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  1. you said it! ive only read the first half of the mini series leading up to Annihilation so i cant really say much about the series as a whole, but it was certainly more captivating than any of the other crossovers the big two have put out recently.
  2. Yea its sort of the beginning of the explanation. i think it does have something to do with something being introduced into the morphogenetic field (for more on this check out Morrison's Animal Man). So at this point i guess Yorick isnt really the last man afterall. does this mean the book's name will change? best line - "Oh god not another robot...."
  3. Spider J


    thats my favorite way to geek out! turn on some ambient internet radio, smoke a bowl and read some new comix! im sooo behind on walking dead. im gonna have to pester SK to bring the new issues to work. the new DD was awesome! i know it was only a month but i missed Mr Lark on art duties. huzzah!
  4. yea i know i have a big stack for you there brother. my work schedule changed so i havent been home in 3 weeks! im going this weekend cuz we're on mon-fri now, so ill have you all filled in on this amazing book. punisher and some others too....
  5. Spider J


    repreZENT! and here i thought i was the only one......I think im going to whip out my Grifter costume for this years halloween in celebration of the triumphant return of the 'Cats. as far as shipping goes i think it will help having the big two titles on a bimonthly schedule.
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    Tommy ?

    you upset the dog welder.
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    Tommy ?

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    issue 7 is solicited for Oct 18th, although sadly it wont be J.H. Williams III on art duties. i think it may be a different artist for each 6 issue arc, although im sure i read an interview with Ellis saying Williams wanted to stay on board for the whole run. either way im still getting it.
  9. Spider J


    of course! Ex Machina has been a fave title of mine since it came out. i mean, BKV and Tony Harris....how can you go wrong? in my opinion its the most consistantly entertaining read out there. and yea the Boys has been fun so far but im a sucker for over-the-top-Ennis-superhero-bashing. ill be keeping those titles along with Desolation Jones, and Wildcats, Authority and Midnighter are also going to be added. ive always been a fan of the Wildstorm U, and now with Morrison at the helm of the "big two", its even better!
  10. Spider J


    i actually loved the book, if not just for the art and subject content. the first issue i picked up was issue 30, and was instantly hooked even though i didnt have a sweet effin clue as to what was going on. i admit the book does read like a majick manual, but i never found it preachy. it may be a bit of an information overload for the uninitiated, but then again arent most Morrison books? 5 volumes, 32 issues, 1 great idea. im gonna re-read it soon methinks.
  11. im with you on that one SK. big three first, no question. then lets start talking about Flash/GL. Batgirl should be way down on the list with Aquaman. overall i dont think theres anything wrong the Ultimates books. most of the time they are way better reads for sooperhero shtuff than the average dcu title or even the Marvel U proper (daredevil withstanding). I admit the newer issues of Ult Spidey lack the pizzazz they used to have, but Ultimates 2, Ultimate Nightmare, Ult FF and Mark Millar's Ult XMen are all really good.
  12. yea i thumbed through Wetworks #1 and it didnt look so good. i dunno...maybe its Portacio's art but i just couldnt see myself getting into it. its ok KM, Carey's new creator owned Vertigo project is due soon. it will redeem him im sure. and Wildcats#1....DA FUG?! i thought it was this week? what happened?
  13. i guess the marvel characters resonate a little more with me. DC continuity is way over my head most of the time so i guess thats why didnt get half of the Crisis story. i thought the action was pretty well coordinated in the first 3 issues, so i guess my (semi) interest in the book comes from my need for mindless stooperhero action. im mostly into vertigo and wildstorm so a good entertaining yet mindless read is what im looking for in Civil War. but then again the book isnt completely over so you cant say for sure it will suck. but yea, the latest issue was by far the weakest; art and story wise. or i could just say im supporting an Atlantic Canadian artist so ill read the book even if the story ends up blowing complete chunks.
  14. well i read civil war 4 in the comic store in 5 minutes. lots of fighting but it bored the hell out of me. the explanation for Thor's return was pretty weak too. im sure the series overall will be ok, but so far its meh. way better than Crisis tho.
  15. im not reading it monthly, so you'll have to tell me, why was hellblazer 223 so much of a disappointment?
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