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  1. Other comics we read recently

    Millar put the work in and has reaped the rewards, not going to begrudge him his success - the first Kiss Ass movie was fun, at least. His over reliance on rape back in the day would be the only thing I'd grumble on. Oh and letting Grant Morrison ghost write an issue of The Authority for him.
  2. Comics Shipping the Week of April 16th 2018

    Nothing new for me. Half-way through Secret Empire, art's pretty great but the story's choppy and not particularly interesting. Black Widow bits are alright. Picked up the first trade of Priest's Black Panther run, probably give that a go next.
  3. American Gods

    Burned through the first season over a couple of days, wouldn't surprise me if it's near a word-for-word adaptation of the books as the first season plays out like the first third of a novel rather than a complete series of TV. I enjoyed it all the same
  4. American Gods

    Between showrunner and cast changes, along with a budget cut, it's not looking great for season 2 but fingers crossed anyway.
  5. Comics Shipping the Week of April 9th 2018

    Same! I was reading at the end of the day and while pretty tired but it's still reassuring to know that maybe those feelings weren't all my fault! Anyway I finished The Punisher on Netflix last night so might be time for a reread of Ennis' Max run.
  6. Comics Shipping the Week of April 9th 2018

    Nothing new for me. Read Final Crisis over the weekend, was required a little more brain investment than I was willing to give a superhero crossover so by the end I'd kind of lost track of what exactly was going on. Looked pretty though. Just started Secret Empire (care of the 99 cent sale on Comixology), I expect a significantly more straight forward read.
  7. Comics Shipping the Week of April 4th 2018

    The old days were the best days, all the old people know that.
  8. Comics Shipping the Week of April 4th 2018

    The Walking Dead for me, comic's on a bit of an uptick at the moment which is fortunate as the TV show is going through a real rough patch. Nearly done with that Deathblow collection, awful nonsense really.
  9. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    After six months of grossing about Ellis, I've actually got some positive words to share about his material - so on with the show! JLU - Dark Heart : Finally got around to watching his episode of the JLU cartoon as it's pretty cool and has a handful of very Ellis scenes - the highlight being the Atom catching a rest after a scrap and spouting some pure Warren dialogue. Very straight forward stuff : a pulsating, metallic yet organic alien heart lands on top of a mountain and starts birthing robotic spiders and tiger-like creatures. Cue a massive scrap involving dozens of heroes trying to contain the creatures while the Atom invades the heart to look for a means of shutting it down. Batman (while falling through the air) : I need air support. Batman : Now. Batman : On account of not being able to fly. Batman : At all. Ocean #1 & #2 : I'm not a subscriber to Warren's "Golly Gee Whiz Isn't Space Super!" line of thinking but I liked this - UN arm's inspector investigates an alien weapon's cache...which has just been fired up by Microsoft! It's five issues long and feels better paced then the three issue minis he did a few years back. Could all still go terribly wrong but enjoying it so far.
  10. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    Warren has 500,000 Twitter followers, that kind of blows my mind.
  11. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    Oh fuck yes, I've said it numerous times here and I'll say it again, the final page of Druid is an all-time classic! I'm pretty sure Druid was launched as an ongoing after Hellstorm was cancelled but it only went four issues, it's pure mean from start to finish and excellent for that. Hellstorm itself is vintage I-wanna-fuck-a-goth Ellis and I lurve it. $75 is a nonsense, are they hard backing it up ? Regardless, that there's now going to be an official collection means that there'll be eventually a reasonably priced version available through Comixology.
  12. Comics Shipping the Week of March 26th 2018

    I am currently reading the 90s as hell original Deathblow (!) run featuring art by a Jim Lee going through his Frank Miller phase.
  13. Comics Shipping the Week of March 26th 2018

    Dude's name is Skullfire, course it's worth it.
  14. Comics Shipping the Week of March 26th 2018

    Nothing new this week, first X-Men 2099 trade is going cheap on Comixology though...
  15. DC Comics

    Why would Wonder Woman be wasting her time with those scrubs ?!? Finished Batman : Cataclysm, thought it was pretty good though the 'mystery' of the Quakemaster's identity wasn't exactly difficult to figure out. I kind of appreciated the straight forward storytelling, it's just Bats and crew trying to help out as gotham falls to pieces around them. Going to follow the story into No Man's Land when the trades go a little cheaper on Comixology.
  16. Not a hoax

    Facial expression is perfect.
  17. Comics Shipping the Week of March 19h 2018

    That's some good Batman talk, thanks y'all, also apologies cause I picked up Cataclysm before reading your posts! Only a few issues in but it's not bad, watching the extended Bat-family dealing with something they can't punch is interesting.
  18. Comics Shipping the Week of March 19h 2018

    Nothing new for me, kind of in the mood for some Batman.
  19. Looks like our boy might be back on small screens in 2017.
  20. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    Did he actually say anything along those lines ? Comixology has it listed for the 26th of March.
  21. iZombie

    That season three finale felt like it was a coda or two away from wrapping up the whole series! Pacing felt kind of off, it was presumably a deliberate choice to have things meander along till the last couple of episodes but it felt kind of rushed to me. Which isn't to say I didn't enjoy it, cause I did!
  22. Comics Shipping the Week of March 12th 2018

  23. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    This week's Cray answers that Constantine question. Time for another Transmet reread, love me some Spider J, the first story has been totally undercut by the arrival of smartphones though! The notion that the only reporting from a riot would be via a text feed broadcast on television sounds ludicrous in a time where we have children live streaming their school shooting to the world.
  24. Comics Shipping the Week of March 12th 2018

    Is Carey writing anything else these days ? Saw Girl With All The Gifts over Christmas and thought it was fantastic.
  25. Comics Shipping the Week of March 12th 2018

    Nothing new for me, might catch up on the second and third Spread collections this week.