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    Even worse, when the Punisher became a black guy, those issues are ones I always happily skip over when I'm doing re-reads of that series. I'm guilty of picking up the Austen X-Men issues, though even I gave up halfway through the run. That was what broke my Uncanny X-Men completist run, in fact, fuck it was awful. I'd have to disagree about Punisher Armory, though. I'm far from being a "gun guy", but the pages all had narrative captions written by Eliot Brown that captured the Punisher's voice perfectly. It wasn't just "hey, here's this gun, it kills people", each entry had a story behind it. I remember one that had a little snub-nose pistol that had belonged to Frank's wife, a purse gun, and the narration was all about how he wished she'd had it with them the day they were killed in the park. Another one had a little cowboy cap gun that was his son's, and how it was the one gun Frank would never part with. Surprisingly well-written stuff.
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    Oh man now I am flashing back to when the Punisher was an angel or whatever and had spirit guns and hunted down demons or something.
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    Those last two are both really nice character touches, but I'm not sure they belonged in a comic that just seemed to be an excuse for drawings of guns. No argument about the whole "Frank subscribes to Ebony" storyline being a ridiculous load of arsedribble, though. The daftest thing about that one, iirc, is that he gets made over because Jigsaw carved his face up while he was in prison, and while Jigsaw has never been able to get his own phizz patched up, a struck off plastic surgeon turned crack whore fixes Frank's face for him in a single procedure and develops a radical new treatment to turn him black while she's at it. This is where Jigsaw fails, obviously: instead of wasting all that money on plastic surgery, he should have just found a hooker with a drug habit. Christian, there is an excuse for buying at least one issue of Marville: as a desperate and underhand attempt to outsell Peter David's Captain Marvel by cheating, Jemas struck the submission guidelines for a "pitch us a new Max comic" talent search in one issue of Marville instead of a lettercolumn. The guideline was never published anywhere else, and (so far as I know) nothing came of it.
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    While I loved Planetary, I always gave that Vertigo/Constantine issue the side-eye, as it fell right after Ellis left Hellblazer over "Shoot". It was like he wasn't just wanting to give his own little swan song to Constantine with that nice middle flashback bit (which I heard once was originally going to be part of his Hellblazer run, the issue that was to be drawn by David Lloyd), he also had to talk shit about the character and Vertigo as a whole. According to that story, Constantine and all of the old guard Vertigo characters needed to be put to pasture because they were silly taken out of context of the late 1980s and they should all just be the much cooler Spider Jerusalem instead. It came off as incredibly pissy to me, which I would have been okay with if Ellis hadn't been talking out his ass about a DC comic when he's still writing multiple other DC Comics. Always stuck me as childish.