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    It actually read, "Azza - no worst words could be wrote for me".
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    Chris Samnee, artist on Mark Waid's Daredevil run + other Mark Waid Marvel runs, recently posted a Constantine sketch on his Twitter:
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    Getting back to art, I was astonished to find a drawing of John boy by the great RK Post on Deviant Art:
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    I'm sick and tired of "I'm John constantine: I lie". It's not like he was some sort of the greatest conman there was that occasionally lied and played games, no it's just pathological by now. At the height of it lying was his superpower... Artwork is amazing.
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    Did you notice that almost every comic Jeff Lemire is writing comes out on the same week? It seems like this happens regularly too, not just a happenstance of this week. Black Hammer (Dark Horse), Terrifics (DC), Royal City (Image), Sentry (Marvel)....all coming out in the same week. Gideon Falls was last week though. Quantum Age was the week before that. Also, Lemire writes a lot of comic books each month. I'll be buying two of those comics on that list for this week by Lemire. The same two Lou will be buying, not the terribly disappointing Terrifics or the "decent but Marvel has pissed me off, so I'm cutting down on my comic reading" Sentry. I'll also be buying Days of Hate, from Image but not from Lemire. And....Beasts of Burden: Wise Dogs and Eldritch Men #1 should be well worth reading.
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    Art of the upcoming Constantine x SW Manor reunion Batman team-up "Damned" by Azzarello and Bermejo for DC's new mature-readers imprint Black Label has been floating around on the internet for a while, but now we finally have our look at the words of this tale. https://screenrant.com/batman-damned-comic-preview-constantine/ My first thought... what's up with the choice of font and style for John's narration here? I'm cautious regarding this project, overall. Maybe Azzarello will turn out a surprise worth reading like his Wonder Woman run, or maybe he'll get lost up his own "Azz" once again like a certain storyline concluding his run for certain character appearing in this story.
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    Picked up the Complete Sleeper collection recently, can't go too far wrong with Brubaker/Phillips!
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    Is the John Byrne forum still going, Christian?
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    "I bought Extermination #1 and read the entire issue, and not one person got exterminated in the entire issue! Marvel sucks! For $5 and extra pages, I would expect to see at least one extermination take place in this first issue. What are they thinking? That's not the way to please fans! I'll probably buy #2 just to see if any exterminating takes place, but I'm not going to enjoy the experience!"
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    Witchfinder Gideon Falls And....I have a problem, because after all my bitching about Marvel, I still want to pick up Extermination #1....I think I need an intervention.
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    Bermejo's Batman is channeling his inner Adam West in that one panel.