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    Did some artwork on The Hellblazer after going through a re-read. I tried to capture his natural habitat as best as possible.
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    I don't want to read comics about people getting married. I want to read comics about people getting their heads punched clean off their shoulders.
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    Based on your guys recommendations I've been burning my way through Black Hammer, and hell yes it's a great comic. At the back end of the first volume now, will definitely keep reading! Edit: Still reading through Black Hammer on Comixology instead of working and just finished Doctor Star. I'm such a huge fan of James Robinson's Starman, I can't believe I didn't know this comic existed until now. Lou, you're right, I had tears in my eyes reading that final issue.
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    Very much this. Classic night and day Garf right there. EDIT - Hell, his Nick Fury stuff is the same way. 1st mini - terrible. 2nd mini - quite good. My War Gone By - top notch
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    Getting back to art, I was astonished to find a drawing of John boy by the great RK Post on Deviant Art:
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    I'm sick and tired of "I'm John constantine: I lie". It's not like he was some sort of the greatest conman there was that occasionally lied and played games, no it's just pathological by now. At the height of it lying was his superpower... Artwork is amazing.
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    Read RTD the other night and if anything you're being far too kind to it! Really read he had an idea for The Demon knocking around and just plunked Ghost Rider into it. The obligatory toilet-humour character...why Garth, why ?!?
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    Bendis is coming all over at the thought of Superman and Batman together at last! The wedding album awkward to sell? Hell, talk about awkward to make! There was Batman, crying in to his cape, saying that no one will ever love him and Selina is just like his mommy and daddy....and everyone was just standing there, looking really uncomfortable. There was no bride anywhere to be found for pictures. Batman's ex-wife Batwoman and estranged daughter Huntress were there for most of the pictures. Batman kept claiming he didn't invite Huntress and that she wasn't really his daughter, "something, something about a Crisis". Several people in attendance kept whispering, "Beard!" about Batwoman....It was a real mess.
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    Remember how good Hellblazer was when John Constantine was bisexual, before he got married to that chick? Marriages ruin everything! Good thing Batman got out of that tricky trap.
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    But....But....Where's the love, Lou? The love! You're right though, superheroes getting married is icky. I like it when you have a manly man doing his job with a bunch of other guys in tight outfits, and you have some simple-minded female outsider who is always trying to get with the guy, and the guy is like, "No way, sweetheart! I'm going to go hang out with a bunch of other sweaty, muscly men....and maybe even a few underage boys in tight outfits too!". Wait....is this sounding somehow homoerotic on my part?
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    Yeah, I read all of Hellboy alone, until the end of "The Storm and the Fury", which effectively ends the Hellboy story, proper, for that point in time. It was followed by Hellboy in Hell. That follows directly on from the other Hellboy comics, and is pretty much self-contained too. After "The Storm and the Fury" ended, I decided to start reading all of the BPRD comics, and other spin-offs. So, it's perfectly readable to do it in that way. Here is a list of the publication order of the BPRD comics. This should help you. I would stop reading BPRD at the end of "volumn one", which ends with the "King of Fear" story-arc. That leads in to the "Hell on Earth" saga, which was long and dull and pretty pointless. It's not essential reading, really, unless you want to read the entirety of the canon. If you really love the Hellboy Universe and want to be a completest, you can pick up from there later. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bureau_for_Paranormal_Research_and_Defense#Publication_history Here are the Abe Sapien comics now. I would only read the first two TPBs worth of Abe Sapien comics ("The Drowning" and "The Devil Does Not Jest and other stories"). After that, Abe Sapien's comic ties directly in to the events of "Hell on Earth", and, once again, I would recommend skipping that, at least for now. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abe_Sapien#Collected_editions Witchfinder is set in the Victorian era, and its continuity is usually kept separate from the wider Hellboy Universe, and only ties in when you read the entirety of the Hellboy Universe canon. They're not essential reading, but you can read any of the Witchfinder books at any time, and you shouldn't be lost, or you can just skip them completely for the time being. I wouldn't worry about anything else, for now. These were the classic Mignola comics, from the period when Hellboy and BPRD were at their best, before he started the "Hell on Earth" mess.
