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  1. teajaytea

    Who wears the trench coat best ?

    Don't really know if I want to go all hawkeye initiative on John, but that's who I'd vote on.
  2. teajaytea

    Who wears the trench coat best ?

    Thanks. I was asking because I'm not that familiar with the character (I mostly know Zatanna from that one B:TAS episode) and there also might be something off with the drawing that I don't see yet. So what do we do now? Do we turn this thing around and see who would wear tux and fishnets best?
  3. teajaytea

    Who wears the trench coat best ?

    I really need to get a tablet, using a mouse to make this takes longer than necessary
  4. teajaytea

    Who wears the trench coat best ?

    But... but I don't even own a trenchcoat edit: does this even look ok?
  5. teajaytea

    Who wears the trench coat best ?

    Just a quick sketch, run out of room before including top hat.
  6. teajaytea

    Erue's Art

    Thanks, I hope to do more comic related stuff here are some drawings I did from photos:
  7. teajaytea

    Extreme Crossovers

    not so extreme, drew it some time ago
  8. teajaytea

    Erue's Art

    pulp fiction and star wars crossover and a game of thrones piece done with ink and a brush I don't know why he's holding a mike
  9. teajaytea

    Erue's Art

    Years ago I promised Balthazar to draw a comic (Crossing Fear) based on his script. I did a lot of sketches but didn't finish it. This is the most recent sketch of page 1. Oh and hello to everyone.
  10. teajaytea

    Tableau and the Red Sunflower

    I like it. It's a pity that's there are only five pages, can't do much with it as to the character development, but still I feel intrigued about the concept, I'd ike to know where Lebuer came from and how Jeremy get to know him/it. I think it could serve as a 'in medias res' beginning to a longer story if you left an open ending there. I hope you've got other stories in mind for the character, I'd gladly read a longer script. edit: oh and the dinosaur seems a bit out of place :D
  11. teajaytea

    Erue's Art

    This one took me almost 2 hours, I think I did a better job this time.
  12. teajaytea

    Erue's Art

    Believe it or not this one took me an hour to finish, I messed up along the way, but didn't want to fix anything or start all over. A4, done with black ink and a brush, hopefully he is recognizable
  13. teajaytea

    Erue's Art

    jester A real quickie done with 4B pencil on A4 This one took more time:
  14. teajaytea

    Erue's Art

    done with a mechanical pencil 0,5 I am still nowhere near where I want to be edit: That's a really good idea Balthy
  15. teajaytea


    Sorry, I couldn't help myself thx for the heads-up Jason