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    Oh, in the comic book world? Yeah, stuff like Mark Millar's Civil War were just a complete downer. Really hurt the Marvel Universe for a number of years. It was nice to see some comics that were more fun, where everything didn't have to be treated so seriously. Although, there was still stuff like Marvel's Secret Empire cross-over, which harkened back to the "shitty gritty". Nice term for the 2000s, by the way. The "shitty gritty" era of comics! The techno-aspect of the story sort of confused me, but you might have gotten the point, yeah. I was thinking, "Surely youth would be effected more than those older by something involving technology." Seemed weird to me. It may be based on neurological changes though, and one of the main characters being autistic may definitely point to that being how we're supposed to read it.
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