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    Based on your guys recommendations I've been burning my way through Black Hammer, and hell yes it's a great comic. At the back end of the first volume now, will definitely keep reading! Edit: Still reading through Black Hammer on Comixology instead of working and just finished Doctor Star. I'm such a huge fan of James Robinson's Starman, I can't believe I didn't know this comic existed until now. Lou, you're right, I had tears in my eyes reading that final issue.
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    Very much this. Classic night and day Garf right there. EDIT - Hell, his Nick Fury stuff is the same way. 1st mini - terrible. 2nd mini - quite good. My War Gone By - top notch
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    I bet* this Graphic Novel will turn out to be the very book that SW Manor was seeking back in the days of Hellazzer. Remember**? That unfinished plot thread? *The Trading Places bet, if you're interested. ** I don't really remember this, just as something that appeared to be leading somewhere then vanished like an old oak table.
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    https://www.dccomics.com/blog/2018/06/18/sting-channels-constantine-to-celebrate-30th-anniversary-of-hellblazer Huh, so Sting will be writing the foreword (and even dressed up for the occasion!) to this collection.
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    I feel like I should ban myself for not including Garth's Hellblazer run on that list.
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    That Doctor Star Finale saw me weeping. Father/Son shit gets right at me
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    I feel The Boys, like Preacher, is very much is an encapsulation of everything good and bad about Garth as a writer. One page he has a touching character moment, but then on the very next page he has some guy f*cking a giant meat statue or a superhero pissing themselves.
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    Did some artwork on The Hellblazer after going through a re-read. I tried to capture his natural habitat as best as possible.
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    Another great issue. This version of the Endless were quite fun.
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    Bermejo's work in general is fantastic
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    Ha! A brief cameo in the newest issue of Black Hammer shows that another Lemire character exists in the Black Hammer multiverse.
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    I wish I could like your post twice, cause I would
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    So DC hasn't forgotten about the 30th anniversary of Hellblazer, as they'll be putting out a celebratory hardcover collection later this year, just in time for Halloween. However, with 300 issues, there's only so much you can include in one collection. The official solicit is: Saga of the Swamp Thing #37 (where it all began) Hellblazer #11 (Newcastle) Hellblazer #27 (Hold Me) Hellblazer #41 (Dangerous Habits Part One) Hellblazer #63 (Forty) Hellblazer #120 (Desperately Seeking Something) Hellblazer #146 (Hard Time Part One) Hellblazer #229 (collected here if you don't want to buy the upcoming reprint of Denise Mina's run to have all of Hellblazer in trade) Hellblazer #240 (The Laughing Magician Part One) What would you put in your Hellblazer 30th Collection? For my personal selection, I'd try to stick to stories that function as stand-alones, leaving out Part Ones of longer story arcs: Delano: Hellblazer #1&2, Newcastle, Mourning of the Magician, Dead Boy's Heart Ennis: The Diary of Danny Drake, End of the Line, Forty - because you can't have a Hellblazer 30th Celebration and leave out Mange!, maybe the break-up issue Jenkins: #100 - Sins of the Father, #119 - Undertow, and ofc the aforementioned 120 Ellis: Telling Tales Azzarello: If I had to acknowledge Azzarello... maybe Lapdogs & Englishman? Or just to give the imaginary readers of this imaginary collection a big WTF, the issue where John gets a hooker and scams old ladies at bingo. Carey: The Game of Cat & Mouse, Event Horizon, The Gift Post-Carey: Perhaps Diggle's Vatican two-parter, or Ravenscar Casino Gaiman, Morrison, and John Smith's fill-ins would make the cut as well. (kind of surprised two of the bigger-name writers who worked on Hellblazer, Morrison and Ellis, are nowhere to be seen in the actual collection)
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    Bermejo's Batman is channeling his inner Adam West in that one panel.
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    Because, they have to put "From the World of Sandman, Neil Gaiman Presents: Hellblazer!" on the cover of the collection, if they want people to buy the book. Including #27 is the only way that is possible with the Hellblazer comic. I remember when "Hold Me" was only available in-print within the Midnight Days Gaiman collection, or in the official movie TPB. You either had to stick a TPB without "Hellblazer" anywhere on the binding amidst your collection, or you were forced to buy that abysmal movie adaptation book.
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    Read the first two issues of A Walk Through Hell today, and while the second issue didn't maintain the momentum of the first, that first issue was goddamned amazing. That opening sequence literally took my breath my away.
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    Yeah, I'm glad they're including # 120, that's one of my favorite issues. Here's my ideal issue line-up: Saga of the Swamp Thing # 37 (for posterity) Hellblazer # 4 (Waiting for the Man, Delano's entry) Hellblazer # 27 (Hold Me, Gaiman's entry, though not one of my favorite issues it's exclusion would be a huge omission) Hellblazer # 40 (Forty, Ennis' entry) Hellblazer # 120 (Desperately Seeking Something, Jenkins' entry) Hellblazer # 140 (Locked, Ellis' entry and a good basic horror story) Hellblazer # 213 (The Gift, Carey's entry) skipping Mina entirely Hellblazer # 238 (The Smoke, Diggle's entry) Hellblazer Annual # 1 (Suicide Bridge, Milligan's entry) I think that would give a pretty good overview of the series as a whole while sticking to the single-issue story motif.
