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    Uhhh....Yeah, I'm pretty sure that the 8 years of DCU were definitely fan fiction! What if John Constantine interacted with the Justice League and fought his arch-enemy, the amazing Nick Necro? What if John Constantine's whole character was that he was bisexual? What if they relaunched Hellblazer to be just like the Vertigo series again, but rated PG and featuring a never-ending story-arc about John fighting Djinn? I guess Milligan's what if John Constantine married a Goth girl who was 40 years younger than him and that fell in love with him when she was twelve years old also counts..... That all sounds like purely (and very shitty) fan fiction to me!
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    Spurrier seems to remember this book needs its quiet moments - with panels of characters staring into space and letting things settle instead of that constant and annoying exposition (e.g. the panel after "tree full of fuckin' angels"). This issue was a little talky but the moments of silence felt like they were from another age. Loving it.
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    Those of us still using this forum should wear the "I survived, John Constantine" T-shirt.
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    There's a new Mark Russell / Steve Pugh comic due in March: http://wmqcomics.com/previews/solicits/journey-to-billionaire-island-in-ahoy-comics-march-solicits/ SOLD
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    Of course, he's really William Gull, not Noel Fielding...
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    I re read that this year. Still a good read!!
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    Thanks for another year of stout service, Lou! Nothing new for me, picked up the first Witcher omnibus to read over Christmas when down home.
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    Just as i insist everything outside of Scab and Suicide Bridge along with 8 years o' DCU is just that: bad fan fiction
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    F*cking loved that. Spurrier nailed it. While it feels authentic, he has his own voice, just as Paul Jenkins and Garth Ennis wrote right-feeling Hellblazer in their own voices. He even sold me on the haunted phone. At first I thought the model Aaron Campbell is using for Constantine was off — I'm a Sting purist, sorry — but after only 2 issues this distinctive iteration of Constantine has really grown on me. The expressive face, the humour, the way he operates. That art though. It's reminiscent of 1980s Richard Piers Rayner, but not stilted. If this is a new era of Hellblazer, I'm excited for it.
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