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  1. Hey guys, thanks for the kind words. And don't worry, I always found the criticism here to be smart, witty and very much on the ball. As the saying goes, it's not you, it's me. I still have much love for old Conjob, but the experience of writing the book has been pretty negative, and I've decided to leave early mainly due to behind-the-scenes stuff that I can't air in public. That said, I have to hold my hand up and admit that I wrote SSSLLLOOOOWWW on this one, which has caused major headaches for everyone concerned, and Leo Manco has been a saint to put up with my lateness. He's the perfect combination of passionate artist and dedicated professional, and I've been privileged to work with him. Major shout-outs also go out to the amazing team of Lee Bermejo, Lee Loughridge and Jared Fletcher, all of whom did fantastic work against often crazy deadlines. Thanks also to Daniel Zezelj and Cammo for stepping up with some stellar work. Maybe one day I'll come back and do some single-issue fill-in stories, if they'll have me. I'd like to. But right now, I'm done.
  2. You really should. SCALPED in particular is fucking aces.
  3. I try to be objective about any criticism. And then cry into my beer.
  4. Er, no, why do you ask? Do you think I'd be a good fit at Marvel? I have been thinking about pitching them some stuff, but that'll be months away if it happens at all.
  5. The UK's Eagle Awards are open for nominations until 22nd March, with HELLBLAZER already nominated for Favourite Colour Comicbook (American). All of my work published during 2007 is eligible, including both HELLBLAZER # 238 ("THE SMOKE") and GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE for Favourite Comics Story, and Oliver Queen and John Constantine for Favourite Comics Hero. Personally, I'll be voting Jock for Favourite Artist for GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE plus Favourite Cover Artist for SCALPED (sorry Lee!), and John Wagner for the Roll of Honour. Who's with me?
  6. I don't usually comment in these issue threads, but I'd just like to say on record that Leo had to face an impossible art deadline because I was running horribly late with the script. Leo did a great job under difficult circumstances, so you should blame me if you don't like the end result. I shall now retreat back into the shadows.
  7. Yeah, it was. That's the whole point of their "Director's Cut" line -- to create Hollywood-friendly properties. Personally I think Vertigo should do the same.
  8. WB have also optioned "Guy Ritchie's GAMEKEEPER" which I wrote for Virgin Comics, but I don't hold any stake in that.
  9. Andy Diggle


    Then all we need is a Sony Reader and hey presto! No more Android's Dungeon.
  10. Andy Diggle


    Sure, if you're writing HELLBLAZER!
  11. HELLBLAZER: JOYRIDE Written by Andy Diggle Art by Leonardo Manco Cover by Lee Bermejo In this volume collecting HELLBLAZER # 230-237 by fan-favorite writer Andy Diggle, Constantine discovers that there is a supernatural cause for the violence, crime and drug abuse of South London's Hunger Hill housing estate, and he must bring this cycle of misery and violence to an end... at any cost. Vertigo | 192pg. | Color | Softcover | $14.99 US | Mature Readers On Sale February 27, 2008 The perfect jumping-on point for Diggle's near-definitive take on the character... Diggle and Manco do for John Constantine what CASINO ROYALE did for James Bond. Brian K. Vaughan Subtle, well-considered writing with a creeping, gradual sense of dread. It's very impressive... This is already the best HELLBLAZER since Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon were in charge. SFX A must-read! Diggle's conjuring a spot-on take of Constantine's character. BOOK OF THE MONTH Wizard You'd be well-served to start at the beginning of Diggle's run, because this is the best work of fiction John Constantine has been involved with in years. IGN Like Diggle's take on Constantine's world, Manco's art shows no mercy and spares no-one... HELLBLAZER is as good as it's ever been. GRADE: A+ Mania If you haven't jumped on board yet, you better hurry up. Ain't It Cool News
  12. Andy Diggle


    HELLBLAZER: JOYRIDE collects my first eight issues, and goes on sale 27 February 2008. I'll do a proper post about it in its own thread. Speaking of piracy and such, in the interests of full disclosure I should admit that I did pick up a pirate disk of HELLBLAZER issues for research purposes when I got the gig. But it's worth pointing out that I've carried on buying back issues to fill out my near-complete HELLBLAZER collection anyway - and since the issues in question are long out of print and have never been traded, I'm not doing anyone out of any royalties. It's also worth pointing out, since someone else raised it, that Jamie McKelvie's Image work is fully creator-owned, and he doesn't even receive a page-rate for it - so torrenting that stuff is a definite no-no. If you download his work illegally, you're literally taking away his livelihood. Poor little kitten.
  13. I'd say it was just synchronicity... but that was another Sting album, wasn't it? ;p
  14. Andy Diggle


    Well, I do already work in the bedroom... Jon, no sweat about downloading if you genuinely don't have access to imported comics. Obviously us writers and artists don't get any royalties from illegally torrented downloads, and royalties help pay our mortgages and feed and clothe our families. But hell, that just proves the need for the majors like DC and Marvel to come up with a legal, easy-to-use, reasonably-priced, Paypal-based system for downloading their comics content legally. iTunes for comics, that's what we need. It ain't rocket science. Or you could subscribe.
  15. Andy Diggle


    Stop diddling me out of me royalties and just buy the fucker! This is the sort of thing that makes writers go on strike, you know. *sulk*
  16. In the immortal words of Detective John McClane, "Welcome to the party, pal!" If you're gonna get into comics late in the game, HELLBLAZER is a pretty damn good place to start.
  17. Never mind, I found a copy of the review.
  18. Anyone seen the Hellblazer review in this month's SFX magazine? It's sold out in my town. If someone could scan it I'd be grateful. Ta!
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