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    I've been reading that Good Old Days story as it comes out and it's proper bad. Give John a few years off and maybe bring him out of retirement if someone has a story to tell with him.
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    Yeah, that was an excellent mini. The world of Black Hammer might be my favorite thing going right now.
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    The first issue of A Walk Through Hell (Aftershock Comics) was stunning. If he can maintain that standard, it'll raise the bar for horror comics.
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    I'm usually a pretty big Garth supporter, but I could only make it through the first trade of The Boys. It was certainly okay, just not enough to make me want to read more. He does tend to swing wildly between mediocre and great, his two Ghost Rider minis with Clayton Crain were perfect evidence of that. "Road to Damnation" was everything I don't like about his writing while "Trail of Tears" was fantastic.
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    It turns out that Rich Handley, often of these parts has contributed some essays to this so at least there's something good involved.
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    Yeah....maybe that series was too good to warrant mention, as they listed a few other glow-in-the-dark covers on the list. Ostrander's Spectre definitely did not "feel" like a '90s comic, the way most of those other books just scream "1990s cool".
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    I'd take Freezes Over for Azzarrello: that isn't even negotiable. Hard Time was a pretty great story, but just the first part? Meh. Freezes Over is short enough they could fit the whole story in a collection. I'd definitely want Eddie Campbell's story in there as well. Another Part of Hell for Delano. maybe The Rake At The Gates Of Hell for Ennis, or maybe The End Of The Line if they only had space for a single issue story (okay, no Mange, but the story does give a good display of John's character and for once in an Ennis story he doesn't come across as having a frame of reference that's twenty years too young for a man of his age). The Game Of Cat And Mouse is the obvious choice for Carey, but maybe High On Life or the thing on Gruinard instead? John Smith's fill in is a given. As they're having the Swamp Thing story, include the Shade three parter rather than any of Milligan's run on Hellblazer. One of Ellis' single issue stories rather than Haunted. (Apart from Shoot they're all rather good.) Have the short from the first Winter's Edge anthology for Paul Jenkins and maybe bring in China Meiville and Garth Ennis' anthology shorts as well: has any of that stuff appeared in any collections apart from Ennis' short from the first Vertigo teaser anthology? All that said: I like Ade's idea of a sort of cut and paste mash up a lot, and wouldn't it be nice if DC pulled their fingers out and commissioned a new Hellblazer story or two, rather than just going reprint?
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    Very true. It'd be nice if he was still writing some of the comics he couldn't be arsed to finish, though...
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    Give me an either/or choice and it's Desolation Jones all the way for me but that's one I wouldn't really lose either way! Glad he's still writhing comics regardless.
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    I am solely reading Mr. Miracle and Exit Stage Left from DC currently. If Exit Stage Left counts as "DC", and besides, the final issue is shipping next week. Still, a really great series. If DC can't do superheroes or Hellblazer correctly, at least they have the Snaggelpuss market cornered.
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    Here I am, still waiting for more issues of FELL.
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    Desolation Jones was so fucking good.
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    Yeah, I'm adding Snyder to the list of Brian Bendis and Geoff Jones, as over-hyped sub-par talent that I no longer have any interest in reading. I'm glad I can blacklist them all together at DC Comics now. Snyder captured magic in a bottle with his initial work on Batman, and it's been all hype and "fanboys" afterward. Tynion is just all-around awful. The quicker he disappears from comics and is forgotten forever, the better. He's a DC fall-to-guy of the moment getting his 15 minutes of fame, and he'll fade away and people will ask, "Tynion who?" in a few, short years. I've seen them come and go multiple times.
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    It's an excellent series from Jeff Lemire. Slice-of-life story about a guy returning to small-town life (in an economically struggling factory town, I should add) after moving away, and now having to deal with a childhood trauma he thought he had left behind. It's a type of comic series you don't see a lot of anymore, which is a shame, and it's also one of the strongest comics being published at this time. It is probably Lemire's best work, which is truly saying something when he has Essex County, Black Hammer, and Trillium in his catalog as well.
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    There's some who've been waiting a lot longer for a sixth issue, Lou. Just look how fed up of waiting this guy is:
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    Let's see. This is just the second issue o the second volume. Vol1 is 13 issues and an annual Sherlock Frankenstien four issue series (this is traded I believe) Dr. Starr four issue series (third issue just came out) And now Age of Doom is just on it's second issue. I highly recommend this title. Can't get enough of it
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    So the latest issues of Black Hammer, it looks like Lemire is taking us thru this worlds version of the Vertigo universe. Our new Black Hammer has to deal with a John Constantine pastiche, it goes as well for her as you would expect. Next week it looks like he's dipping his toe into very familar Vertigo waters, so it will be fun to see what's up with that.
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    I would have expected that sort of behavior from Guy Gardner, but not you Hal Jordan.
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    As weird as this? Hal Jordan: Pervert!