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  1. sethos

    Steve Dillon

    I don't post here a lot anymore, but damn, Steve Dillon died. Way, way too young. His Hellblazer work with Garth Ennis was important to me. http://cbr.st/AFKWBiR
  2. actually, either I fell asleep for part of the movie or I really didn't see any part of the flick that was shot in China. Also, aside from some generic baddies in the end fight, I don't think I spotted any asian actors.
  3. looks damn fine. Yeah, Alan Taylor looks like he's bringing his Game of Thrones medieval director kung-fu to this flick. Really like the design of Malekith too! weird that the trailer wasn't in front of Iron Man 3 when I saw it tonight (instead we got an old Man of Steel trailer, Star Trek Into Darkness and a terrific 3D trailer for The Great Gatsby, which I'm very curious about).
  4. It's pretty good! my favourite Marvel film after The Avengers. Shane Black knows how to use Robert Downey Jr. very well indeed. Actually the whole film is very Shane Black, with it set around Christmas, very funny dialogue, great action and a great twist which I didn't see coming until ten seconds before it happened (don't click unless you've actually seen the flick!):
  5. brutal, brutal stuff this week, yeah.
  6. haven't watched the latest episode yet, but was expecting something much worse than what we got. Yes, it's way more Dark Knight than Avengers, which sucks, but I'm willing to give it a bit more time. every lady I know loves Oliver Queen's abs though.
  7. huh... ok. consider me interested Rumour has Guillermo Del Toro direct a Vertigo team up flick According to Latino Review, Guillermo del Toro is in talks with Warner Bros to create his own version of that team up, called Heaven Sent. The movie would include the characters Swamp Thing, Constantine, Deadman, The Spectre, Zatanna and Zatarra, The Phantom Stranger, Sargon and Etrigan The Demon - essentially the line-up of [swamp Thing] #50.
  8. and , I have to say that while I enjoyed the film quite a bit (though I thought it could have done with a lot more black humour), it probably didn't help that it had the same basic plot as The Raid, a much, much better film.
  9. sethos

    Big books of comics

    Yes, it was released in the UK by Selfmadehero, in the US by Abrams. it's pretty good. a bit slight and you won't find any new insights into his life, but it's a great biographical comic of Cash's life and it includes some great wordless adaptations of some of his songs.Also, Kleist is a great artist, really captures Cash's likeness without being too cartoony or realistic.
  10. I loved Bisley's artwork, but this will be my final issue of Hellblazer till a new writer pops up: atrocious stuff.
  11. no, Graham has previously done the truly fantastic King City (get the collection from Image Comics, it's great value for money) and Multiple Warheads one shot for Oni. He's a great artist. man, was that first Farel Dalrymple issue good or what? That guy is so good (the art for the first 3 issues was pretty amazing as well). Image is just killing it right now, with Saga, Glory, Orc Stain (infrequent as it may be), Fatale and Prophet.
  12. sethos

    Free Comic Day

    strongly disagree: there was a great Firefly comic by Dark Horse with art by Fabio Moon (though in the same comic there was also a rather lame Han Solo/Chewbacca story), Archaia had a free HARDCOVER (!!) with Moue Guard, Labyrinth and other stories which was lovely, and I several others by the smaller publishers sounded great too.
  13. I don't think I'll laugh harder at a scene in a film this year than during "puny god".
  14. Another really great comic is Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan's Conan series for Dark Hose. some of Cloonan's finest artwork, in my opinion. the next 3 issues have art by James Harren from the current BPRD series, what I've seen looks damn fine.
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