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  1. finally read it last night....and it was worse then i could ever imagine. i feel so violated
  2. "There's a showdown scene where Constanine meets the forces of darkness who are planning to make Hell on Earth, and he battle using the Holy Shotgun." It still amazes me they thought this was a good idea
  3. holy balls!!! is all i have to say amazing cast and the film looks beautiful and jessica alba...jesus
  4. no matter how retarded a movie has been, gary oldman has always done nothing but be absolutly fantastic. this movie is going to by god sweet as hell. too bad so many other comic book movies get an anal rapping...fantastic 4 anyone? i dont even like the comic but i can tell its going to be pure shit
  5. David Goyer is the screenwriter, u may have seen his first take at directing and also wrote the shitfeast that was blade 3. i think he is a good writer(for the most part) but he really sucks as directing. i believe this movie will kick ball sack and have alot of faith in chris nolan. plus christain bale looks perfect. it also has one of my fav actors in it too, gary oldman
  6. leave it up, my friends dont like be bitching about it anymore
  7. "National Treasure did (Nicholas Cage is following a trail of clues to find a treasure hidden by America's Founding Fathers" and people thought i was retarded b/c i thought it sounded and looked like shit. btw- i agree that the dragon breath parts sucks big time, reminded me of harry frickin' potter
  8. It's based on a comic book but I don't want it to feel like a comic book movie i think the last time i heard something like that was for the 80's version of the punisher with dolph lungdren...man that movie sucked
  9. trust me its Peter Stormare in the white suit, its alot bigger on a movie theatre screen
  10. http://www.mtv.com/movies/movie/212982/trailers.jhtml
  11. i dont recall seeing a rating on it. the trailer showed alittle of the story but seemed to focus more on the special effects of it. i thought there was too little focus on john himself. mainly just keanu talking about the deal between god and the devil & u see them they see you. they showed more of office scene where rach gets pulled out and keanu running with his holy "stupidass" shotgun. scene with him in the electric chair were papa throws water then jabs a stick into it then johns freaks out and looks up which was in the teaser but his face seemed to be messed with for some reason. scene where he slams his arms together is changed with the background going crazy. the dragon breath part was stupid, there was no chas which i think is a good thing since they have that retarded kid doing the part, him jumping in hell which i also didnt like, a window shattering and lucifer walking through it. it was okay but its just not hellblazer. you can really tell if keanu is playing him right b/c there is so little of him saying anything in the trailer.
  12. just got back from watching blade 3(which was very disappointing) and the new constantine trailer was on it. it looks slightly better than my very low expectations, hopefully the trailer will be online soon
  13. first lady sounded like she the type of person that loves all movies
  14. i read original sins and i loved it. i dont actually remember why i read it. but i loved it and when online where i found issues 1-90 comic lot for $95, poor bastard had it titled helblazer but i found it 'cause i typed in constantine...still so happy about that shit. i was surprised i didnt start reading it sooner b/c i've been a huge punisher fan for a long time now and ennis is the shit i tells ya
  15. i go every other week with my cousin(since i was 15) to the c-store but the only comics i have steadily gotten every month is punisher, ult spidey, and hellblazer. i try to get trades b/c its just alot cheaper but i must have those 3 in single issue, i just love the cover art and the fact of just being able to see that i have an assload of them
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