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  1. This remains one of my favorite shots of John. It's classic and I just tend to love and relate to his foul attitude. Of course I can't relate to having a disease torn out of me, but the way he reacted towards the First of the Fallen is pure vintage John.
  2. Well I put that there, usually I find myself in a Constantine mood from time to time and that frown pictured exactly how I felt at the moment. :icon_twosgun: :icon_mgun:
  3. I was wondering the same thing myself. Since it's a safe bet that the theatrical version will be PG-13, then will they release the theatrical version AND unrated Directors Cut like they did with the Butterfly Effect? It's common knowledge that Directors Cuts are better and tie up any loose ends in terms of plots, violence, and deleted scenes. However, I wish they'd just show an unrated Constantine movie and let it be that. If WB knew the history of the comics and I haven't read it much either, but I know from what I've seen on the site and from reading "Haunted", I know that Constantine was meant to be an R rated movie and maybe they should've put their foot down and left it the way it was.
  4. I thought the end of the story in the "Haunted" was pretty disgusting. How Constantine and Watford put the guy in the morgue with Isabel's corpse, put a couple of acid drops in him, and let him have a nice wonderful time in there. The end result was him coming out covered in his own piss, feces, and of course blood on his hands was a nasty result too. I always thought that was just disgusting and shocking in a way.
  5. I do plan on seeing it sometime soon. Unfortunatley it's not released here yet, but when it is I'll definitely see it. Even though I hate what Joel Schumacher did to Batman, I must say that the Phantom of the Opera looks really good, and the story has always interested me from the very beginning. I loved the story and the music so much, I went so far as to write a poem about the Phantom and Christine, so it's definitely a story that holds a very special place in me. Anyways enough of my rambling. Thanks for the welcome :)
  6. It's kind of a mixed bag for me in general. I believe it'll do moderate success and it'll earn it's budget back through DVD sales. But in all honesty, it definitely won't blow out the box office like LOTR or Spider-Man for a example, though anything is liable to happen and I believe it'll surprise some people. I didn't expect National Treasure to be up this long, but for some God unknown reason it's held up quite nicely. As far as Constantine goes, I believe it'll do fair business in the theater, but it'll do good to great business in terms of VHS/DVD sales.
  7. Yes you are correct about Sweet November. In the end it's implied she died or she was from Heaven if you will. I believe it's one of his better roles and he acted really well in it, I have to watch it again in order to confirm the ending. It starred him and Charlize Theroin(spelling?)
  8. I may be wrong, but I remember someone mentioning to me that those references came from the Dangerous Habits storyline?
  9. I'll be completley honest, I'm not a true avid reader of the comic. I haven't really got into it until recently and I recently bought the "Haunted" comic. I really started to educate myself on Constantine/Hellblazer through this very site and that's how I became more familiar with him. But so far from what I've read, seen, and heard I must say I enjoy it very much. I'm a Keanu Reeves fan. I recognize he's not the greatest actor in the world, but he's certainly not the worse. I enjoyed him in Bill and Ted(Who didn't?), Devil's Advocate, The Matrix Trilogy, The Gift, and Sweet November. I've always enjoyed his work and find him to be a pretty decent actor. @Lou K- Thanks for the compliment dude. :icon_sam:
  10. I saw the trailer with Oceans 12, along with Batman Begins but since this is about Constantine; I figured I'd go ahead and post my opinion. I really enjoyed the trailer and while it's not the most faithful adaption to John. I believe it's fair to say there's some Constantine moments in it, like for instance when Rachel's character asks to be pointed in the right direction, instead he points to left and gives a slight sarcastic chuckle. Granted I more likely wouldn't have casted Keanu for the role. But I think there are far worse actors than him, but I happen to enjoy him and find him to be a decent actor, if anyone has seen the Gift it's obvious he can act with the right director, actors, and writers. I mean they could've casted Ben Affleck. :icon_2gun: But seriously though, I think this movie will surprise everyone and it'll end up being pretty good.
  11. Hey everyone, I'm new to this board and I've lurked here a couple of times, but it was only until now that I decided to join the board and talk about Hellblazer. In any case, I look forward to discussing Hellblazer with fellow fans. :icon_shotgun:
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