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    http://www.syfy.com/syfywire/the-creator-of-constantine-reflects-on-his-epic-hellblazer-run-30-years-later "I guess I did want to write a different type of comic: one that gained its impetus from the horror – largely social and political – shared and hopefully understood by both its characters and readers," says Delano.
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    Juan Ferreyra, who did covers for the New 52 Constantine series, has been periodically posting John drawings he does in his free time to his twitter. Some of them:
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    Yep! Lots more. The character first appeared in the pages of Swamp Thing, before he even had his own series. This web-site lists every known appearance of John Constantine. Enjoy. http://www.qusoor.com/hellblazer//jcindex.htm
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    That sure was a classic period for Batman / Detective Comics. Before Batman became all about punching people.
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    C'mon, Ixnay. You're only fakin' that achin' for Chaykin. It's the thought of Nick Necro that's got you shakin' the bacon.
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    There was some nonsense in Justice League Dark about it being Nick Necro's trenchcoat that he took with him when he ran off with Zatanna. (Necro mentions this during a fight scene and seems a lot more pissed off about having his coat nicked than losing his girlfriend, iirc.) Obviously Milligan decided that Devil's Trenchcoat story wasn't quite daft enough and he could do something even stupider with the idea. (Unless that was Lemire by then.) It can't possibly the same coat he'd always had, of course, as he replaces it in other stories besides the Ennis and Carey. Delano alone shows him buying a replacement a couple of times, doesn't he? That didn't stop Milligan having him banging on about it to Shelly a few times before that bloody stupid story that explicitly set that up, though... This is actually part of the problem we're talking about, isn't it? Rather than Constantine just having a taste for raincoats as a fashion choice, it's been retconned into some sort of magical prop that's now part of his superhero origin story. That works a bit better with Green Lantern's bling than it does with John boy's coat, doesn't it?
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    So, is it just this one-shot that deals with this Tim Hunter business? Because, that doesn't sound very intriguing. It also sounds more like a mini-series or a tie-in with the Books of Magic series. Yes, it does sound more like this is a revamp of that "Life During Wartime" book, rather than Hellblazer proper. It's funny that Si Spencer's name keeps coming up. Did DC editorial manage to confuse Si Spencer with Si Spurrier too? "Hey, Si? Remember that Tim Hunter alt-universe book you wrote about two decades back? How'd you like to write a new book based on that premise?". "Uh, this is Si Spurrier." "Right. Si. You wrote Life During Wartime. Right?". "Will there be a paycheck? Uh, yeah, I wrote War During Lifetime. I mean, Life During Wartime. Sure."
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    Well, I was in a pub, drinking a stout at the bar and I noticed this old bloke in his mid 60’s from the corner of my eye in a trench coat sitting in the corner alone just drinking and chain-smoking from a pack of Silk Cuts. He had a very distinctive scar over his left eye. There was this look in his eyes that told me that I should avoid him at all cost, but there was undeniably some deep pain he was carrying around in those eyes. I believed he noticed me looking at him and I looked in a different direction, pretending like I never saw the man. He got up from his seat and started walking towards the entrance. But he stopped where I was sitting and put his right hand on my left shoulder. There was something about his touch. It was like the Devil had touched me and I couldn’t move until he allowed it. The words that came out of his mouth were, “Don’t you worry, old son. I don’t bite.” He had this grin on his face. He removed his hand from my shoulder and left the pub. I didn’t move until the door had closed and I got out of my seat when it had. I opened the door and I was looking in every direction for the man himself, but he had disappeared. I carefully walked back into the pub and sat back down to enjoy the stout I was previously drinking. I asked the barkeep, “Do you know who that man was?” He said to me, “Oh, that would be John Constantine. My advice: best keep your distance from him.” Well in actual reality, I first met John in the pages of Saga of the Swamp Thing #37 by Alan Moore. I found John intriguing because he was this mystery man who messed around with Swamp Thing as a way to train his powers in the Green. I loved Moore’s Swamp Thing and his Constantine so much that I had to check out Jamie Delano’s Hellblazer. I really started loving John’s character during the Family Man storyline and the aftermath of that event.
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    My editor Lou Tambone and I are pleased to announce that our upcoming HELLBLAZER essay anthology will feature a foreword by none other than HELLBLAZER's creator himself, the incredibly talented Jamie Delano. Lou and I are ecstatic to have Jamie (who, it turns out, is one of the nicest people around) in the book, and we're grateful to contributors James Wilkinson and Draško Roganović for helping us to make this happen. (Jamie's name will be added to the final cover, of course.)
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    I recently re-read the entire pre-New 52 runs of Swamp Thing, Hellblazer, and Books of Magic as research (that was a LOT of comics), and I was reminded of just how poorly I feel Milligan handled Constantine as a character. Sure, he had some interesting plots--particularly "Suicide Bridge" and "India"--and the bit with John obsessed with cutting off his offending thumb was pretty damn funny. But his tenure was FILLED with inconsistencies with prior writers' runs (his use of Beano comes to mind, for instance), the artwork didn't work for me at all, and Epiphany remains my least favorite love from John's life. Zed, Marj, Angie, and especially Dani and Kit were all so much better characters, yet Milligan tried so hard to get readers to buy into the idea that this 23-year-old kid was somehow the love of 60-year-old John's life. Plus, to make things even creepier, he had Epiphany fall in love with him at age nine! It all made no sense and was, in my opinion, the second worst era of Hellblazer, after Mina's run. it's a shame, too, as it DID have some good stories and some solid moments from time to time. But it just didn't jibe with all that came before. John cleaned up his act at the end of Carey, rid himself of his Golden Boy and Ravenscar baggage during Diggle's run, and then... went right back to dressing like a homeless guy and spending all his time getting stoned for no good reason, despite all of his prior character evolution. And that ending? Ugh. That being said, re-reading all of Swamp Thing, Hellblazer, and Books of Magic in chronological order was a pretty damn amazing experience. I highly recommend it, as it allows you to get a much better picture of how things all fit together (or don't). --Rich
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    I don't want to read comics about people getting married. I want to read comics about people getting their heads punched clean off their shoulders.
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    Very much this. Classic night and day Garf right there. EDIT - Hell, his Nick Fury stuff is the same way. 1st mini - terrible. 2nd mini - quite good. My War Gone By - top notch
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    The good news is that DC's Huntress is going to be the guest-star in the next story-arc. That's what the Hellblazer fan-base has been awaiting. I'm glad I've put all this behind me. It's hilarious that John Constantine (one of the greatest characters ever created in comics) is so far below the quality level of a Snagglepuss comic book. Imagine if a time traveler were to go back to 1988 and tell someone this, he would never be believed. Ah, how the mighty have fallen.
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    Also, what classic stories do today's comic readers have to look back on? Older readers had: "The Galactus Trilogy" "The Dark Phoenix Saga" "Dangerous Habits" Now..... "Iron Man gets written out-of-character in Civil War." "Spider Man gets written out-of-character in One More Day". "Captain America gets written out-of-character in Secret Empire." "John Constantine spends twelve months looking for the Djinn." No wonder less and less people care about comic books (or, mainstream comics, at least) all the time.
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    He could just do the Constantines Past issues.
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    I've said before that Carey's finale is probably my favorite ending to any Hellblazer run, in spite of the occasionally bumpy road leading up to it. "R.S.V.P." has a sense of finality to it, and I feel that in retrospect, if there was a place to satisfactorily end Hellblazer during its original run - this would be it. Looking forward to seeing what you make of the final three original Hellblazer runs.
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