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  1. Steve Dillon R.I.P.

    I don't post here a lot anymore, but damn, Steve Dillon died. Way, way too young. His Hellblazer work with Garth Ennis was important to me. http://cbr.st/AFKWBiR
  2. Iron Man 3

    actually, either I fell asleep for part of the movie or I really didn't see any part of the flick that was shot in China. Also, aside from some generic baddies in the end fight, I don't think I spotted any asian actors.
  3. Thor: The Dark World

    looks damn fine. Yeah, Alan Taylor looks like he's bringing his Game of Thrones medieval director kung-fu to this flick. Really like the design of Malekith too! weird that the trailer wasn't in front of Iron Man 3 when I saw it tonight (instead we got an old Man of Steel trailer, Star Trek Into Darkness and a terrific 3D trailer for The Great Gatsby, which I'm very curious about).
  4. Iron Man 3

    It's pretty good! my favourite Marvel film after The Avengers. Shane Black knows how to use Robert Downey Jr. very well indeed. Actually the whole film is very Shane Black, with it set around Christmas, very funny dialogue, great action and a great twist which I didn't see coming until ten seconds before it happened (don't click unless you've actually seen the flick!):
  5. Video Games

    If its any help man i have the ps3 version and have had literally no issues (im a few hours in) Very enjoyable game. Thanks for that. currently debating on what to buy as a new home computer, iMac or PC, so I'll wait a while, might end up getting it on pc if I go down that road.
  6. Yakko Smakko & Dot present...

    really enjoyed The Hobbit. too long, yes, and I hated all the Radagast scenes, but I was pleasantly surprised. Also a surprise: I actually enjoyed the 48fps 3D version! I normally hate 3D, and while this was more a case of not minding it (the same as with Prometheus, the one part of the flick I didn't actively hate, it seems), but the 48fps really worked for me. the start of the film was pretty jarring with some weird sped-up movement, but after that it was really great how much extra detail you got, especially in the final 40-50 minutes, with the goblins, Gollum et al. I saw the 2D version a week or so later, and was surprised by how soft and blurry it looked (they digitally fiddled with it to bring it down to the normal 24fps, with added motion blur and so on). Maybe it was down to the cinema, but it looked really weird. Also saw Beasts of the Southern Wild, which was ok. was expecting a whole lot more, based on the highly positive reviews. the girl who played the lead was excellent, but the story was meandering and the whole romanticising of poverty annoyed me quite a bit. I didn't hate it (like I said, the acting, especially by the girl, was terrific as was the soundtrack), but it was nothing special in my opinion.
  7. The Compleat Show Your Face thread!

    Hey Blondie! looking good with your cassette tape phone in your hand! as for chest hair, it mus be that comics put hair on your chest, cause I got way more there than on my head.
  8. Video Games

    really want to get Far Cry 3, as soon as I know the PS3 version hasn't been totally borked. getting great reviews, and I loved Far Cry 2 (except for some big problems, all of which seem to have been solved in this one).
  9. Walking Dead

    brutal, brutal stuff this week, yeah.
  10. Welcome to Star(ling) City!

    haven't watched the latest episode yet, but was expecting something much worse than what we got. Yes, it's way more Dark Knight than Avengers, which sucks, but I'm willing to give it a bit more time. every lady I know loves Oliver Queen's abs though.
  11. huh... ok. consider me interested Rumour has Guillermo Del Toro direct a Vertigo team up flick According to Latino Review, Guillermo del Toro is in talks with Warner Bros to create his own version of that team up, called Heaven Sent. The movie would include the characters Swamp Thing, Constantine, Deadman, The Spectre, Zatanna and Zatarra, The Phantom Stranger, Sargon and Etrigan The Demon - essentially the line-up of [swamp Thing] #50.
  12. Judge Dredd

    and , I have to say that while I enjoyed the film quite a bit (though I thought it could have done with a lot more black humour), it probably didn't help that it had the same basic plot as The Raid, a much, much better film.
  13. Fantastic Epics

    can't wait for Red Country, yeah. Or indeed, the third book of the Kingkiller Chronicle.
  14. Big books of comics

    Yes, it was released in the UK by Selfmadehero, in the US by Abrams. it's pretty good. a bit slight and you won't find any new insights into his life, but it's a great biographical comic of Cash's life and it includes some great wordless adaptations of some of his songs.Also, Kleist is a great artist, really captures Cash's likeness without being too cartoony or realistic.
  15. WHO's that girl?

    I enjoyed it. the emotional centre was there, but the plotholes (could nobody see the Statue of Liberty walking around the city??? couldn't the Doctor just go back a few years later and pick up Rory and Amy? etc etc) were very annoying.