state.
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    I always thought a "What if..." Frank Castle became Deathlok book would have been cool.
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    I've been reading the new arc on Punisher, written by Mathew Rosenberg. Despite having a pretty ludicrous premise (Frank Castle becomes War Machine), it's actually been a LOT better than I expected. The artwork's pretty nice, provided you can get past Castle suddenly looking just like Jon Bernthal, but the story has been surprisingly solid. Better than Becky Cloonan's poor-man's retread of Garth Ennis, definitely.