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    Well, what's rumor is now reality: DC will officially be closing Vertigo (along with its two newer young-adult and kids oriented imprints of DC Ink and Zoom) and rebranding their books with a new age rating system in 2020. Black Label will survive as the name of DC's rating for its 17-and-up aimed books, as will the smaller creator-curated imprints such as Way's Young Animals. I'll do my best to remember Vertigo's highs, rather than what it became at the very end. (hours later, I find out that DC has announced several upcoming graphic novels for the young adult and kid readers, among them what sounds like a kid Constantine novel by Ryan North, who wrote Marvel's Squirrel Girl comic. I wonder if this will end up with some kid enjoying it, asking their parents to get them more Constantine, and Mom & Dad accidentally gift 'em a copy of Ennis' "knifed in the nards" Hellblazer or Ellis' "you kids are getting shot cause you wanna be shot" Hellblazer )
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    My editor Lou Tambone and I are pleased to announce that our upcoming HELLBLAZER essay anthology will feature a foreword by none other than HELLBLAZER's creator himself, the incredibly talented Jamie Delano. Lou and I are ecstatic to have Jamie (who, it turns out, is one of the nicest people around) in the book, and we're grateful to contributors James Wilkinson and Draško Roganović for helping us to make this happen. (Jamie's name will be added to the final cover, of course.)
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    Batman: Damned # 2 is out today. I read it. I saw the night club scene and the "brilliant re-imagining" of the character that's found there. Go home, Brian Azzarello, you're drunk and you need to lay down.
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    That's when you can tell your takes on John aren't up to snuff, when the John from the freaking video game tie-in comes across as truer to character than either.
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