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  1. I went to see Batman Begins and Sin City yesterday, and have to admit that while I loved the former, the latter really disappointed me. It's a terrible shame, as I've been a fan of Miller's books for a very long time, but nothing in the movie version of Sin City engaged me at all (except perhaps Clive Owen's VO as Dwight, the only portion of the film where someone seemed to be acting). Perhaps my view was always going to be a little skewed, given that I love the books so much. But I know there are other fans from way back that love what Rodriguez has done with the title. The biggest problem I had with the film were the bland performances (actors seemed to simply be reading Miller's lines as opposed to acting them, meaning many lines just didn't translate to the big screen at all) and the shitty digital backgrounds. I'm a great believer of actors interacting with their environment to extract a real and wholly believable performance. If Rodriguez had found or built some real life/tangible locations and sets I honestly believe things would have gone a little better. As it is Sin City came off, to me at least, as no better than the crappy Phantom Menace and the even crappier Immortel by Enki Bilal. Batman Begins was everything I could have hoped for in a comic book movie though. A beautiful, intelligent, and frankly terrifying interpretation of an inspired comic book legend. Nolan worked his magic yet again, and David Goyer certainly saved his reputation after the disappointment that was Blade Trinity. I admit I've yet to see Constantine, though what I have seen in articles, trailers and the like has certainly caught my interest. I believe there is a danger in being too faithful to a property's original source (though this is no excuse for straying too far in the opposite direction mind. LXG anyone?), and it seems that in trying to remain faithful to Miller and Sin City, Rodriguez has simply forgotten to cover some of the most important bases with this piece. I mean, if only the actors gave their all, if only some of those awful eyelines actually matched up (if you read the Making Of it's clear that many actors who appear in scenes never actually worked together. You can certainly tell as the eyelines are all screwed up), if only the dialogue felt real instead of forced, and if only someone else has been cast as Bob (Madsen was awful. The first point at which I almost walked out. Wanting to see Yellow Bastard in all his glory was the only reason I sat through the whole thing) I probably would have loved this movie. And christ, Michael Clarke Duncan was AWFUL as Manute :icon_evil: It'll be interesting to see how they handle A Dame to Kill For in the coming months.
  2. King Mob


    I picked up the first three Fables trades this past week, and have to admit I'm really enjoying the series. Though the 'Who Killed Rose Red' storyline was somewhat shaky, it's come on strength to strength since then. Animal Farm was great, and Storybook Love was nice enough. Going for trades four and five soon, so will chip in with my own two-cents on the Adversary then. Anyone else get Chris Bachalo pangs when they look at Buckingham's art though?
  3. King Mob

    Doom #1

    Sheer bloody genius. "Gaah! Zombies with guns!" Words we all long to hear, right?
  4. Whatever happened to Darron Aranofsky's involvement with this project? I remember him working on Watchmen as his next project for quite a while (with Jude Law attached as Ozymandias I believe). Anyone know what made Darron jump the boat? If I saw anyone do this movie, I definitely would have wanted the guy behind Pi and Requiem for a Dream to do it.
  5. Okay, I'm not entirely displeased with the amount of trades we have for the title already. The problem is that I already have a good deal of the issues these trades collect, what with them being recent runs and all. I would much rather be able to get trades that filled the gaps in my collection rather than trades of issues of the monthly title I already have, and have no problem getting whatsoever. The rest of the Delano run is a perfect example. I really don't have the money to attend comic fairs and the like to look for back issues, and my local comic stores seem to have stopped with the back issue bins altogether. I cam to the title long after Delano was gone, so a trade would be perfect for myself and others like me. I think the point I'm trying to get at here though is that if HB is such an important and seminal series for DC Vertigo (and I'm sure its 200 plus issues, assorted serials and spin-offs, merch and even the upcoming film prove this) why aren't they making an effort to treat it as such with a 'proper' trade collection?
  6. Thanks for the posts guys, very informative :D I still find it odd that a title that has run for over 200 issues now has only a smattering of bloody trades. I would have thought that if DC saw fit to keep the title running all this time, despite its limited popularity, they would have tried their best with a 'proper' trade collection. Ho hum.
  7. I'm sure this topic has been raised before, but was going through a few trades the other day and wondered why there's no Hellblazer library available. I know we've got what, about ten trades now? But surely something much like Gaiman's Sandman library would be well recieved? Consecutive issues bound up in lovely trades? Okay, to be fair, how about trades that collect the issues that haven't been put together so far? Like the rest of Delano's run for example. Reading through the Vertigo HB secret files the other day just...well, annoyed me. There's a world of John stuff out there that those without the issues are missing out on (and they're a bastard to find around here). So, sure it's been brought up before but what do folks think of a Hellblazer library, and why don't we have one? :huh:
  8. Yeah, saw the collected version last week though and couldn't resist. Just read the wonderful Dave Gibbons' severed head anecdote. Great stuff. Can't wait to read the rest.
  9. Just wondering, has anyone read Ellis' Come in Alone stuff? Either in the collected or online versions? Bought the collected trade last week and am just getting into it now. Very entertaining, and damn smart too.
  10. My girlfriend as the second Bunny book and loves it. Reminds me of a book I had years ago, something like 1001 things to do with a dead frog. That was great :D
  11. I remember there being much talk of the giant super-hero cock in the letters pages of Powers. It's not fully exposed, but when you see Olympia lying dead in his bed...well, Bendis says look down, and you'll see the beast beneath the sheets in all its glory. :o
  12. Right then, let's see. At the minute the list looks like: Superman (sticking around after Azz and Lee jump ship as I'm sure Mark Verheiden is coming on board. One of the best writers on Smallville that guy). The Walking Dead. Hellblazer. 100 Bullets. Lore (by Mr. and Mrs. Ash Wood) Popbot And anything Grant Morrison does automatically goes onto the list. My nearest comic store is a £7 train ride away, so of late I've been sticking with trades where I can. Seriously thinking about picking up the first three Fables trades at the minute.
  13. I'll agree with that. Oeming's work on Powers is great, but somehow it doesn't work for me when he's drawing overly adult stuff. The sex scenes and the giant super hero cock from one of the earlier arcs threw me a bit. And then there were all the exploding bodies later on :huh:
  14. King Mob

    The Walking Dead

    The 'All Dead' cliffhanger was fantastic. Beautifully done. And I really did not see Carl's shooting coming at all. I was quite honestly open mouthed when I was reading it on the train home. Finished the trade now though, and they've just discovered the clink yum!
  15. King Mob

    The Walking Dead

    Bought the second trade today! And some hick's just shot poor carl! Quick, next page!
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