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  1. How weird....... a friend rings me from Australia and tells me that when you do a google image search on my name a picture of a gay cowboy shows up.........this strikes me as odd as i am clearly not a cowboy and THEN i remember it was my avatar on this board, ........its a picture of Keanu from MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO that i used as a semi-ironic comment on how much i hated his casting in CONSTIPATE, (He is good in IDAHO tho ) happily reminded of the good times I had expresing my vitriol over that warners piece of shit disguised as a HELLBLAZER movie, I cheerfully popped back here for the first time in a year or so to change my avatar and Happily chat about the comic....secure in the fact that CONSTANTINE movies were now a thing of the past.........oh CRAP! am i still going to change my avatar???? NO F.....KING WAY
  2. Damn my new avatars hard to make out , but yes it is Mr reeves and Yes it is genuine..... hehehe
  3. Gah................. It was worse than I imagined (and thats no mean feat) as a cinematic experience it was akin to backing a truck over a hedgehog........slowly the other Three people in the audience didnt like it either The weird thing was, that at the end , it really didnt seem like a Constantine movie at all as the whole thing was so far removed from the original character that it was just like watching some bog standard , no brainer, hollywood crap, action flick (so when it was all over i was quite surprised that i felt quite distanced from the whole thing as there was nothing there i reconised as been quintessentialy John Constantine poor keanu, one of the newspaper critics said that commenting on his acting inability was a bit like like shooting fish in a barrel PS: my new avatar is only temporary!
  4. cool thanks for that... its a refreshing blast from the past for those of us still around from the days when john was part of the DC universe.....
  5. sorry if ive missed something but am i the only one reading/ enjoying johns character over in BOOKS OF MAGIC/ LIFE DURING WARTIME? its kinda fun seeing him interact with Zattanna and being the most bastardy hes been for bloody years and the book seems to be 50/50 him and Tim Hunter at the moment well worth checking out
  6. well for what its worth here are some of the character traits which seem to be consistent to me over the years I think that one of the key components of Constantine is that he adapts to any situation in whatever way he thinks best at the time...he always follows his own agenda. and as readers we seldom know what hes up to this gives him a great unpredictability as he rarely reacts the same way twice hes not that proactive.....trouble seems to find him rather than the other way around. and in that sense hes a metaphor for most of us, and how we fight our own demons hes us between heaven and hell , a reflection of our duality between buddist intentions and hedonistic realitys, a modern day Faust but when his games on hes the ultimate chess player and you never know whos gonna be used as a pawn or a knight. when hes on top form , he always appears to have a knowledge of the bigger picture,and where all the pieces are on the board. sometimes its a bluff, sometimes he hasnt got a clue , but he always leaves us and what hes up against second geussing right down to the wire theres two "scenes" for me that sum him up one is issue 44 page 14 where he stands outside Big Ben and disses blind faith and belief in anything that has power over us if we let it. to John "everyone votes for a dictator" and it ties in nicely to his "Apolitical correctness" Hes his own man and his relationships always fail because he wont compromise that and the other is a recent posting on the IMDB about the movie and the scene with Constantine saying "into the light i command thee !" wheras the comic book version would say "sod off you daft C......T " thats our boy! and thats my two cents worth
  7. KAMANDI: THE LAST BOY ON EARTH no wait a minute , I thought this was the slash fiction thread........:)
  8. you know if they changed the title to CONSTANTINE some innocent religiously devoted people might buy it thinking it was the true tales of ST CONSTANTINE, put it in sunday schools , give it to small children and old people in nursing homes and really warp their fragille little minds.... HELL YES LETS CHANGE IT GUYS!!!!! some further title change suggestions in light of the Movie CONSTANTITTIES CONSTANTPAIN THE AMAZING CONSTANTINE LEGENDS OF THE DARK CONSTANTINE CONSTANTINE ADVENTURES (based on the hit animated series) CONSTANTINE : THE LAST BOY ON EARTH CRISIS ON INFANT CONSTANTINE THE LEGION OF SUPER MAGES CONSTANTINE: LONDON NIGHTS PLASTIC MAC JUSTICE LEAGUE OF DORKING and lastly my personal favorite THE BRAVE AND THE BOLLOCKS
  9. well Gabriel would be a demon by now wouldnt he....wasnt the whole point of what Jon was doing by cutting off his wings?, I always saw the first crushing his heart as claiming ownership off him.....( two ex angels in hell...hmmmmm) lets dive into our back issues and check....
  10. actually im inclined to think "ratboy" is Gabriel AKA the snob it all fits.... hes known Constantine for a very long time (possibly longer than chas) has a good motive (the whole chainsawing of wings things...need to get out of helll is on limited power..... and was last seen having his heart squeezed by the first of the fallen... ladies and gentlemen .....place your bets...
  11. yep i reckon the novels will have multiple authors.... still.... time will tell
  12. the harder to walk when you can fly line is probably metaphor.....as "ratboy " isnt used to been tied to the material plane... (besides that they are obviously driving not walking, which makes me think its a metaphorical line....)
  13. ummm sounds to me like shes writing a spin off NOVEL........ not the comic... (more rampant speculation)
  14. Keanus great in MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO..... (as yes i AM been serious AND nice.......) Ive even pre-ordered the 2 disc Criterion DVD thats about to come out of IDAHO
  15. eeekkkkkk how dare Richard corliss INSULT BLADE RUNNER !!!!!!!
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