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  1. Yup. Either that or your very long thumb...
  2. Oh, whatever. You know that's your index finger.
  3. You need an excuse? Aren't we GOOD ENOUGH for you? :icon_cry: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Actually, the real reason I'm here is to stalk a couple of you guys, but this excuse makes me sound less scary. Oh, I mean... Just... kidding.
  4. Yay. An excuse for me to hang around these boards for a little longer :wink:
  5. I actually saw this film today, even though before I said I wouldn't. I thought it was incredibly visual (obviously); aside from all the CGI, it looked like it was shot by a photographer. But a lot of the concepts in the movie threw me off a bit... And I know Shia was annoying to everyone else, but I thought he was great, of course.
  6. Yup, I saw most of it (the clips in between the show and commercials). Funny shtuff.
  7. Wow, what an awfully sweet (and unexpected) thing to say. Thanks, Josh
  8. Yup... They showed the exorcism scene, which scared the feces out of me, and also the scene that incorporates the whole "I don't believe in the devil" - "You should. He believes in you" exchange.
  9. You're...you're joking right? That's pretty funny if you are. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Uh, sure. If it will make you think I'm funny, then of course :unsure: No, but I seriously didn't think anyone would pounce on him for this interview, probably because I didn't find anything wrong with what he said. But then again, I, too, have not read the comics myself, so I wouldn't know if his statements were valid or not. Eh, now I'm thinking that no matter which parts of the interview I would have posted, people would have been annoyed either way.
  10. Wow, I should have known that posting Shia's honest opinion on the film would have put him in an even deeper hole than he already is with the fans of the comic book. Shame on me for being so naive to the idea. Thanks 8-)
  11. I was, my dear. Very fond of you, I am. And even though I'm not a fan of Ms Porman, that new avatar is fabulous. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> :happy:
  12. Hmm, really. That's news to me. Thanks, Pooka, whether or not you are referring to me ;)
  13. Correct you are. It's Miss Portman. It's in support for her nomination at the Oscars (for best supporting actress in "Closer"). Thanks, James. And so yea, the Keanu thingy. Creative stuff :unsure:
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