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    Nothing new for me but Superman Smashes The Klan definitely wins Best Title Of The Week award!
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    Alright then. I’m convinced. I’m gonna look into trades today.
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    I'd definitely say that Immortal Hulk is a horror comic. It's been quite disturbing at times, and is definitely not a superhero book. It's less of a superhero book that Moore's Swamp Thing, because at least Swamp Thing had morality. There's nothing heroic about this Hulk. There are more similarities, like between General Fortean and General Sunderland though, but that's also part and parcel of Hulk continuity, considering Thunderbolt Ross. I'd also definitely agree about the Moore Swamp Thing comparisons. It's easily accomplishing the same things for the character, although the Hulk is a much more high-profile character,. If I were asked to compare it to another comic book, I wouldn't hesitate to say Moore/Bissette Swamp Thing. Yes, I like this new trend at Marvel to look back at the origins of some of their classic characters and reinterpret them in a completely new direction. It's a good usage of continuity without just writing a tired rehash of the same stories that were done better a few decades ago. Those early Stan Lee/Jack Kirby Hulk comics, they were definitely not a superhero comic. The Hulk has very firm roots in the horror genre, although it didn't last very long before Lee decided to try to make the Hulk a lot more sentimental. Ewing is tapping in to those earliest hints about the direction that the Hulk comic could have gone under Stan Lee, but going somewhere very dark that Lee would have never touched. A sort of Stan Lee meets Alan Moore mysticism. Hickman's X-Men run has been mining some of that same territory. I don't care what people say, I thought there were some good stories in those first couple of Lee/Kirby X-Men comics. That very first issue of X-Men, there's something creepy and unsettling about the mutants when we first meet them. If you were reading that comic in 1963, it would have been a different experience. "Who is this bald guy, calling out to his X-Men? What is this all about?". Hickman also tapped in to that feeling of weirdness that was there in the first Lee/Kirby X-Men comic, but has also mixed in elements of the character-defining Chris Claremont run and Morrison run, to tell a different story about mutants. I like how these creators are going back to what Lee (and usually Kirby) gave us on the comic page, before Lee really figured out what he was doing in creating a superhero universe, and backed away from some of the ideas from the collective unconscious that he seemed to be tapping. Anyway, back to the Immortal Hulk, yeah, this is not only the best "superhero" comic being published today, it's the best horror comic that I've seen in recent years.
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    Only if you think comics are good. I guess nothing's that good. Maybe it's just the expectation gap between mainstream 2019 superhero comic and the masterclass Al Ewing is giving, backed up by meticulous horror artwork that reminds me of Bissette and Wrightson on Swamp Thing. Ewing has also proudly built the story on the foundations of Hulk history, but it doesn't feel like continuity mining — it feels like what's on the page is just the tip of an iceberg, with a bigger story underneath. Come to think of it, if you look at it as an homage to Hulk in the form of a horror comic, it's amazing.
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    Sara - by Garth Ennis, with art by Steve Epting and Elizabeth Breitweiser. From TKO Studios, yet another of these new creator-owned comics publishers that have been sprouting up lately. Their distinguishing schtick/gimmick is a Netflix-esque binge model, where all the single issues and the trade are released simultaneously. Ennis brings us another story about World War II, this time about a unit of female Soviet snipers battling it out with the Nazis in the wintertime and free of his more questionable Ennisisms. Epting and Breitweiser provide gorgeous illustration of Ennis' tense wartime action, even if Epting's depictions of these female soldiers comes off more as supermodels in uniform than hardened troopers - possible side effect of all those superhero comics he's worked on? If you're a fan of Ennis' prior war comics or his other stories about the costs of war upon the soul, this is a strong recommendation.
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    Ruby Falls....New Anne Nocenti! Hopefully, she'll get further with this book than her last Dark Horse series (The Seeds), which only saw two issues get published.
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    Was there more Morrison Batman after Batman Inc ? I wouldn't hazard to guess at the reasons but I agree with you that his Grayson Batman was more interesting than his Wayne, Christian. I feel like as much as Morrison's X-Men run was blighted by some real inconsistent art, his Batman was blessed in that department.
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    JOHN CONSTANTINE: HELLBLAZER #2 written by SIMON SPURRIER art by AARON CAMPBELL cover by JOHN PAUL LEON John’s return to London isn’t going as smoothly as he’d hoped...though it’s already been just as bloody as he could have expected! Enormous angels straight from the mind of William Blake are tearing people to ribbons in Peckham Rye Common, and the gang lord who’s pressed John into service is getting increasingly impatient about John’s inability to deal with them. ON SALE 12.18.19 $3.99 US | 32 PAGES FC | DC BLACK LABEL
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    It sounds like the events of this issue will be continued in the ongoing Books Of Magic series - BOOKS OF MAGIC #14 written by KAT HOWARD and SI SPURRIER art by TOM FOWLER cover by KAI CARPENTER In the wake of October’s The Sandman Universe Presents: Hellblazer #1, John Constantine is loose in our world again— and unfortunately for Tim Hunter, he’s convinced the only way for the human race to survive is if Tim is taken off the board. But from where Tim’s standing, he’s the only one with the power to save us all. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? And is there room in London for the both of them? The scribes of Books of Magic and John Constantine, Hellblazer square off to tell both sides of the tale in a unique, innovative issue! ON SALE 11.27.19 $3.99 US | 32 PAGES FC | DC BLACK LABEL
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