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    I've long held that 'bastard' is a shallow reading of the character. Mind you, there've been many John Constantines, even within the first 300 issues of the original series, none 100% compatible with the others. So there's support for different readings.
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    The bastard/prick/etc thing is an oversimplification as a lot of the harm Constantine causes isn't intentional and a lot of the rest he insists was justified for the greater good, even if he isn't completely convinced of that himself. Of course, ongoing comics tend to feature extremely simplistic characters (the compassionate term these days seems to be archetypes) who can be summarised in a short high concept description as a rule, so dealing with more ambiguity in characters, or ones whose characterisation has been developed through a lengthy history rather than an origin story so reductive and minimal that it can be retold and revamped from the ground up in a single issue every ten or twenty years isn't ideal for the publisher in this case.
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