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  1. What Mike Carey did next

    Mike's penned the script for a movie called Frost Flowers, apparently.
  2. Looks like our boy might be back on small screens in 2017.
  3. Comics Shipping the Week of Nov 13th

    Oi! Anyway, nowt for me this week.
  4. Swamp Thing

    Swamp Thing Regenesis, the first Veitch trade, is now over a month late and there's still no sign of it on any ship lists. On a more upbeat note, Funky old Swamp Thing Toys
  5. Comics Shipping the Week of Nov 6th

    Nothing for me, going to have to broaden my comic's reading some in 2018
  6. DC Comics

    It feels like he's kind of come and gone, is he still a 'big' writer ?
  7. Other comics we read recently

    That's a fair assessment, it's just one of those series that's been around forever and the price was too good to resist.
  8. Other comics we read recently

    Picked up all of Hack/Slash as it's going cheap on comixology, light fare, odd-couple vs slashers. Also grabbed some '68, zombies in Vietnam.
  9. Comics Shipping the Week of Oct 30th

    Is that a first ?!? The Walking Dead for me.
  10. Other comics we read recently

    Picked up the complete Divine Right on the cheap through Comixoloy and burned through it, kind of rubbish but it was nice seeing IO, GEN13 and some of the WildCATs again.
  11. Comics Shipping the Week of Oct 23rd

    I wonder if there'll be a digital version of the Wildstorm thing, I'd love to wallow in nostalgia and read those new stories but have no interest in paying that much for a hardback collection. Nothing new for me this week.
  12. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    After six months of grossing about Ellis, I've actually got some positive words to share about his material - so on with the show! JLU - Dark Heart : Finally got around to watching his episode of the JLU cartoon as it's pretty cool and has a handful of very Ellis scenes - the highlight being the Atom catching a rest after a scrap and spouting some pure Warren dialogue. Very straight forward stuff : a pulsating, metallic yet organic alien heart lands on top of a mountain and starts birthing robotic spiders and tiger-like creatures. Cue a massive scrap involving dozens of heroes trying to contain the creatures while the Atom invades the heart to look for a means of shutting it down. Batman (while falling through the air) : I need air support. Batman : Now. Batman : On account of not being able to fly. Batman : At all. Ocean #1 & #2 : I'm not a subscriber to Warren's "Golly Gee Whiz Isn't Space Super!" line of thinking but I liked this - UN arm's inspector investigates an alien weapon's cache...which has just been fired up by Microsoft! It's five issues long and feels better paced then the three issue minis he did a few years back. Could all still go terribly wrong but enjoying it so far.
  13. Comics Shipping the Week of Oct 16th

    ...also picked up the complete Divine Right by Jim Lee and some writer folks cause it's currently on sale over at Comixology.
  14. Comics Shipping the Week of Oct 16th

    Nothing for me, started the first DMZ Deluxe collection last night, should keep me going for a little.
  15. Comics Shipping the Week of Oct 10th

    Holy shit, Templesmith's doing more Wormwood! I'll be picking up the physical trade whenever it comes out.
  16. Comics Shipping the Week of Oct 2nd

    The Walking Dead, please and thank you.
  17. Thanks, Ade!

    Just a quick public thanks to known vagabond Mister Adrian Brown Esquire for his continued upkeep of the forum, I'm a proper lazy bastard and the place would be falling down around your ears without him!
  18. Video Games

    Glad you still get to indulge in at least a little digital debauchery! Currently deep into the first act of Divinity Original Sin 2 and, so far, it's just as good if not better than the first game. The story's a little more serious but it's still full of quirky charm, the series feels like a worth successor to the Ultima franchise and I don't say that lightly.
  19. Comics Shipping the Week of Sept 25th

    Nothing new, currently reading through the first Northlanders omnibus by Brood Wood and associated artists, plenty of viking goodness.
  20. Upgrade

    We (which is to say, the forum hosts!) are currently upgrading the site, we're a few versions behind so there's a rebuild process running in the background that may cause some weirdness/performance issues. Currently 40% complete.
  21. TPB Covers

    To start on a positive, it's absolutely fantastic that DC are slowly releasing a complete collection of OG Hellblazer in trades. On the negative side though, what is up with some of the covers ? The series has been blessed with some of the best cover artists ever to grace the industry and this is the kind of thing they're putting on the trades - Any one of the Bradstreet covers for the original issues collected therein is streets ahead of this....thing...that wouldn't look out of place down the cheap end of a Manga shop. (Not inspired by the fact they didn't use the cover that namechecks myself and Ade, honest)
  22. TPB Covers

    Now that's more like it. To be fair the one in my original post received some praise on Facebook so maybe it's just an old man thing!
  23. Comics Shipping the Week of September 18th 2017

    Happy to see Wild Storm is still trucking along and that the first spin-off has been solicited, will keep an eye out for a (virtual) collection of the first 6 issues.
  24. Video Games

    Finished a non-lethal play through of Dishonored 2, had a pretty good time - the pacifist powers were more fun though the Freeze Time ability kind of broke the game in terms of making it far too easy. Divinity Original Sin 2 hits tomorrow, cannae wait!
  25. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    Welcome, I think that's a great summation of Garth's writing at its best and the reason why 'Dangerous Habits' will always be my first recommendation to anyone thinking about reading some Hellblazer comics.