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    So am I, but if it's got Zatanna in it, it's more worth a look than slightly pompous Harry Potter rip off would normally be...
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    I'm assuming the bunch of weirdoes who claimed to have created the Doctor(s) a few issues back and the guy Lucy Blaze runs into in the first issue are the Daemonites? Presumably they've been shown as hands off and vaguely benign in a disintereted way so far to make it easier for Ellis to paint the Kherubim as the bad guys, given that he's already made a point of cranking the bar up as high as he can for that one. You're dead right that he's timed dragging Lynch and his crew back in at the right time, though. Wartching Bendix scream and shout while the IO board of directors indulged themselves in bland offs was starting to get a bit tiresome...