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    So DC hasn't forgotten about the 30th anniversary of Hellblazer, as they'll be putting out a celebratory hardcover collection later this year, just in time for Halloween. However, with 300 issues, there's only so much you can include in one collection. The official solicit is: Saga of the Swamp Thing #37 (where it all began) Hellblazer #11 (Newcastle) Hellblazer #27 (Hold Me) Hellblazer #41 (Dangerous Habits Part One) Hellblazer #63 (Forty) Hellblazer #120 (Desperately Seeking Something) Hellblazer #146 (Hard Time Part One) Hellblazer #229 (collected here if you don't want to buy the upcoming reprint of Denise Mina's run to have all of Hellblazer in trade) Hellblazer #240 (The Laughing Magician Part One) What would you put in your Hellblazer 30th Collection? For my personal selection, I'd try to stick to stories that function as stand-alones, leaving out Part Ones of longer story arcs: Delano: Hellblazer #1&2, Newcastle, Mourning of the Magician, Dead Boy's Heart Ennis: The Diary of Danny Drake, End of the Line, Forty - because you can't have a Hellblazer 30th Celebration and leave out Mange!, maybe the break-up issue Jenkins: #100 - Sins of the Father, #119 - Undertow, and ofc the aforementioned 120 Ellis: Telling Tales Azzarello: If I had to acknowledge Azzarello... maybe Lapdogs & Englishman? Or just to give the imaginary readers of this imaginary collection a big WTF, the issue where John gets a hooker and scams old ladies at bingo. Carey: The Game of Cat & Mouse, Event Horizon, The Gift Post-Carey: Perhaps Diggle's Vatican two-parter, or Ravenscar Casino Gaiman, Morrison, and John Smith's fill-ins would make the cut as well. (kind of surprised two of the bigger-name writers who worked on Hellblazer, Morrison and Ellis, are nowhere to be seen in the actual collection)
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    I'd take Freezes Over for Azzarrello: that isn't even negotiable. Hard Time was a pretty great story, but just the first part? Meh. Freezes Over is short enough they could fit the whole story in a collection. I'd definitely want Eddie Campbell's story in there as well. Another Part of Hell for Delano. maybe The Rake At The Gates Of Hell for Ennis, or maybe The End Of The Line if they only had space for a single issue story (okay, no Mange, but the story does give a good display of John's character and for once in an Ennis story he doesn't come across as having a frame of reference that's twenty years too young for a man of his age). The Game Of Cat And Mouse is the obvious choice for Carey, but maybe High On Life or the thing on Gruinard instead? John Smith's fill in is a given. As they're having the Swamp Thing story, include the Shade three parter rather than any of Milligan's run on Hellblazer. One of Ellis' single issue stories rather than Haunted. (Apart from Shoot they're all rather good.) Have the short from the first Winter's Edge anthology for Paul Jenkins and maybe bring in China Meiville and Garth Ennis' anthology shorts as well: has any of that stuff appeared in any collections apart from Ennis' short from the first Vertigo teaser anthology? All that said: I like Ade's idea of a sort of cut and paste mash up a lot, and wouldn't it be nice if DC pulled their fingers out and commissioned a new Hellblazer story or two, rather than just going reprint?