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    I've switched over to more traditional emojis, our custom ones are down the bottom!
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    I am pleasantly surprised. This was quite good. I could have done without all the Books of Magic continuity, but I knew that was what this reintroduction was going to be based around, so fair enough. Outside of that, this was the first time that John Constantine has read like John Constantine in a long time, maybe Milligan's "The Scab" two-parter. I'd say that Spurrier definitely has the Vertigo John done well, and it seems like DC is actually interested in letting Hellblazer be Hellblazer again after all these years. If Spurrier keeps this up and has some interesting plots for John going forward, this is absolutely going to be a Hellblazer comic book worth reading again. The plot that Spurrier was setting up for future stories was of interest to me. I look forward to seeing where Spurrier is going with it. I am cautiously optimistic, because I've been burnt many times before, but none of the reboots started off as strongly as this issue from Spurrier, which is hampered by the Books of Magic tie-in remit besides. So, I'm going to keep picking up this Hellblazer relaunch. I'll give this a 7. Story-wise, it didn't do a lot for me, because I don't care about the Books of Magic anymore. Writing wise, it's quite good and shows a lot of promise. So, I'm rating it more for what it seems that this could be, rather than this issue in and of itself. With a better plot, one not so steeped in Tim Hunter lore, this could've been an easy 9. EDIT:Wow. I just figured out that Hellblazer, proper, ended over six years ago. My, how time flies.
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    Well, I was right to look forward to "Long Night at Goloski Station". Very good. Now, let's look at this Hellblazer relaunch, and see if it can compare to the Hellboy comic. I have my doubts, because this was a damn fine story. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, the new Witchfinder mini-series is going to be about Jack the Ripper, eh? Why? I mean, it was bound to happen eventually. An occult detective operating in Victorian London....sigh. That case has finally been solved now. Can't we just move on now? I'm so tired of Jack the Ripper stories. I was hoping when the case was pronounced solved that we'd finally see the Jack the Ripper speculation die away. The only Jack the Ripper story I will ever approve of going forward is my theory that the TV show Three's Company was really about Jack the Ripper in 1970s California. Think about it. What was the main character's name? Jack Tripper....Jack T. Ripper. It's so obvious. That story still needs to be told. Otherwise, time to let it die.
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