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  1. Dropped in to say Hi and throw my support behind this show, didn't think I'd dig it but I'm loving the style, story, and characters as much as I ever enjoyed the Vertigo book.
  2. kingmob

    The Walking Dead

    How did you feel about the explanation for Ezekiel and his tiger? Negan finding his new 'vacation home' had me in stitches. And, I like him tons more after seeing how he handled Spencer's proposition - Rick's got guts. Last time I felt this much excitement buying a monthly was Hellblazer back during Mike Carey's run with the regenerating Nergal arc, the Hell's Soap Opera bit. John and slinker, you want it to pick up some, but do you remember the pace Kirkman was going at before this TV writers room experience? Woodbury went on forever, and they walked for a long time before arriving outside Washington. Personally, I was bored to tears in the arc where Carl lost half his face, more of the same, I said. This is the exact pace and level of crazy I have been hoping for since the pre-Woodbury days, and I've been reading since the start.
  3. kingmob

    The Walking Dead

    I grab my comics on the way home from work Wednesdays, and lately, and when I have a new TWD I feel like a kid in a candy store. Love this book. Kirkman's dialog has improved considerably and the panels are framed much more like TV shots. LOVE IT. Last ish, as I finished my second J, drank the last gulp of my PopShop pineapple soda and chuckled through the letters pages, I thought it was high time to visit you all. I said to myself that they will be bitching and moaning, and damn but I was right!
  4. Darryl may be coming to the comics: http://www.dailyblam.com/news/2012/02/28/the-walking-dead-creator-teases-daryl-dixons-comic-introduction And since I've gone to all the trouble of posting, might as well throw in that I squeal with delight at each new episode and am amazed, even after following your opinions for many years now, that you have issues with this show!
  5. kingmob

    The Walking Dead

    Kirkman said in an AMC interview that he hopes sales keep up so that he can write it well into the next decade so he can stay ahead of the TV serial, which is netting him shitloads of cash. No worries about this license gong belly up; adding you to his monthly sales will help keep him afloat and publishing :P
  6. I'm dumb and occasionally violent.
  7. kingmob

    The Walking Dead

    I read Walking Dead in trades as they come out, and somehow I only just picked Vol 8 up... I shit my pants, twice, and am very embarassed
  8. I second that, GO SEE THIS MOVIE. Del Toro blows me away, this man oozes talent. The monsters were tops, the pacing excellent, the characters were fun, and the nachos were very tasty. I got extra cheese sauce.
  9. Art Spiegelman invented Garbage Pail Kids? Jesus!
  10. I live in New Brunswick, Canada, and we are the only English/French bi-lingual province on this side of the planet. They use Asterix in elementary school to trick us into liking reading French. My interest in this thread is the result of wanting more Persepolis, Maus, Epileptic, and apparently Ordinary Victories type stuff. I'm certainly not looking to get into Asterix or TinTin again. TinTin, I found, was not only dull, but at times mildly offensive. All the secondary characters are foreigners, while the hero is a whitey. Some of the stories I vaguely remember from my youth were TinTin fighting Africans and Arabs. I was watching Apocalypse Now Redux and had a strange sensation of reading TinTin when Sheen was at the French Colonial settlement, don't ask me why. Cheap caricatures of non-whites in Tintin. Next someone will suggest Babar and Rupert. I googled Jason and that looks worth a try. I found a bibliography and there were a dozen or so books... I should get the Left Bank Gang?
  11. I order Ordinary Victories. My Ragged Robin had read it and said it would be well worth my time; unfortunately, her reading was a library copy in another town so I can't just pilfer hers.
  12. kingmob

    Hellblazer #241

    I'm loving this arc The scenes in the first issue in Africa, the issue that had hardly any of John in it, gave me that comic-nerd excitement that I had when Carey wrote of Nergal's slow recovery in Hell, when John made a meal out of King Arthur, when Swamp Thing grew pot for John's birthday, and when Ellis stuffed a rival magician in a morgue cabinet stuffed with LSD. Diggle's current villain is great. A War-Monger-Personified would by his nature be fairly one dimensional; as long as Mako is the best at what he does, kudos. Now that story arcs are all the rage in comics, I hate to break down one episode as better or worse than the others. I read the previous issue again when I get the new one, sometimes the whole arc. After the fun I had with Carey's run, I'm really glad to see a competent fellow like Diggle in here. I've rarely been a fan of the art in Hellblazer. Guys like Manco suit the bill best for me. Sure, this issue is a little weak in the art department, but we get the writer himself visit with an explanation. At least I agree with everyone on Fabry's cover!
  13. I recently read Epileptic and appreciate you suggesting it. Absolutely fabulous. In a bit of reverse engineering, I found this brief thread with the STH search feature, pity I hadn't read it until now. Thanks for the suggestion... I best go google your other European novels so as not to miss out
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