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  1. have a questine, what is the latest with ole ConJob?, last time I picked up the trades was "the red right head", so I need little catching up with John. thank you
  2. that make Hellblazer much more interesting than other comics.
  3. nothing can be worse than Mina's turn on Hellblazer.
  4. did John have a three-way relationship with Mercury and Marj, a mother/daughter 3-way?
  5. it better not be Nergal again.
  6. Spain wrote "Opening doors to hell. Rolling giant joints. Waking up golems" dont forget, shagging lesbians. sometimes its hard to tell what John can do, but John's big trick that somehow he is able to tap into the Synchronicity Highway, it like a giant web that connects to the universe, John bascliy use it to be in the right place at exactly the right time and also has led John to have uncanny luck. to see more uses of John's powers, see this link http://hellblazer.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=5219
  7. so what they going to explain how John uses the Synchronicity Highway to do the things he has been doing for years now? might be kinda cool to learn the story of John and how he figure out how to use Synchronicity.
  8. virginiatiger said "somewhere on the net I remember something about the prison story that started it off, and while i thought the art cheesy I did like the dialogue, but by the end of that, with John as king in the electric chair, it was like erm what, now this is boring....maybe I missed something though, have to get the trades and actually read it ." yeah, it was like John was in OZ, the HBO prison drama. even through we know John could walk in and out by the snap of a finger if he wanted too.
  9. looks like that they are finally going to get most of Delano's run in the trades, now all they have to do now its get the Paul Jekins's arc done.
  10. it depends on the artist, but John has gotten chicks younger then him and yes he still has demon blood in his system. side note; they really to need to collect The Paul Jenkins era of Hellblazer.
  11. ok I remember Rainbow Serpent,Hindu gods, hell even the Aztec Death God, but the elves ? when the hell did when he hang out with The Elves?
  12. What happened there? I don't remember. Which issue was it? Right! But refresh my memory on that one...? the way I understand it, When Ennis took over Hellblazer, he wanted to use Lucifer in the Dangerous Habits arc, but someone at DC/Vertigo said no because I think because Gaimen already used him in Sandman. So Ennis came up with The First Of the Fallen, a somewhat half-baked idea that he was somehow God's conscience, then being kicked out of Heaven he become a pissin' prick who become obsessed with John, who tricked him a few times. The First of Fallen was the first ruler of Hell, then Lucifer came around become ruler, got bored with it, left Hell and The first took ownership back, then when the first "died" somehow he become a greek fisherman, then I forgot what happens after that sticky mess. do I have it right lads?
  13. Christian- I thought that third place is alot better since John's friend Chris Cole is running the palce. I got the idea that John hating God because, well mostly the whole Ennis's run of hellblazer, and when John finally met God when he died. and if you want to talk continuity problems with Hellblazer cosmology, do I have to remind everybody about the whole mess of "Lucifer/First of the Fallen" fiasco
  14. that must be hard for John sometimes, knowing for a fact that there is a God, and hating his guts. knowing for a fact that there is both heaven and hell, and knowing that they different sides of the same coin. John would probaby like ending up in either the third place or the dreaming.
  15. and see Him do what, get drunk and shag someone? beside they cant have someone on tv smoking anymore unless its british tv.
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