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  1. He's like your pissed uncles weird mate.
  2. I'd buy one. There was some guy on the job originally but he was Irish.
  3. 'The First Time', by Brian Azzarello and Dave Taylor, featured in Vertigo Secret Files. The first meeting between a young John and Nergal, "I'll be damned, the little bastard nicked me fags". Funny. Not an issue as such but rarely talked about.
  4. Either of these 2 pages from issue 25, great work from Delano and Lloyd.
  5. You're right, it looks nice. Maybe 2 will have more depth.
  6. Am I the only one who thought 'Sin City' as a film was shit, full of the most absurdly bad dialogue ever written by one man? Miller probably gets the praise he does because he writes like a 14 year old virgin fanboy.
  7. I had lots of cinder and ash when I was dealing on Ebay which nobody ever bought. Yet it was a good publication. An undiscovered classic I think.
  8. He went to Southpaw Grammar
  9. The Elvis Costello comparison might be fairly accurate, many Liverpudlians share Irish ancestry (along with Manchester and Birmingham) and like anyone living in London for a long period theres a bit of Mockney in there too.
  10. I was wandering around Sydney the other night and decided to resurrect a Hellblazer fanflic script I had begun a couple of years ago relocating it in my new home city. One thing I've always wondered is what does Johns accent sound like? He's from Liverpool sure but did he stay scouse or pick up a London twang. (example, I grew up in Middlesbrough then moved South at 16, my accent is fairly neutral but the northern kicks in when I swear) Any suggestions or clues I've missed from the comics? Incidentally the Aussie inflection at the end of a sentence that makes a statement sound like a question is getting really fucking annoying.
  11. Does anyone know if the UK batch of these t-shirts will be sorted by mid August. I'm moving to Australia around then.
  12. I'm not a huge Jim Lee fan but it looks like he's pushed the boat out a bit for this project, those are some nice panels.
  13. Like McMahon said, the ending was good with all the different agents on the screen. I found the perma stubbled ex cop a bit too much to bear (gruff voice, leather jacket, bit of a past, how original). Like most pilots it wasnt great but there was enough to build. The generic rock music at the end was wanky but once again its a pilot.
  14. My girlfriend is from Gloucestershire (Chipping Campden), its a very British looking place, green fields and tea houses, not many black people, lots of dead foxes (still). When you go there you're almost convinced we still have Empire. If you can ignore the crass politics of the country gentry then its not a bad place to relax in.
  15. I'm sure between us we can achieve the minimum order, we've probably all got friends who will appreciate a special item like this.
  16. 1B looks more dynamic and I agree with Mark on 2B
  17. (OK allowing for the US to UK difference then considering that I've never bought 2 medium t-shirts that were actually the same size) Medium please
  18. I quite like Raynors art from Hellblazer (nostalgia value, I was at art college at the time) , I'd have a bid if I hadnt spent all my money on bad crack. I've got a few pages of Sean Phillips and Ridgeways HB stuff, wish I had more.
  19. Tim, do you reckon the future will bring a collected book of your covers, promotional work etc?
  20. I hated the art at first (over the past few issues I've only looked forward to the covers) but after a couple of reads its really grown on me. The panel where Chas first hits Renne reminds me of Rian Hughes work on 'Dare'. Of course Bradstreet is still coming up with the goods. Nice issue.
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