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    Sorry, this is going to get political. I see that in the new issue of Captain America, Ta-Nehishi Coates joins the choir. It's become a truism among Democrats and liberals here in 2018 that the United States was a great land until the coming of Donald Trump. As if America really was everything that it promised on the tin until that evil "third positionist" Trump took power. Now, that wonderful, mythic America is being lost. In the newest issue of Captain America, Coates sings a paean of a quainter, better, more innocent time in America after the end of World War II. When everything that America did was good and positive. I am especially incensed with a man like Coates taking up their refrain, considering his father. Ta-Nehishi should definitely know better, if anyone should. Everything his father was fighting against that was wrong in America, and everything that his father was fighting for to try to help America become. The funniest (or most sickening) aspect of this whole revisionist history is that Donald Trump is saying the exact same things. That America used to be so much better in the 1950s and 1960s, and all that was lost. Trump wants to bring back those mythical halcyon days. Hey, just like the Democrats and liberals like to daydream about those "good old days" back in the 1950s and 1960s, when everything was better, and Donald Trump wasn't president. One should be careful of what ones wishes. It wasn't long ago, during the bad old George W. Bush days (and they were incredibly bad days, indeed), when patriotism was the most fashionable to wear it had been in years, and liberals spent their time speaking out against this type of "blind patriotism", pointing out that "true patriotism" (your mileage may vary here) was based around the knowledge that no country is ever perfect and every country can improve. It's sad to see Coates join this same tired bandwagon, forgetting everything for which his father once stood. No, America was never perfect. Those glorious days after World War II when all Americans lived in a virtual utopia, segregation still existed. The government supported blood-thirsty dictators around the world. Sodomy was still punishable by the death sentence in most states. Something like the Tuskegee experiments was considered an acceptable federal policy. It was only a short few years before we'd see the Vietnam War. The far Right in Charlottesville accused "Leftist radicals" of wanting to erase America's past when the government decided to tear down those Confederate war memorial statues. Let's not allow this falsehood to become the truth. Let's never forget the past. If you want a truism, then let's remember George Santayana.
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    Lou, you'll be interested to know that I read that Lemire has a Cthu-Lou one-shot coming up in December. It's the story of Cthu-Lou's daughter, Cthu-Louise, being a high school student.