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    You could read just Hellboy and be fine, They sort of run Parallel with Hellboy crossing into BPRD, but it was always a secondary book. For some reason early on the BPRD minis were always relaunched with #1s but on the inside cover it would say something like "23 in the series" My advice, Just read Hellboy, then if you are still interested go back and dive into the different BPRD/Abe Sapien/Hellboy and the BPRD books.
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    They are, yes. They pimp out Neil Gaiman products on a neverending basis.
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    I bet* this Graphic Novel will turn out to be the very book that SW Manor was seeking back in the days of Hellazzer. Remember**? That unfinished plot thread? *The Trading Places bet, if you're interested. ** I don't really remember this, just as something that appeared to be leading somewhere then vanished like an old oak table.
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    Bermejo's Batman is channeling his inner Adam West in that one panel.
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    https://www.dccomics.com/blog/2018/06/18/sting-channels-constantine-to-celebrate-30th-anniversary-of-hellblazer Huh, so Sting will be writing the foreword (and even dressed up for the occasion!) to this collection.
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    I feel like I should ban myself for not including Garth's Hellblazer run on that list.
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    That Doctor Star Finale saw me weeping. Father/Son shit gets right at me
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    I feel The Boys, like Preacher, is very much is an encapsulation of everything good and bad about Garth as a writer. One page he has a touching character moment, but then on the very next page he has some guy f*cking a giant meat statue or a superhero pissing themselves.
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    Wow! Is DC Comics going to actually fix their line so their books are worth reading again? I am definitely interested in a Grant Morrison Green Lantern run.
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    Seeley's an American. The "misfired attempt at authenticity" been my theory regarding the gang-slang as well.
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    Hey, everyone! The Kickstarter for the next book I'm writing, THE GENTLEMAN: DARKNESS OF THE VOID, is up and running. Be sure to check the video for the dope images, art, and concept! And don't forget, if you're interested in pledging/donated, Kickstarter doesn't take any dime from your account until the end of the campaign at the end of the month. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/782290703/the-gentleman-1-darkness-of-the-void# A Lovecraftian inspired horror noir story about the haunting ghosts from the past along with the ghosts from the forth coming future, the Gentleman finds himself drawn to Espere St. Lanmé, mysterious and alluring, seeking help and protection from a being of possibly supernatural origins. Unfortunately to protect her, Oliver must succumb to his special abilities, a hereditary curse that uses his body as a key and vessel to the Void, an ancient evil with the means to destroy all life as we know. Can Oliver protect Espere without losing his humanity? And if he can, can she be trusted? What is her connection to Oliver and the Void itself? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/782290703/the-gentleman-1-darkness-of-the-void#
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    Yeah, comics are horrible for taking up space. I'm not sure how collector's manage to find enough space, unless they have a nice-sized house with lots of rooms. Getting a number of new comic books every week really eats up spare room pretty quickly after a while. I don't mind how much room all my Silver and Bronze Age comics take up, but it's a question of what do you do with all the comics you buy new each week. I just store them all in boxes, and then all the boxes just pile up on the floor. I'm quickly running out of space, myself. I found a closet I could clean out and I'm stacking boxes in that closet now. I had to get rid of some of my comics which I didn't really care about recently, due to running out of space. If I were you, I might try to either donate them to a local comic book store, or maybe see if they'll give you some sort of trade, like maybe $5 off your total. I can't see a comic store turning down free comics, and then it's the comic store owners problem. The other option is if there is a local flea market or something similar near you, that has a guy who is a comic back-issue dealer. That's what I did with my comics. The guy there actually gave me a pretty good deal, which surprised me. He bought the comics for a dollar a book, and it wasn't anything of real value. The comics would never have sold on EBay, or anything. I managed to make $120 on that day, which was more than I ever expected to make on some of my extraneous comics.
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    If you don't know anyone who wants comics, you should use them to cut up and make art from. http://theinspirationgrid.com/comic-book-collages-by-mike-alcantara/