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  1. Comics Shipping the Week of January 22nd 2018

    Nothing new for me, finished The Losers - pretty good all told.
  2. Happy ?

    Need to wrap Dirk Gently but this is next on the list, especially now it's gotten the Ade Stamp of Approval!
  3. Comics Shipping the Week of January 15th 2018

    There are some ace action scenes but a lot of it feels dated and try-hard. Jock's art remains fantastic, of course and I'm not saying Andy's writhing was muck or anything - just a little out of time now I think. Oh and while googling how to spell Aisha's name I was reminded that they actually made a Losers movie! Might try and track that down over the weekend. I still want to add a second monthly title to my read list.
  4. Comics Shipping the Week of January 15th 2018

    Nothing new, still reading The Losers, kind of aged badly - some of the posed shots of Aisha throughout are pretty icky.
  5. Comics Shipping the Week of January 8th 2018

    The art for Michael Cray doesn't look the best.
  6. Comics Shipping the Week of January 8th 2018

    Nothing new for me, currently rereading The Losers, 's alright.
  7. DC Comics

    I got the two trades collecting Garth Ennis' run on The Demon as Christmas presents and enjoyed them both, serve as a nice prequel to his Hitman series.
  8. The Walking Dead

    New group in #175 have plenty of potential, really looking forward to watching it all go horribly fucking wrong.
  9. Comics Shipping the Week of January 1st 2018

    Happy New Year, Lou! Walking Dead #175 for me.
  10. DC Comics

    The Batman comic out this week where himself and Catwoman double date with Superman and Lois Lane is the business.
  11. Comics Shipping the Week of Dec 18th

    Nowt new for me, might treat myself to something from the Vertigo sale over on Comixology for the Christmas break.
  12. American Gods

    Interested in hearing what people familiar with the source think of it!
  13. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    I suspect that's just a case of him enjoying some characters more than others, I bet he just loves writing a mean old crank like Bendix.
  14. American Gods

    Burned through the first season over a couple of days, wouldn't surprise me if it's near a word-for-word adaptation of the books as the first season plays out like the first third of a novel rather than a complete series of TV. I enjoyed it all the same
  15. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    I don't think you'll miss out on anything beyond an initial 'ohIknowthatname!' moment, it's a brand new take on the characters so their relationships and history may be totally different to their original counterparts. Examples of nods - the original Deathblow had a vertical strip of warpaint over each eye whereas the new one has a tattoo of two vertical strips on his arm, Zealot's introduction scene has her wiping blood off her face that just happened to resemble the warpaint/markings her original incarnation wore.