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    Comixology have Black Hammer collections going cheap so after the good word here I picked up the omnibus containing the first two trades and annual.
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    Hi, folks! I'd like to announce a new book about John Constantine's history in comics and on the large and small screens, coming later this year. Special shout-out to group members Ade Brown, Draško Roganović and James Wilkinson, who are in the writing lineup. This is a project I'm quite proud of, and I hope to be able to release the gorgeous cover image soon. My apologies if anyone views this as spam! --Rich Handley * * * FROM BAYOU TO ABYSS: EXAMINING JOHN CONSTANTINE, HELLBLAZER Edited by Rich Handley and Lou Tambone Cover by Leah Mangue Coming this year from Sequart Research & Literacy Organization Essays by Ade Brown, John E Boylan, James Chambers, Julianne Clancy, Nancy Collins, Brian Cronin, Joseph Brandt Dilworth Jr., Sabrina F, Richard Gray, Robert Greenberger, Rich Handley, Robert Jeschonek, Ross Johnson, Matthew Levine, Martín A. Pérez, Draško Roganović, Frank Schildiner, Tony Simmons, Lou Tambone, Kaz B. Towner, John Trumbull, James Wilkinson, and Genevieve Williams In a universe populated by heroes and villains clad in colorful, tight-fitting outfits, you might not expect a chain-smoking ex-punk rocker wearing slacks, a tie, and a trenchcoat to stand out among the rest. Yet when British occultist John Constantine showed up in Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing run, that’s exactly what happened. Constantine’s arrival elevated Swamp Thing profoundly, and it wasn’t long before John had his own spinoff title, Hellblazer, which outlived its parent series and spawned several onscreen adaptations. Quick with a quip, hesitant to involve himself in others’ lives yet often compelled to do so, Constantine has a weakness for narcotics and alcohol binges, an unnatural obsession with the occult, and a long list of lovers he’s betrayed, hurt, and discarded. John has slain his twin brother, taunted Satan, outwitted demons and angels alike, been trapped in Hell, and even fathered an elemental. Through all of this, he has somehow managed to come out on top, though his loved ones have usually ended up caught in the crossfire. Edited by Rich Handley and Lou Tambone, the editors of Sequart’s Somewhere Beyond the Heavens: Exploring Battlestar Galactica, this volume examines the mage’s history from his earliest appearances to the present — not only in the pages of Swamp Thing and Hellblazer, but also on film and television. Essay contributors include Swamp Thing scribe Nancy A. Collins, Constantine TV series writing assistant Matthew Levine, former DC Comics editor Robert Greenberger, and a wonderful lineup of other talented comics historians. At times, John Constantine can be a complete bastard. He has questionable hygiene and a lack of ethics, and he’ll likely hurt anyone foolish enough to let him into their lives. But John is nonetheless a hero — well, a Byronic hero, in any case. As fans, we wouldn’t have him any other way. http://sequart.org/books/57/from-bayou-to-abyss-examining-john-constantine-hellblazer/
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    Ook! I foresee me buying more than 1 copy
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    "Lawks, he'll have a right old ding dong from us. Give im the old bamboo, Mary Poppins!"
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    Mike Mignola paints too! He posted this on Twitter:
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    Those same three as LouK is buying. Plus, Wyrd #2 from Dark Horse. I'm telling you, Hellblazer fans are missing out. The series is moving even more in the direction of being akin to a Hellblazer comic that fans on this site would actually want to read. This issue concerns a politician using black magic, threatening to disrupt the international order. So, now the occult aspects of our John are being featured too.
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    'My' era of Constantine, so happy that Vertigo finally have his full run out in trade.
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    Black Hammer Age Of Doom #8 Crimson Lotus #4 (Of 5) Hellboy And The B.P.R.D. 1956 #4 (Of 5)
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    Hey, guys. What's going on? Just wanted to let y'all know the digital version of my book Is'nana The Were-Spider Vol 2 is now available. Be sure to get your copy today! Or let me know if you'd like to preorder a physical copy which will be out next month! http://peepgamecomix.com/product/isnana-the-were-spider-the-hornets-web/