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  1. Flip it was so good! I think the dude playing Wesley deserves a mention too, I thought he was very imposing and a great wingman for Fisk.
  2. Amazed there hasn't been more chatter about this last episode!
  3. SPOILERS Unfortunately between the chick getting head shotted, that annoying dude getting arrowed, and the govenor being both run through and head shotted my rage against that so and so and so has not been satiated. Maybe if there had been a gruesome multiple slashing with the sword or a zombie tearing him to shreds while he screams in pain I would feel better. Such a heart rending episode. I have to admit though, that because she had so little attention this season (and I dont read the comic) I forgot who judith was until they started zooming in on the baby carrier, so the emotion of that moment took a moment to sink in. Wow...now to breathe...wow...
  4. So, I'm confused. Where is the winter? Trailer looks pretty good. Love my marvel!
  5. So I woke up this morning at 4.20am and couldn't get back to sleep. Perfect time to finally cross this off of my watchlist. I know next to nothing about Judge Dredd - apart from what I have seen from the Stallone flick - so my comments come from a point of being uninitiated. It was freaking awesome! One of the most violent movies I have seen in a lonnng time. But it was just so well done, the acting was classy (Karl Urban is one of those actors I get excited to see in a movie) and the story, while simple, was well executed. I have to say - it really would be a shame if it didn't get a sequel - but then - I watched it for free - so I am as much to blame... Lastly, one of the best villian deaths I can remember - oh so pretty and oh so gruesome! We have Gavin Free from the slomoguys on youtube to thank for all those dream like sequences! [media=350x500] [/media]
  6. I didn't mind what happened - just I thought the animation and animatronics of it were piss poor.
  7. Word is that Jackman worked his ass off and claims it was the first time he felt he was in the right physique for the role :o Liked the movie, nice to wash the man of steel taste out of my mouth, and I went in expecting to be let down, which often tends to help a film feel good. I had only a few nit picks, one was viper, I found her to not only pointless but awful. Recently in movies I have found the role of femme fatale, where a bad girl type role where she is supposed to be all sexy very off putting - I'm sure it pitches tents in a certain demographic, but I honestly just find it repulsive! And my other nitpicks were the bear (it's honestly disappointing to know that Weta were responsible for that....) and some of the train fight scene (which I already knew I would be a bit against, based on my reaction to the trailer. Overall I liked the fight, but it a few bits of it were 'too' fake for my taste. Otherwise, well acted, well paced, great story arc, and of course the teaser for the next movie was a treat.
  8. Oh I'll see it, but I'm just saying I let myself build up expectation for MOS - by not watching more recent trailers etc. I'm actually not usually one to have expectations, I prefer to see a movie knowing and having seen nothing - so as to judge it purely in the moment. Ironically that is what I thought I was achieving by avoiding trailers but realistically I suppose I was building anticipation. Funnily enough I closed my eyes for the Hobbit: DOS trailer - but then I don't honestly expect to be disappointed by that - given the strength of the LOTR series and the first movie, I can't imagine them really fouling it up. But I'm sure I could be proved wrong haha.
  9. Oh I am so painfully disappointed - I wish I had trolled this thread more before I went (or maybe saved myself from going.) I don't know how they got away with this - because the first time I saw a teaser I was like lol, no. Then the second trailer I was like, hell yes! Then I decided to not watch any more trailers so I went in blind and excited last night. The first 50 minutes or so were quite good, I liked the character building, I liked the Jor-El background info and the 'different atmosphere gives him strength' ideas, then about the time Zod shows up I feel like someone grabbed the movie by the nuts, and then within a few minutes of that they took a big dirty dump over everything they had achieved up to that point. By the end of the movie I was foul - I wanted it to be over and I was literally scowling and making snarky remarks at everything that I thought was wrong with it. But most of all I hated the action, or destruction porn as it has been called, but basically just every fight scene left me cold. But there was just so much stupid other stuff in there that made it worse. So gutted! I won't be letting myself get excited about a movie like that again any time soon - I'm already lowering my expectations of Wolverine to avoid disappointment.
  10. Was coming here to post the bad lip reading... I lost it in the middle, when the female zombie was like "you're hurting my throat" "See I'm coughing" Also, love the Toy Story bit!
  11. Round two for me tonight, woot!
  12. Oh it was a great romp - so many killer moments, so many good laughs, almost nothing I didn't like!
  13. Odd indeed sethos cause we got the trailer in NZ before iron man. Very cool - I love how timeless Anthony Hopkins voice sounds!
  14. Had to close my eyes during the trailer at Iron Man last night - surprisingly the audio was very similar to other trailers so I didn't sense any reveals. Can't wait to see it!
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