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  1. Keanu as John: His shirt was too clean. Seriously though, he did seem to be trying awfully hard to modulate the tone of his voice. He tried a lot harder than I expected. Themes: Is John's family Catholic in the comics? I'm not sure it was ever really specified. I might be forgetting. Lucifer: Give me a break. There were some very good touches, from time to time. John putting his cigarette out in a pool of his own blood. Some of his lines were pretty funny. But overall it was so uneven an muddled (I think I would have had trouble following the plot if I'd not read the truly horrible comic adaptation of the film first). And it looked like Keanu was on the verge of injuring himself with that huge cigarette lighter. So, was it supposed to be inferred that Chaz had been an angel all along? Bleh.
  2. I would think "Fear & Loathing" or any of the Kit stories might be a good shot.
  3. Well, I made a nice post in this thread on Friday but it seems to have vanished!
  4. I found the Straight To Hell site by googling for "Hellblazer" and then just followed the links here. I've lurked off and on for a while before deciding to finally chime in.
  5. Can you imagine waiting to upload the entirety of that machine's hard drives over a _satellite phone_?? Even at "broadband" speeds, there were gonna be there several hours at least.
  6. I've been really skeptical about this film so far, but that trailer looks GREAT.
  7. Good grief this has been on the way for a LONG time.
  8. It took me a really long time to warm up to Ellis, having encountered him online before actually getting around to reading any of his work. After some initial distaste with the first few stories I tried out, I've grown to really enjoy Planetary and Transmet; and now Iron Man, Ocean, and the Aparat stuff. I've been buying Ultimate Fantastic Four but I'm not sure how much longer I'll continue. Anyway, I've had to rescind previous oaths about the quality of his writing. He has at least earned a little rope.
  9. I've seen those entries before. Nice work.
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