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    Oh look, Hellblazer is coming back in October, good timing that!
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    Spurrier is a better writer, overall, than Oliver. However, Oliver was coming off of the best work of his career, Last Gang in Town from Vertigo, when he took over HB. If he could have channeled even half of his rage over the current economic situation in our world in to his JC story, it would have been much more fondly remembered. Instead, writing Constantine seemed to sap all of the creative energy out of him. So, I'll believe it when I see it, I say.
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    Yes, the Sandman Universe books are mature readers titles. Hellblazer, unfortunately, won't be though, because DC is hoping to start a Sandman Babies spin-off line to appeal to young-adult readers, and this Hellblazer book will be the first step in that direction. No, I'm kidding. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, I would enjoy seeing the continuity be explained away as the post-Vertigo Hellblazer comics being John's version of Hell. He really did shoot himself, and he went to Hell, and that's what the New 52, Convergence, and Rebirth series were. No reason to go in to any big explanations or anything, just mentioning that he's spent the past few years in Hell, and it wasn't pretty, but it's all over now. I'd probably remain pessimistic until the book comes out though. We've been burned a number of times before. We've heard interviews with creators talking about bringing back the JC from the Delano days before....only to get issues of John sitting around musing about a flying shoe, and story-arcs about "mysterious Djinn" stretched out to twelve chapters. So, even though Spurrier is a good writer, I wouldn't get excited about anyone's words until I saw the book.
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    An excellent man for the job, let's hope that Sandman Universe thing can save the day again. (it would totally amuse me to have all the different Constantines turn out to be bad dreams caused by Milligan's Bullet.)
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    I'm going to allow myself to feel optimistic about this cause why not ?
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    Si Spurrier is a good choice. I can't see him being anything worse than what we saw on HB comics since the beginning of the Milligan run. That's not really a high bar though.
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    I also trust him not to/hope he will not spend an entire year on the thrilling conspiracies and adventures of the djinn as well.
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    I don't know if I want to be hipped by any comics.....Maybe? I can only assume that Lou is off on a search for Wolverine and the X-Men comics, and that's why he did not do his job for this week. It looks like just Wonder Twins and Giant Size X-Statix #1 for this week.
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