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    Yeah, comics are horrible for taking up space. I'm not sure how collector's manage to find enough space, unless they have a nice-sized house with lots of rooms. Getting a number of new comic books every week really eats up spare room pretty quickly after a while. I don't mind how much room all my Silver and Bronze Age comics take up, but it's a question of what do you do with all the comics you buy new each week. I just store them all in boxes, and then all the boxes just pile up on the floor. I'm quickly running out of space, myself. I found a closet I could clean out and I'm stacking boxes in that closet now. I had to get rid of some of my comics which I didn't really care about recently, due to running out of space. If I were you, I might try to either donate them to a local comic book store, or maybe see if they'll give you some sort of trade, like maybe $5 off your total. I can't see a comic store turning down free comics, and then it's the comic store owners problem. The other option is if there is a local flea market or something similar near you, that has a guy who is a comic back-issue dealer. That's what I did with my comics. The guy there actually gave me a pretty good deal, which surprised me. He bought the comics for a dollar a book, and it wasn't anything of real value. The comics would never have sold on EBay, or anything. I managed to make $120 on that day, which was more than I ever expected to make on some of my extraneous comics.
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    If you don't know anyone who wants comics, you should use them to cut up and make art from. http://theinspirationgrid.com/comic-book-collages-by-mike-alcantara/
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    That's a rotten shame. As you say, the art on Cybernary is glorious, and he was just the sort of comics artist Image was supposed to have been founded to encourage.
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    I like the idea of different spin-off books on the periphery of the main title (Dr. Frankenstein) or building up the back-continuity of his universe (Dr. Star), in between major stories. Hopefully, Lemire will stick with this and flesh out his own superhero multiverse, ala Astro City.
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    2 episodes in. I like it.
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    Saturday morning kid's telly from the dark ages, seventh. The biro-bearded disc jockey used to host a television show that was a set up for children to exchange stuff. Nobody watched it, however, as it was on at the same time as the vastly better Tiswas.
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    This sort of thing is what I was thinking of when I suggested a High School art teacher. I had a bunch of old Boys Lifes I unloaded that way.
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    No, I don't have any interest in reading books or comics on a computer either. I have so many books and comic books that some rooms are almost covered in stacks of books and comics on the floor, and you have to tiptoe around to get across the room. It's just gotten pretty out of control. A bookshelf I was keeping books and some TPBs stored on collapsed last Summer. I decided to start cleaning out some of the stuff I didn't want and donating it to the library. It seemed like I donated hundreds of books and TPBs (ones I had almost forgotten I'd even bought), and it seemed to not even make a dent in my collection. Then, I started buying more and more books too.
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    Add to that I just can't get on board with digital. But, yeah, I have a sizeable house and a large basement and a soon to be three year old hahaha. Plus, action figures. Hundreds and hundreds of action figures. But the 'must have' stuff stays, the good stuff.
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    Imagine them with Jock art !
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    The old days were the best days, all the old people know that.
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    It is, but it drives me nuts when I need that one final issue for my collection, and I can't find it anywhere.
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    I am currently reading the 90s as hell original Deathblow (!) run featuring art by a Jim Lee going through his Frank Miller phase.
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    I'm really surprised no one's talking about this series anymore, I guess Oliver's terrible Djinn storyline really drove everyone away. That's actually a shame, because Tim Seely's 3-issue arc was actually pretty great. I thought the final chapter kind of stumbled in the middle, with a completely unnecessary Justice League appearance that had me rolling my eyes, but then it finished with a really great last couple of pages. This has been the best story John's had since he was brought back into the DCU (except for maybe Fawkes' Earth 2 arc, that was really well done, too), and I recommend you guys trying it out.
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    Dude's name is Skullfire, course it's worth it.
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    Well, I finally got around to reading it last night and I've already forgotten what happened in it. I've got a big stack of these that have built up, so maybe I'll try to burn thru 1 a night.
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    Ah neat. DC just refuses to allow Grant's name on the books. heh I would argue that Grant's run on Detective Comics and Batman may be the best work on Batman, ever. The only Batman I could see challenging Grant's is Denny O'Neil's run, and that was pretty hit or miss, to be honest, because it's split up in to chunks. There's the really good built around the introduction of Ra's Al-Ghul and the classic and heartbreaking "There is No Hope in Crime Alley", and some other good stories, but there's also a lot of workmanlike stories interspersed throughout, which don't hold up in the same way. Englehart's run is an important read too, but it was far too short to compare to the length of Grant's run. John, do check out the book Ixnay mentioned for great Batman comics. It's so much better than Cataclysm. I really hated that whole period of Batman, with that and No Man's Land and all of that. It's cool that you're enjoying Cataclysm though.
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    jesus lou <TRIGGER WARNING:> i am sure there is an alternative reality to ours, were this is the worst they would do...