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  1. Suicide_king

    The Walking Dead

    When Rick was talking to Lorie he illustrated that there IS no line. That was kinda the point. But there definitely is hell coming. War is on the way.
  2. There is a sequel to Annihilation that is gearing up right now. I can't wait. The first one was great and the ending wasn't a bullshit cop out like another major 'event'. The first issue of Heralds of Glactus was pretty cool. Stardust killed off the rest of his race to prove that he loves Big G. Good sci-fi stuff.
  3. Suicide_king

    The Walking Dead

    This issue was pretty good. I can't wait to see what happened.
  4. I really really liked it. Happy Noodle Boy made me laugh many time during the reading of the book.
  5. Suicide_king

    The Walking Dead

    If I have a story to tell, in any medium, what the hell should I care waht other people in the medium have or have not done. They are responsible for thier work and I am responsible for mine. In the context that this took place, a horror book, by a character who is crazy as a shithouse rat, I see no issue with how it was portrayed. Sure it was over the top, sure it was difficult to watch. THIS IS A HORROR BOOK! Bad things happen to good people in these types of fiction.
  6. Yeah...I figure. It was a cool death though.
  7. HOLY SHIT!!!! What an issue number 4 was. Thanos.....he dead.
  8. No way the heralds can survive the Galactus blast that destroyed the planet. I agree that Drax won't be dead, but he should be. It will probably end up being a Tyreese in the gym thing from Walking Dead.
  9. So...Red Shift and Stardust are dead for sure. And for all intents and purposes Drax should be dead too. Now Drax has already proved that dead doesn't mean much to him so we should see him back soon. Speaking of seeing someone back from the dead, Super Skrull is alive. Good. I like him as a character. Is Annihiliation gonna be the thing that ends Civil War? Quill said that the wave will get to earth in three months tops. They mentioned both the Avengers and the FF in this issue. I would like to see a little bit of a crossover.
  10. Suicide_king


    I sure have seen a lot of eye witness video from the 9/11 tragedy and the LA riots and Hurricane Katrina, and the Running of the Bulls and.....
  11. Suicide_king


    I don't buy that. The paperazzi would be all over every cape they could. Also the trial of Murdock would garner news all over the place. It would have international relevance.
  12. Three big deaths in the latest ish. Or assumed deaths...which means maybe 1 death? A half a death? Oh and a resurrection. Is this the pic on the left KM? http://www.marvunapp.com/Appendix/starlor1.htm
  13. Suicide_king


    I had a big problem with him putting on the DD costume to do his shit there. If there is a DD running around still in NYC and a DD running around in Europe too it wouldn't take long for the FBI to put 2 and 2 together. The world is way to small a place with as many media outlets as we have, and that doesn't even take into account camcorders and cell phone cams. A cowl or other mask would have been fine. I agree with Kingmob about it being short-sighted for heroes to stick to one neighbourhood or even city. A smart dude like DD (or Bats) could affect things greatly on a larger scale just by doing thier street level stuff. Oh, and way to open a can of worms by mentioning DK2 KM. ;)
  14. Funny thing about that is I have way more interest in this then Civil War. From the reviews coming out about Civil War it sounds like I backed the right horse too. Plus, how are Galactus, Thanos, and Silver Surfer lesser than anyone?
  15. I looked through the first 4 pages of posts and couldn't find a topic about this awesome event. Am I the only one reading this? I got the third issue today. It was very cool. It reads like a good sci/fi war movie. I really like the characterization of pretty much everyone in the book and now it looks like we are gonna get at least a Reed Richards guest spot if not more. Nova and Peter Quill mentioned the Avengers as well. Speaking of Peter Quill, anyone know anything about the Starlord? I had never heard of him before this.
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