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    They don't call him Conjob for no reason! You're absolutely spot on; John was never the traditional magician. At least not in the sense that he'd shoot spells from his palms (well, until he did...). What made Constantine stand out isn't that he was proficient in magic or had any capabilities; he was just some guy that picked up on occult knowledge and went forward with it. Even more, the one thing that is special about John is his demon blood and that was used frequently as a negative power. It seemed like an outright reversal of the normal superhero idea where a character gets to have abilities because of blood or a serum or something like that. Ennis was quite good at separating John from actual spell casting. A lot of what he did involved sigil creation and empowering rituals. The Shows have taken liberties with that, making Constantine a slight bit closer to the magical 52 version, but there's this moment at the end of the first episode of Constantine: John's got flaming hands, but instead of just a spell, they have him break up a lighter, rub the fluid over his palms, and then light himself up. Protection magic, but still a rough, almost sleight of hand kind. I'd say the direction it went made Constantine more appealing to a broader audience, but I don't even think that's true since the more human he is, the more people seem to like him.
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    There was some nonsense in Justice League Dark about it being Nick Necro's trenchcoat that he took with him when he ran off with Zatanna. (Necro mentions this during a fight scene and seems a lot more pissed off about having his coat nicked than losing his girlfriend, iirc.) Obviously Milligan decided that Devil's Trenchcoat story wasn't quite daft enough and he could do something even stupider with the idea. (Unless that was Lemire by then.) It can't possibly the same coat he'd always had, of course, as he replaces it in other stories besides the Ennis and Carey. Delano alone shows him buying a replacement a couple of times, doesn't he? That didn't stop Milligan having him banging on about it to Shelly a few times before that bloody stupid story that explicitly set that up, though... This is actually part of the problem we're talking about, isn't it? Rather than Constantine just having a taste for raincoats as a fashion choice, it's been retconned into some sort of magical prop that's now part of his superhero origin story. That works a bit better with Green Lantern's bling than it does with John boy's coat, doesn't it?
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    Ghosts 100 Page Giant A tribute to the magic of Don Martin
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