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  1. Don't really know if I want to go all hawkeye initiative on John, but that's who I'd vote on.
  2. Thanks. I was asking because I'm not that familiar with the character (I mostly know Zatanna from that one B:TAS episode) and there also might be something off with the drawing that I don't see yet. So what do we do now? Do we turn this thing around and see who would wear tux and fishnets best?
  3. I really need to get a tablet, using a mouse to make this takes longer than necessary
  4. But... but I don't even own a trenchcoat edit: does this even look ok?
  5. Just a quick sketch, run out of room before including top hat.
  6. not so extreme, drew it some time ago
  7. teajaytea


    Sorry, I couldn't help myself thx for the heads-up Jason
  8. I've just read WE3, a short, three issue comic about mech-suit-clad housepets. The detail and violence present in the art reminded me of Hardboiled, but done in a lesser scale and not as gritty. Worth checking out for the mech fans, plus the story (or rather a short episode) is quite poignant.
  9. The cover is simply stunning. The interior art works for me though it is done in a different vain and at first for me it looked like it belongs in a comic centered around 20-or-so-year-olds. I guess I'm pass that first impression and can enjoy the work artists (who should I credit?) put in those. I especially like the transition between pages giving the story a smooth flow. Can't wait for the next one.
  10. Was Cyanide and Happiness mentioned? reunion
  11. Psst. They did. Meet me in the alley and I'll figure something out :D
  12. some of the above, especially The Game of Cat and Mouse plus The Gift
  13. http://truckbearingkibble.com/ reminds me of perry bible fellowship
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