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  1. Read Alan Moore's run on Supreme. It's Superman stories without Superman!
  2. But it really has no effect on whether he likes the scripts or not, none of these properties belong to him so he doesn't have any influence on any part of the movie. He was accused of and threatened to be sued for supposed plagarism with the LoEG flick, so I don't think he's particularly tenable to giving anyone in the entertainment industry a chance when it comes to making his works into movies.
  3. We need someone here to watch it and present the official Straight to Hell review.
  4. Has this series started yet?
  5. I just watched the last 2 episodes, Alive and Destroyer, and what a brilliant series this was, it's such a deplorable shame that Dini and Timm's universe has to finally come to an end, particularly with so much more potential left. Not just with the general premise of the League, but with the ongoing storyline here. All I can do here is throw up my hands and sigh. So the Batman's probably going to get renewed, and JLU gets canned?
  6. Wasn't it Morpheus who ended Sandman? The Furies were more an incidental consequence of his actions rather than an intentional one.
  7. I'm once again reminded why I dropped the mainstream Marvel/DC titles...
  8. This edition is being produced with the blessing of Alan Moore? I've got the feeling that every new printing of the Watchmen is more to his chagrin than anything else.
  9. Complete with Nite Owl killing Veidt at the end, because 'that's what Rorschach would've wanted'. Those scriptwriters really understood the characters and the themes of the Watchmen, eh?
  10. And there's whether people actually believe the piece - like Veidt said, Rorschach isn't exactly perceived as the most credible person around. I'm sure you've seen the supermarket tabloids with their multitude of absurd conspiracy theories. In all likelihood, this would be one of them. The ending is extremely open ended and is stated in Dr Manhattan's final words - nothing ever ends, life isn't a story, it's a continuum, there are no compact, wrapped up story threads, it simply goes on.
  11. I didn't get the joke with the Stranger, was he upset because he wasn't invited to the party?
  12. That Nergal's one resilient bastard, eh? Looks like he's taken as much punishment as a certain one eyed German military type.
  13. Wasn't Nergal destroyed way back in Delano's run? I seem to remember John leading him to the gates of Heaven then letting the Angels there deal with him.
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